Al-Arabiya’s Fabrications: Methods of Bandar

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It was amusing to see Giselle Khoury (a pro-Hariri TV presenter who works for the news station of King Fahd’s brother-in-law, al-Arabiya) on MTV (a right-wing station with a history of racism, sectarianism, and misogyny) the other day. She was defending the authenticity of the Syria-related “documents” that were being released by al-Arabiya over the last few weeks.

She said that she contacted “some people” to make sure that the documents were authentic and received assurances. It was not clear if she called the brother-in-law of King Fahd or the son of King Fahd who now runs the station or if she called the propagandist for Prince Salman’s son, Abdul-Rahman al-Rashed, who is the functional director of the station. Hilariously, Khoury also claimed that the station is “privately-owned” and that it is not “state-owned." She must have meant that King Fahd himself does not own the station through his children and that his brother-in-law represents private ownership.

Al-Arabiya has been releasing these documents with great fanfare and they seem to only focus on what is embarrassing to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Saudi clients in Lebanon (those who operate under the umbrella of March 14 and who receive their funding from the Saudi government) immediately jumped on the story and press conferences were held and statements were released to reap the necessary political benefits. Watching the spectacle in itself and knowing the identity of the source would be enough to discredit the “documents” without even having to examine them.

But a cursory look at the documents would be necessary to discredit them. The days when an Arab intelligence service would put in writing assassination orders are long gone – it is not clear that that was ever done. All the captured documents from Saddam’s intelligence apparatus or that of Gaddafi have not produced a document where assassination orders were written down and then disseminated through the bureaucracy for extra effect. As is known, Arab regimes – especially those of the Baath – are known to rely on a very small circle of people (and on need-to-know basis) for any assassination orders. No trail of paper is ever left behind. Baathist regimes are repressive and criminal but they also are very secretive. If there is really a paper trail for Syrian regime assassination orders they would have come out by now.

The fabrication of the documents was so casual and clumsy that no attempt was made to infuse them with a tinge of credibility. You have the mukhabarat office informing the president himself about the arrival of Hezbollah members, as if the regime needs to note their arrival on paper, and as if the president himself needs to be informed. There are other more comical documents that talk about destabilizing Lebanon and Jordan and causing trouble without even containing a hint of credible language of the regime.

But the matter of authenticity does not matter at all. Western media have been consistently peddling the cheap propaganda of Qatari and Saudi media. There has never been a closer convergence between the Arab oil and gas media and Western media. It is now a political mission.

The Saudi and Qatari monopoly of Arab media prevents any real critical examination of the documents. So you have one Hariri journalist citing another Saudi journalist: or various outlets of Saudi media citing one another. Such is the abysmal affair of Arab media. There will be more fabrications and the standards for fabrications under Prince Bandar seem to sink lower. There are no standards and the war by all means continues: not to establish democracy in Syria – as if the House of Saud ever supported democracy – but to spread the wings of the Saudi-Israeli-US-Qatari order in the Middle East.


Abu Umar.
Iranians fighting with Americans really?
As for Iranian hypocrisy, that really goes without saying, countries
Involved in the modern proxy war of Syria all have their own special interests and the Syrian people's interest is lost in Western-Gulf and Russian-Hezbollah-Iranian
Interests. And these 'vultures' are using the
Media for their own purposes, and you are right pro-Assad media
Is very similar in its propaganda methods, but when have you heard World media take pro-Assad claims seriously. Al Arabbiya, Al Jazeera are taken seriously be the West and therefore their fabrications are by far more damaging to credibility. Words like
Democracy, liberty, equality, freedom etc have been used to gather people in support for their own interests, whether they are Saudi-Western or Iranian-Hezbollah interests.

Just now !! An apology from alarabiya :)

The lies of "Al-Arabiyah" are no different than the lies of Al-Manar, NBN, Ad-Dunya, Al-'Aalam, etc. or Hasan Nasrallah's "shwyyat i'waas" on the siege of Homs by the Assadi army, and the hypocrites of the bogus "mumana'a" like the Iranian regime, Amal, Hezbollah were nowhere to be seen with their takhween when their Afghan and Iraqi allies rode to power on American tanks, the Iranian regime even fought on the ground with the Americans in Afghanistan. It is also strange that the sectarian secularist Abu Khalil who lies when he denies his sectarianism, hasn't once mentioned this hypocrisy since the beginning of the Syrian uprising or the hypocrisy of that oasis of democacy, Iran, backing the uprisings in Bahrain and Qatif.

The lies are admitted by the Saudi royal station, so a sectarian AU was a bit too rush in his defense of the lies. I also want to hear about SANA "documents" about Saudi king being reported directly about the murder of protesters. Of course, the king is illiterate, so such "documents" would be forgeries LOL

But the greatest feat of a sectarian AU is inventing "sectarian secularism" - the same as red-hot ice, I suppose :)
It is even better than his mantra about "rode to power on American tanks", while it is a fact that Saudi royals are only in power because they are sitting on "on American tanks" 24/7, not just "rode" on them.

I didn't defend the lies of Al-Arabiyah or Aal-Su'ood, but you and the shabeeh, Abu Khalil do defend the lies and double standards of Hasan Nasrallah, Ad-Dunya, and the rest of the "mumana'a" camp and according to a hypocrite like Abu Khalil , the tens of thousands of Saudi Sunnis who opposed the treachery of the Saudi regime for decades are "traitors". Hence, their is no point denying the sectarianism of Abu Khalil, and your ridicule of the treachery of Iran's allies also prove your sectarianism. Secondly, Abu Khalil has accused many Arab secularists and leftists of sectarianism like Sadiq al-Azm, so take this up with him and the treachery of Aal-Su'ood was most opposed by people who are the diametric opposite of your ilk and Abu Khalil(Sunni Islamists). Go preach "muman'a" to the Iranian regime and Hasan Nasrallah who didn't utter a single word against their own "thuwar Nato". Kama tudeen tudaan

A sectarian AU does not say a word against GCC media, cozy with Zionists. But he does lie about As'ad being sectarian - As'ad writes against Iranian and Lebanese Shia propaganda, as well as against Zionist and NATO ones. In short, As'ad is against ANY reactionary and sectarian source, one could see it if one has at least one eye :)

But a sectarian AU could not get how As'ad mind works, so AU could only smear and hope some stupid enough people could believe AU's lies.

"A sectarian AU does not say a word against GCC media, cozy with Zionists."

You're putting lies in my mouth?! Where was the takhween carnival of the "mumana'a" media against their "thuwar Nato" in Afghanistan and Iraq? It was nonexistent. I forgot, Khaled Mesh'al is a "traitor" and Nuri al-Maliki, Ja'fari and Chalabi are "mumani'een"! and if Mesh'al is attacked for being close with Qatar then why weren't the Kuwaiti Shi'ite MP's who held a fundraiser for Bashar attacked for praising the Emir of Kuwait?

"But he does lie about As'ad being sectarian - As'ad writes against Iranian and Lebanese Shia propaganda,"

As'ad is a sectarian par excellent, a secular sectarian just like Ibrahim al-Amin, who pumps up the Tunisian secularists and their "artwork". Lets see him support this "artwork" in Dahiyeh, Bint Jbail, Sur and Nabatiyeh and what the reaction of Amal and Hezbollah will be. That is why Al-Amin has been trying to get back in the good graces of the Lebanese Shi'ites with his attack on "Shi'ite as-Safara" series after Al-Akhbar was accused by one of the March 8 politician of being the paper of "gays" and why As'ad has lessened his attacks on Hezbollah, the time has come for sectarian solidarity and I can understand this, what I disagree with is that they lie about being sectarian,and you didn't respond to your lie of denying secular sectarianism, when As'ad himself has accused many leftists and secularists of being sectarian. Why aren't you attacking As'ad on this point? As'ad hasn't once mentioned the hypocrisy of Hezbollah engaging in takwheen against all of the Syrian opposition, when they didn't utter a single word against their allies who rode to power on American tanks. He doesn't apply the "mumana'a" card to the leaders of the uprisings in Bahrain and Qatif didn't utter a single word against their allies, "thuwar Nato", in Afghanistan and Iraq. He supports Shi'ite Islamists like Nimr an-Nimr, who he claims from just one statement, is a "strong supporter" of the Syrian uprising ignoring that the Qatifi and Bahrani opposition were hosted by Hafez al-Assad for years. He doesn't mention the hypocrisy of that bastion of democracy, Iran, supporting the uprisings in Qatif and Bahrain in comparison to the Khaleeji regimes supporting the Syrian uprising. It is true that has criticised various hypocrisies of Hezbollah like their silence on thuwar Nato in Iraq, but he isn't the only one in the Arab world to oppose his people when they collaborated with the West.

"But a sectarian AU could not get how As'ad mind works, so AU could only smear and hope some stupid enough people could believe AU's lies."

As'ad has lied and smeared numerous times so your one to speak.


All the Al Arabiya stories have to be is more entertaining than anything Syrian media puts out. Who cares if they are both pandering fabrications out of nothing? The Al Ababiya stories succeed hands down in terms of good fiction alone. I check back every day just to see what they've come up with (I've even sent them a few story lines I thought up myself. Shhhh).

I rarely check SANA.


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