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Ayoub is a new name in the Arab political lexicon. It is the name of Hezbollah’s spy plane, which was named after one of its own “martyrs.” The speech by Nasrallah intended to take responsibility for the plane that was downed by Israeli fighter jets. Israel, typical of its propaganda, did not tell the truth. It was embarrassed to admit its failure to detect the plane, and Israeli media are very cautious in probing the failures and shortcomings of the Israeli military-intelligence apparatus. The Israeli government later claimed that it detected the plane over the sea but that it allowed it to enter “Israeli airspace” in order to down over an unpopulated area. But Israel did not explain why it did not down the plane over the unpopulated sea. This is quite typical of Israel.

The plane in itself does not change the strategic balance of the Middle East but it has great symbolism which Nasrallah capitalized on in his speech. He meant to contrast the abilities and success of the party in its war against Israel with the abysmal behavior of Arab regimes – all of which have pretty much abandoned any claim of commitment to the liberation of Palestine; any part of Palestine. But Nasrallah is aware that the Saudi camp in Lebanon has no qualms about its services to all facets of Saudi propaganda. Nasrallah was talking about Palestine, and the sectarian-obsessed rank-and-file of March 14 was thinking about Syria: March 14 (and its sponsors) intervene with arms, money and politics in Syrian affairs but is aghast that Hezbollah may be intervening in Syrian affairs.

Ayoub is now famous: there were tributes written in Arabic about Ayoub – about a plane that was sent by an Arab party to fly over occupied Palestine. Ayoub represents a victory over the accumulated failures of Arab regimes. It basically sends the message that Israel won’t be able to enjoy absolute superiority in all facets of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Ayoub alerted Israel that there are Arabs who don’t stick to the Saudi peace plan and who have their own agenda, which can’t be dictated by the US administration.

But Hezbollah is now in a different position: it is not only bogged down in Lebanese political turmoil – its political behavior in Lebanon is nothing short of foolish and failing. Its management of the last parliamentary election was nothing short of disastrous – from its own political perspective. But the military branch of the party seems to operate independent of the political branch which has never been impressive and which is inferior in skills to the rival party.

Ayoub should not be a big story: Israel has managed to violate the Lebanese airspace more than 20,000 since UN Resolution 1701 was passed in 2006. Yet, one violation of “Israel airspace” occupied space in the Arab and Western media. It is high time that Lebanon and all Arab countries violate Israeli sovereignty to the same degree as Israeli violations – and they should aspire to exceed those violations. Israeli threatens war on a daily basis against Arabs and Iranians, and Arabs should at least mimic Israel by at least invoking their right to “preemptive strikes.” Ayoub is a first step to slap Israeli air arrogance straight in the face, but more – much more – is required in this regard.


All sectarians nevermind the nicknames are busy posting here (repeating the same old mantras of them). It shows that they are not happy. While "their" sect Saudi royals, GCC and MB are busy licking ass of NATO and Zionists, Hizbollah and Iran do something against Zionists. And no quantity of mantras could spin it LOL

I am sectarian, but my sectarianism didn't prevent me from criticising and opposing the Sunni traitors and tens of thousands of Sunnis opposed the treachery of Sunni regimes and quislings for decades, especially in Palestine, Egypt, Saudi and Jordan. We don't need lessons in self-criticism on this point from the hypocrites of mumana'a like the Iranian regime, Amal and Hezbollah who have made takhween of all of the Syrian opposition from day one while they were totally silent on their thuwar Nato in Afghanistan and Iraq who were "busy licking ass" of the Americans who were cementing their rule. Of course, all of this is considered "a mantra" to you proving your brazen hypocrisy and why aren't Hezbollah and Iran compelled with the treacheries of their allies like you are compelling me with the treachery of the Saudis?!

To "Douri of the south" and "You feel bliss"
with your logic Israeli planes are not Israeli's, since they all manufactured by Americans, and even further american plane are not american since they stole all aerospace technology from Nazi Germany after WW2. If you dont know that , go read about the first air-jet plane and who invented it.

Mr Sam:

Hezbollah sent small drone to infiltrate Israeli airspace on direct order of a non-Arab country-that is Iran.
Those who work for Iran and side with Iran should not label their works and/or actions under Arab banners-no more no less! They are free to engage Israel in whichever methods they choose save Arab land and people. Simply Arabs do not appreciate Iran meddling in their affairs.

Gentlemen (the Douri included),

Your discourse captures the fundamental paradox of unprecendent success and the incredible failure hizbullah encapsulates. Nasrallah's group achieved an unprecedented success in kicking the racist, abhorrent, Zionist Ashkenazi invaders out of Lebanon. Yet, as a political ideology, hizbullah is a Mullah-worshipping, backward, dark-age-style, death celebrating, anti-progressive cult that thrives on people's fears, ignorance, and poverty. If hizbullah ever bother build a SINGLE (yes SINGLE) bomb shelter in any Lebanese village?

Quail of the North

Eloquent Verbalization

Mr Quail of the North,

Please sign me in for what you presented above!

Douri of the South,
BintJbail, Lebanon

Both of you fools are simply fools... so if an "A"rab is flying a Mig 32 on a bombing mission on an opposing army it is not really an "A"rab... it is a Russian???? No wonder you "A"rabs will never get anywhere.... the bliss you enjoy is from the level of ignorance you employ!!!

It`s just suspicious how Hezbollah rediscover the "palestinian" cause after the Arab spring reached Syria. Have you read my post. I will not fall in this red herring. Understand? Even Jordan deserve more resistance credentials than Iran. Since it actually launched a war against the zionist. If Iran or the Hezbollah Fanboy community think that they will rescue the Assad-Regime with this gamesmanship than they are utterly stupid. Seriously. If we judge movements only according to there resistance capabilities. Let`s elect the Taliban. They have beaten the Russians two times, the British two times, the Americans and after them the coalition of Russia, China and Iran that will try to dominate Afghanistan after american Withdrawal.

anon put palestinian in inverted commas. It shows who is anon. The lies about "Hezbollah rediscover the "palestinian" cause" - Hezbollah always stood for Palestine - is another sign.

So, a Zionist anon is going to tell us about Hezbollah being not good enough? Chuzpa is anon's real surname, I am sure.

By the way, anon is also tells rubbish about Taliban, who did almost nothing of what anon cited. Taliban is kind of a bastard child of CIA and Saudis war against USSR with the help of their Pakistani clients. If now it turned against them, it only shows how stupid CIA and Saudis are. Nothing new here.

And, of course, anon sure likes Syrian CIA /GCC/Zionism"rebels". Of course, they are fighting for the right masters, so they have to be good.

"anon put palestinian in inverted commas. It shows who is anon."

And the Assadi army and their allies like Amal and Michel Aoun waged many wars on the Palestinian resistance in Lebanon, whats your point?

"The lies about "Hezbollah rediscover the "palestinian" cause" - Hezbollah always stood for Palestine - is another sign."

Why send the drone now out of all these years?

"So, a Zionist anon is going to tell us about Hezbollah being not good enough? Chuzpa is anon's real surname, I am sure."

The chutzpah is the non-existent takhween of Amal,Hezbollah, and the Iranian regime towards their "thuwar Nato" in Afghanistan and Iraq while they have made takhween of all of the Syrian opposition. The chutzpah is accusing Khaled Mesh'al of being a traitor while Hezbollah was hosting Chalabi and Ja'fari. The chutzpah is that charlatan Maliki condemning "foreign intervention" forgetting how he came to power.

"By the way, anon is also tells rubbish about Taliban, who did almost nothing of what anon cited. Taliban is kind of a bastard child of CIA and Saudis war against USSR with the help of their Pakistani clients. If now it turned against them, it only shows how stupid CIA and Saudis are. Nothing new here."

So when the Russian-backed Northern Alliance and Iranian troops were fighting with the Americans on the ground in the invasion of Afghanistan, they were implementing "mumana'a"?

"And, of course, anon sure likes Syrian CIA /GCC/Zionism"rebels". Of course, they are fighting for the right masters, so they have to be good."

Why didn't the "mumana'a" affix thuwar Nato in Afghanistan and Iraq with these labels? Oh yes I forgot, Khaled Mesh'al is a traitor.

You are found out. According to Norman Finkelstein Iran was and is willing to accept the Zionist in the infamous "1964" Borders like the stupid gulf Arabs.Like Russia.Like China and Brazil and India. The BRIC Hypocrites. And Hezbollah showed there Intentions as I said below before the Arab spring in a moment of haughtiness after they got rid of anti-zionist Saddam while installing Maliki. I have a Question. Is it part of Mumana`a or Resistance for non-Arabs like you to build shia missionary Centers in poor sunni Areas in Syria which took place according to secular opposition in the time of Hafez Al Assad after he killed 45 000 Muslim brothers in Hama in 1982. Who are you kidding. Iran used the americans to do the dirty work for them in Iraq and Afghanistan. They opened the Airspace for the American in the War on Terror a.k.a War on Sunnis. The americans toppled the regime and Iran replaced it with there puppets. According to Juan Cole which Site is occupied by Hezbollah Fanboys like As`sad Ab Khalil Iran is hypocritically funding now Ant-Occupation Media after they brought them in in the first place. The try the Iraq tactic again. B.t.w I love how sunnis get droned in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Palestine while Iran and Hezbollah get Western/Arab Leftist empathy. Hilarious.

Sectarianism is a poison which made anon blind and dumb.

By the way, leftists are protesting against human beings (no matter the sect) get droned in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Palestine by the same forces which are also attacking Iran and Hezbollah. As'ad does it, for ex. wsws do it. And left.ru do it.

You use sectarianism in the same manner Zionist use the anti-semite card.

For example:

Even If I would write on a progressive Website. Let`s say the Website of Juan Cole, that all Mayor american Media Conglomerates are bias and in favor of the Zionists to put it gently because they are run by people that are qualified to possess Zionist citizenship, I would be blogged immediately since it`s anti-semitic. Just for the record. News Corp: Peter Chernin, Paramount Pictures: Brad Grey, Walt Disney Co.: Robert Iger, Sony Pictures: Michael Lynton, Warner Bros. Barry Meyer, CBS: Leslie Monves(His Great Uncle was the first prime Minister of the Zionist State, MGM: Harry Sloan. NBC Universal: Jeff Zucker. If i would dare to write the names of this people and suggest that just because there is a possibility of bias because of there religious or racial backgrounds I would be branded as an anti-semite. OK?

The Australian December 16, 2011: "At the end of a recent meeting with a Western visitor, Mr Maliki described his personal priorities in terms that would worry many Iraqis. "I am Shia first, then Iraqi, then Arabic, then Dawa (his political party)," he said."

So tell me. Is this sectarianism or not?. Of course not. According to your and the Zionist logic I´m the sectarian because I dare to argue, that If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

You forget your and As'ad's sectarianism. The same charlatans cheering As'ad attacks on Hamas at Twitter are the ones who were totally silent about their own traitors. How come you lied about secular sectarians?

Good for Hezbollah, but what does that have to do with Hezbollah and its' master, Iran, who are supporting Bashar and his scorched earth policy. Why didn't Hezbollah utter a single word against its allies who rode to power on American tanks as it is demanding of others that they must stand with Bashar no matter what and why did they fight the Syrian army decades ago?

"The junior [Syrian rebel] commander, an illiterate 24-year old, joked that while the war raged all around it, the people of Aleppo were only concerned about their barbecues. He swore the rebels scrabbling through the countryside would soon make their way to Aleppo. He promised Aleppo would burn." http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/middle-east/syria/121015...

You never heard the Shabeeha saying, "Suriya al-Assad aw nihraq al-balad".

As an Arab I am proud of Sayyed Nasrallah and Hezbollah's many achievements. It does not matter to me if the UAV was Russian-made or Iranian-made; what really matters is that this technology is now in possession of the Lebanese Resistance so they can defend Lebanon from Israeli aggressions. I don't see any Arab/Moslem state helping the Lebanese Resistance with the exception of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Al-Saud regime alone has several trillion dollars deposited in American banks and not only they refuse to help the Lebanese Resistance but they arm everyone against the Lebanese Resistance in order to help their Israeli ally. Nasrallah's Speech: http://youtu.be/bGc_4M0iCWw

Neither Ayoub Nor the Deliverer Is an Arab!

I just wonder how sure Mr. Abu Khalil is about his statement :"Ayoub alerted Israel that there are Arabs who don’t stick to the Saudi peace plan and who have their own agenda, which can’t be dictated by the US administration"

When the plane is Iranian made and delivered by Iranian guardsmen, then how (in the world) do you throw the whole affair on Arabs?

Douri of TheSouth,
BintJbail, Lebanon

ooooooooh, he got you there Mr. Abu khalil. Karim Hari (aka the impostor Douri of the FSA) is masterful at debating. I too am completely flabbergasted by the argument. I mean, it's an Iranian plane and it was delivered by Iranians (everyone knows that, because Iranians have an excellent delivery service...way better than UPS) then, why would Mr. Abu Khalil "throw the whole affair" on arabs. Why (in the world)?
That's an airtight argument. I am sure Mr. Abu Khalil is racking his brains trying to come up with an answer.

Your the last one to speak with your lies, you accused the Syrian opposition of not tolerating dissent, when Al-Manar and NBN wouldn't dare host an anti-Bashar figure like Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiyyah hosted hundreds of pro-Bashar figures. Why didn't Amal and Hezbollah utter a single word against "thuwar Nato" in Afghanistan and Iraq while making takhween of all of the Syrian opposition? Why did you lie about Mustafa al-Qawwas not being a Hezbollah ally? Both you and the shabeeh Abu Khalil are Shi'ite sectarian liars and your infatuation with Douri is ridiculous. How many Maghrebis know about the village of Quleilat in the South?!

you're making it a little too obvious Abu Umar (aka Karim hari, aka Douri of the south).
You're the one who seems obsessed (not infatuated as you said, at least I hope not) with me and with my attacks on your other personas. Why did you bring up the Maghrebis? huh ?
Besides your accent above "aw nihraq al balad" showed that you're north african. That's a slip up.

How many Maghrebis know about your fellow shabeeh, Mustafa al-Qawwas, in Saida and his alliance with Hezbollah which you lied about, though both of you are thugs and I know your itching to unleash your tongue just like him. Did you try my suggestion of walking around Saida with a Bashar t-shirt so the "good people" of Saida can welcome you?!

So-called "Douri of TheSouth, BintJbail, Lebanon" aka a sectarian Abu Umar always posts about Iran not being really anti-imperialist. Now, when Iran helped Arabs to show Zionists that they are not above the retaliation, DotS is still not happy LOL

To be a sectarian means to not be happy with Zionists getting the taste of their own medicine. I pity the sectarian.

"To be a sectarian means to not be happy with Zionists getting the taste of their own medicine. I pity the sectarian."

So why did the Assadi regime and its allies wage many wars on the Palestinian resistance in Lebanon? Aren't the "mumani'een" demanding that the anti-regime Syrians put up with the Assadi regime no matter what because its' support for "muman'a", so why didn't they apply this to themselves?

From the Angry Arab Blog on Monday, August 29, 2011:

"I so deeply and strongly disagree with this statement in Hasan Nasrallah's speech from last Friday:  "As for the establishment of a Palestinian state on the territories of 1967, it is a Palestinian affair that is decided by the Palestinian people."  Oh, no.  It is our business and we shall oppose any mini-entity on 22% of Palestine."

So who are you kidding. Just another diversionary tactic from the iranian clique.

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