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Al-Akhbar is currently going through a transitional phase whereby the English website is available for Archival purposes only. All new content will be published in Arabic on the main website (www.al-akhbar.com).

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“Your foreign correspondent in the Middle East”

On August 14 2006, Beirut-based Al-Akhbar was launched as a “calculated adventure” by prominent Lebanese journalist Joseph Samaha and a team of like-minded colleagues. The late Samaha (1949-2007) envisioned a publication that would uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity while remaining true to the principles of anti-imperialist struggle, progressive politics, and freedom of expression.

Five years later, Al-Akhbar embarks on another calculated adventure amid a period of historic significance in the region - the year of the Arab uprisings. By providing much-needed in-depth reporting on the uprisings and other news in the region, Al-Akhbar English will reflect the diverse and dynamic realities that make up the communities undergoing these transformations. The English edition also aims to make debates and analyses circulating in the Arabic media sphere accessible to English speakers worldwide. Al-Akhbar depends on young and creative writers that challenge conventional forms of reporting and aspires to speak truth to power. Al-Akhbar English intends to preserve this tradition by translating selected articles from the Arabic edition for an international readership.

The site also features original content of opinion, analysis, and field stories as well as photo blogs chronicling the latest developments across the Middle East.

English Edition Staff

Managing Editor
Lara Bitar

Senior Writer
Yazan Al-Saadi

News Desk Editor
Chloé Benoist

News Desk Assistant Editors
Rana Harbi
Changiz M. Varzi
Maguy Arnous
Jinan Mantash

Copy Editors
Paul Gadalla
Leon Dische Becker

As`ad AbuKhalil
Roqayah Chamseddine
Raafat Majzoub

Naria Tanoukhi
Ghassan Makarem
Nadine Saliba
Karim Traboulsi
Hanadi Mazboudi
Cristel Abou Anni

Translation Coordinator
Elie Hanna

Design and Production
Ali Amacha

Al-Akhbar's Editorial Staff

Founding Editor
Joseph Samaha (2006-2007)

Editorial Consultant
Ounsi el-Hajj

Ibrahim al-Amin

Pierre Abisaab

Managing Editors
Elie Chalhoub, Wafiq Qanso

Economy and Society Editor
Mohammad Zbeeb

Local Editor
Hassan Illeik

Culture and People
Amal Al-Andary

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You can contact us by mail:
English Edition Unit
Concorde Bldg. 6th Floor, Verdun
Beirut, Lebanon

Phone: +9611759500

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