Muslim Outrage and Western shock

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Yet again, Western governments and media are shocked. A group of fanatic Salafi and Ikhwan types attacked the US embassy in Cairo and the US consulate in Benghazi, and the US ambassador was killed. The US through Hillary Clinton spoke on behalf of the Libyan people – no less – and decided that those deeds are unrepresentative of the Libyan people. Her statement, however, did not inform the American public that the killers were probably fighting alongside NATO only a few months ago.

This is a film that we had seen before. The US is only starting to reap the “benefits” of its own policies and actions in Libya, and beyond. The picture is clear in the region: the US is now fighting a regional war on the side of the very forces that produced Bin Laden and the Taliban.

For all intents and purposes, the US is now in the sectarian camp headed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which also includes a variety of Islamist fanatics, from al-Qaeda and its many copycats to the Muslim Brotherhood. The US under Obama has thrown its lot in that camp. It wants to defeat the Iranian-Syrian-Hezbollah axis (on behalf of Israel) by all means necessary.

This was the same logic that the US used against the communist bloc. The US then aligned itself with the most reactionary forces in the East and West in the name of “freedom”.

Today, the US is fighting in order to achieve an illusory victory. The US yet again assumes that a defeat of an enemy translates into a victory for the US. The US – from its own perspective – may replace a monster with another.

In the war between secularists and fanatics, the US is squarely on the side of the reactionaries and fanatics: from Saudi Arabia to Libya. And when former allies of the US turn against it, as did some of the fanatics of the mujahideen in Afghanistan; the US is shocked and confused.

The new Libyan regime expressed outrage and feigned sympathy and said all the right words. What was missing though is the acknowledgement that the culprits in the attack on the US diplomats are part of the fanatic militias that the US armed and supported in the NATO attack on Libya.

The US will face a similar and more ominous fate in Syria, where the war will only grow and will only extend to more countries over time. For the short-sighted US policy makers, the victory is near and will be within reach only with more weapons and more support for the glorious rebels.

Did NATO not know who they were supporting or arming in Libya? Or did they rely on the same CIA men, who are now at the border between Syria and Turkey, to screen good guys from bad guys before they dump the millions in cash and in equipment? Did NATO think that the fanatic militant religious extremists who received US support in the war on Libya will repent and change course once the Gaddafi regime was overthrown? Did they assume that the fanatic groups would abandon their ideology in gratitude for NATO’s help?

The Libyan government conveniently blamed al-Qaeda “or” the followers of Gaddafi. These followers of Gaddafi will be blamed for a variety of misdeeds for years to come. Hillary Clinton was more impudent: she actually dared to accuse Libyans of ingratitude. She reminded them that the US helped in the “liberation” of Libya.

Liberation? Don’t Libyans know that the US enjoyed close relations with the Gaddafi regime from 2002 until the Libyan uprising? Did Hillary think that Libyans forgot that she herself received Mutassim Gaddafi (the head of the secret police, or one of the branches of the secret police) and discussed matters of common interest?

Americans are reacting to events with the same fake innocence that characterize American reactions to acts of hostility against the US worldwide. Americans don’t know that the attackers on the US consulate in Benghazi probably received US cash and weapons. Americans don’t even know that prior to the “liberation” of Libya, the US enjoyed close relations with the dictatorship of Gaddafi. Americans don’t know that the US is also supporting al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria and that the war there is destined to increase the numbers of heavily armed militants who are bent on fighting Americans where they find them. It is only ironic that the US consulate was not attacked during the reign of Gaddafi, but during the reign of a regime sponsored by the US (and NATO).

Muslim groups and regimes are as usual exploiting the situation. There are militant groups, which raise al-Qaeda flags – increasingly seen in Syria these days – that take advantage of events and religious developments in order to ride a popular wave. Saudi Arabia’s government has been silent, probably because its alliance with Israel prevents it from attacking a film produced by an Israeli citizen.

The Afghan government was comical in its reaction. It announced that it is banning YouTube in Afghanistan to prevent people from watching the film clip. Afghan youth can watch their country be occupied by NATO, but they cant watch a silly hateful film. But some Muslim groups and governments have done this same thing before. They are more outraged about provocative hateful propaganda than they are about occupation and injustices.

However, there is a degree of responsibility that lies in the US. Since September 11, bigotry against Islam and Muslims has been sponsored by mainstream groups. Both the Republican and Democratic parties host a variety of Zionist (Christian, Jewish, and atheist) voices.

Some political groups and personalities (like Rep. Peter King and Newt Gingrich) derive political benefit from spewing hate and ignorance about Muslims and Islam. The presidential republican primary was at some level a competition of hate against Muslims. Some of the main Middle East “experts” in the Obama administration (like the US ambassador in Israel) have a long history in anti-Muslim causes. The minister who had an official role in the inauguration of George W. Bush, Franklin Graham, is a seasoned anti-Islam bigot.

Americans think that Muslims are idiots and that they are not following the debate in the US and not monitoring the voices of hate in this country. But Egyptians and Afghans can now watch Fox News and hearings in US Congress. It is rather difficult, after watching no more than two hours of Fox News, not be exposed to anti-Islam rhetoric. Many of us have not heard of this film, but many Muslims have been following the release of the film.

The world is not isolated anymore, and Muslims hear the insults against them in many languages. Al-Qaeda uses the Western rhetoric of hate against Muslims for recruitment and mobilization. Newt Gingrich and Fox News have been unwitting allies of al-Qaeda and other fanatical groups, while the Obama administration has been an actual ally of al-Qaeda in the wars in Libya, and now in Syria.


Hitler had the right idea.......................

I have read comments from Muslims that Western democracy and Islam are not compatible.
Many Muslims have declared that they would die or even sacrifice the lives of their parents to protect the sanctity of the Prophet.
Conversely, in the West, millions have died for the right to free speech. The West considers the concept of blasphemy to be medieval.
So, we have two diametrically opposed points of view, both of which have adherents who are willing to sacrifice their lives, as well as the lives of others for their cause.
Can there be a peaceful solution. Can Muslims ever accept that fact that to non-believers the Prophet merits no respect? In the West, people have private lives and these private lives include things like political beliefs, religion, personal finances and sexual preferences. Contrarily, Islam is part of public life of a good Muslim. In other words, in the West we do not believe in stopping someone from worshiping as they please, but we reserve the right to ridicule them. For example, in the southern states of the USA, there are cults of snake handlers who believe God is revealing himself to them by protecting them from snakebites. They also believe that if they are bitten, they must not take the anti-venom but rather trust in God's protection to ensure their survival, no medical intervention is permitted. Many snake handlers die each year. Most people hold the opinion these people are misguided at best and insane at worst. They are the subject of public ridicule. That's just the religious culture of the West.
So, what say you. Can Muslims live in a Western democracy?


One more Islamofobe rant.

I am sure it source is not "comments from Muslims" but Zionist hasbara

"in the West we do not believe in stopping someone from worshiping as they please", yes, sure, esp in NY, when even "mosque" (really, culture center) is not permitted to be built, but cops are spying on all Muslims.

I would also like to see "West" using "right to ridicule" religious Jews with their open misogyny and racism

How many Jews and Christians are burning and rioting right now, so yes you have no place in the western world, see America is our country not yours, frankly what we do is none of your business, hey I have an idea try not killing each other and not killing anyone else and trying to act like adults instead of spoiled children, then maybe you might have a place in the western world

Hey Assad. Iran just admitted that it has troops in syria. I thought that it was all propaganda by the "NATO" Rebels.

Iran admitted "advisers" in Syria. NOT "troops".

"Jafari told reporters that Quds force members have been in Syria and Lebanon as advisers for a long time, but was not more specific.
He says decisions about whether to boost military aid to Syria if attacked would "depend on the circumstances.""

Of course, NATO/Zionist/GCC propaganda invented the whole regiments of Iranians/Hizballah in Syria, while denying for a year that they are sending foreign terrorists wholesale into Syria. The same as in Afghanistan, by the way in 1979, long before Soviet troops were send.

By the way, in 1979 USA imperialists thought they were so smart using foreign terrorists against pro-USSR regime in Afghanistan, to wage a war against USSR by proxi. Then came 9/11. Then came USA occupation of Afghanistan - both the direct results of this "clever" politics. Now Americans are being killed, not just ME terrorists for hire. In Libya, it seems, the history repeats itself even faster. Of course, now USA is doing the same in Syria.

The same way the US admitted "advisers" to South Vietnam during the early 1960's, right?

No, it is USA that "admit" CIA role in Syria, but keep lying about them "sorting" good terrorists from bad one LOL

Just like them admitted "advisers" to their puppets, whom they choose and trashed as they pleased, a half-Earth out of USA. Nothing like Iran regarding Syria, esp. because USA just tried to do the job former Vietnam colonial masters botched. In Syria, USA is doing the same - and former Syrian colonizers are the same.

Iran now plays a role of USSR in Vietnam.

So anon could stop pretend being against USA imperialism, both back then and now. NATO-rebels have NATO-anon to support them

So Abu Khalil finally agrees to the lie that the syrian revolution is an Al Qaida operation funded by the gulf. How cheep is that?

So anon finally (?) lies that As'ad only now admits that so-called Syrian "revolution" is the plot by Zionists, NATO and GCC - just like in Libya. As'ad has admitted it long ago, because he is no fool and not a lackey of above mentioned friends of this "revolution".

Great article, but shouldn't the bit about the film being produced by an Israeli citizen be changed now that we know it was in fact an Egyptian Coptic?

Zionists sure pay a big role in this dirty affair.

great article. I wonder though how many u.s. citizens will read this.
Maybe one should start making cartoons or computergames to inform western public about whats going on. People in the west don't read aymore .

I found it but few Americans know of or understand how the failed policies of the past led to the rise of anti-American sentiment to begin with and there has been no attempt to do so.

I think at best, your logic is reductive, and at worst, its downright false.

The first and foremost concern for ALL civilized moral actors should ALWAyS be to condemn acts of unsanctioned violence in all forms, not to hide behind "oh well we heard you insulting us on Fox News". People in the Arab world insult the West constantly, and that is one of the amazing things about free speech - such is their right to do so.

Violence must never be on the table as a solution. Or even mitigated as one. So you were "insulted" by a crazy wingnut talking head or a random Israeli documentary. The "fight" should be one of intellect and ideas, not IED's and AK47's. If you want to compare instances of bigotry, hatred, and violence, I think that may cast a much more unflattering light on Islamic culture than that of America.

I have no doubt that so-called Voice of Reason knows at least a bit about USA/NATO/Zionist?GCC violence - including in Libya. The countless wars and bombings, kidnapping and torture, ethnic cleansing and robbery is their MO in the ME. Yet, somehow this violence is OK, because, I guess, it is "sanctioned", i.e. USA/Zionist approved. of course, this self-proclaimed voice of -really imperialism and Zionism - has a gall to speak for all "civilized moral actors" - I guess it means one more time USA imperialism and Zionism.

"Violence must never be on the table as a solutionon" - funny how VOR is telling it not to Obama or Netaniahoo, but to "Arabs".

Of course, VOR is really a voice of Islamophobia, so it is no wonder that he(?) whitewashes USA crimes against the humanity, including a lot of them against Arabs and Muslims

Go preach your "reason" to war criminals in USA/Israel, not to their victims.

This is good. Just a reminder.. one wishes sometimes that Mrs Clinton would follow her own words.. check this:

Regarding Islamists, they're shallow now as always. They never care for the "big" issues, which need a lot of thinking and hard work to solve. Like occupation, like economy, like individual rights, etc. They choose minor issues with big symbolic meaning. A caricature or a movie. And they run on that bill. Honestly, who the heck dug up this movie, which was screened 3 months ago in Hollywood, and was then totally forgotten? Anybody, who's so shallow to take this piece of crap seriously? Anybody, but an islamist!

Anyways.. The last paragraph reminded me of the MEMRI crooks. Aren't they the counterparts to these islamists? Only on the other side?

"They never care for the "big" issues"

Because you and the likes of As'ad have been blinded by your sectarian and secular hatred and how can As'ad expect them to protest the attack on Gaza for example when this was strictly curtailed by the Mubarak regime or when tens of thousands of them were residing in the dungeons of the Arab tyrants.

Guardian Newspaper : "Iran confirms it has forces in Syria and will take military action if pushed." Do you think Hezbollah-Fanboy Abu Khalil will write about this Confirmation in his Blog?. Since he denied categorically the existence of any Hezbollah or Iranian military Involvement in Syria. He will write about it in a short side note of course. After he lists all Human rights violations committed by the rebels. And they committed war crimes of course. Let`s not lie to ourselves. But he will present Iran`s military help as if it is a "reaction" to the dubious alleged high tech weapons the rebels got from the West. But why they never use them if the have them?. Anyway.

It`s official. Syria is now part of "great Persia".

P.s: have you noticed the promotion of persian culture and anti-turc pro armenian stance of this newspaper. This was meant to reach out to the more secular oriented Lebanese.

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