US non-interferences in the affairs of Ukraine and Venezuela

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It is almost touching. The US government stresses that it does not interfere in the affairs of Ukraine and Venezuela. The release of the phone conversation between Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland and the US ambassador to Ukraine came as an embarrassing exposure of US lies and claims. Even the Washington Post (one of the key government mouthpieces on foreign policy among US dailies) had to admit the obvious: that the two officials were “laying bare a deep degree of US involvement in affairs that Washington officially says are Ukraine’s to resolve.” Typically, the US government changed the subject, and while grudgingly acknowledging the authenticity of the recording, blamed the Russian government for the taping. In Venezuela, the US government maintained the same claim of non-interferences and called on the Venezuelan people to resolve their differences.

The time when US rhetoric was believable predated the Cold War. During the Cold War, the US interfered in the affairs of all countries of the world in the name of fighting communism. It bristled at any manifestation of relations between the former Soviet Union and its allies around the world. US rhetoric was quite comical: preaching freedom and democracy while propping up some of the most brutal dictatorships of the 20th century and overthrowing democratically elected governments around the world.

The US never reconciled itself with the democratic results in Venezuela. The political system of that country may not be as advanced as that of Sweden but it is certainly well ahead of most US allies in the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Latin America. The US after the end of the Cold War just could not stomach the idea of a defiant Latin American or European (or any other) government around the world. Even among its close allies in Europe, disagreements are not welcome as evidenced by the official and non-official US campaign against France in 2003, in the wake of US invasion of Iraq. Similarly, the obscene comments by Ms. Nuland indicate that the US never holds its closest allies in high regard. The US approves of its allies as long as they are subservient to US and its interests.

Nevertheless, the conduct of the US government in Ukraine is clearly provocative and pushy. The US government, (under Democratic and Republican administration—it never makes any difference here) which send troops thousands of miles away from its shores to topple governments that it does not like, expressed shock and outrage at the notion that the Russian government has vital interests in its neighbor, the Ukraine. The US is not willing to allow the neighbors of Russia to deviate from the security-political order that the US has been setting up (through diplomatic and coercive means) in Europe (East and West). The US refuses to countenance that Russia may have its own regional agenda and security concerns regarding brazen American intervention in Ukrainian affairs.

It will be a while before knowing the extent of US intrusion in Ukrainian affairs (another Snowden perhaps) but the political developments in the Ukraine since the “Orange Revolution” (are all those fake revolutions around the world named by US government officials? And since when does the US government endorse the business of “real” revolutions?) went against the wishes of the people of the Ukraine. Just as in the deeply divided country of Lebanon, the US government does not recognize any segment of the population that does not follow US wishes and dictates. The US government was willing to accept the representatives of fascist and Nazi parties and organizations in the Ukraine while rejecting the notion that the Ukrainian president may have genuine popular support (whether in the East or beyond).

In Venezuela as in Ukraine, the intervention by the US government takes the shape of covert and overt intervention. The US Congress has established fronts and organizations (just as in the days of the Cold War in the name of freedom) to funnel money and equipment to organizations and personalities that follow US orders in those countries. Miraculously, all those who follow US political and economic wishes are democratic, even if they happen to the be the polygamous potentates of the Gulf. There is enough evidence of US funding of opposition groups in Venezuela, and only the naïve still believe that the Bush administration did not try to overthrow the democratically elected government of Chavez.

The US seems jubilant: it is trying to fight back against Russian regional and international re-assertion. The Russian intervention in Syria (not to be confused with US non-intervention in Syria) has offended Washington deeply. The US has gotten accustomed to global supremacy since the end of the Cold War. It wished that Yeltsin would live forever, and if medical procedures were available at the time, the US would have crowned him Russian king-for-life.

By subverting democratic and political procedures, the US is licensing its enemies to show the same disregard for elections and democratic niceties. Those who are expelled from power with US heavy handed intervention (regardless of whether they are good or bad ruling parties), will try to return using the same subversive tactics and methods of US clients. Overreaching maybe the symptom of the last phase of the US empire.

Dr. As’ad AbuKhalil is a Professor of Political Science at California State University, Stanislaus, a lecturer and the author of The Angry Arab News Service. He tweets @asadabukhalil.


The author makes several good points. In all these cases the US and the EU have manipulated the countries they Tell the public they are helping. No one wants these people involved in their countries. Russia is not this way. These countries such as the Ukraine welcome Russian intervention with open arms. I also love how the protestors are made to look like the good guys when in reality they were the first to shoot bullets (not rubber like the police but real lead ) and the majority of the deaths were cops. Some where protestors mainly due to their uneducated use of explosives and molotov cocktails. In any case. If the police were as brutal as the west claims the death toll would be in the thousands and the protestors would have lost. Many times the president ordered the guns to remain in their holsters under pain of death. Also. The protests only involved about .01% of the population. Sure sounds like democracy to me... Also, comments about Cuba and North Korea are irrelevant since no on this feed have been their and understand nothing really going on in these places besides the Western medias portrayal which is bullshit. So unless you know people who have been to these countries or you have personally gone their. Kindly shut the fuck up. Thanks ;)

The latest news about Ukraine is very shocking. I think we are closer to the end. I do not see any peace in the world now.

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Dear Author-You are playing the same game with your writing that nations play in the real world. You support popular revolts in some cases (Egypt when Mubarak was around; Gaza, when Israel was around) but not others (Egypt under Sisi; Iran, because you most likely support the mullahs or at least their being replaced by a pro-West regine; Syria, because it turned military; Libya, because NATO backed it once it went military; Venezuela, because you - like all leftists - idolized Chavez and back his clown successor).
I could go on.
The fact is that if there is a popular revolt (including each one listed above), it is because of the oppression that they feel from an oppressor. You cherry pick which ones you like just like everyone in the world, including the US.
Venezuela interferes with the internal politics of a dozen Latin American countries using its oil wealth. Same with Cuba, except they use human assets.
Same with Iran. Same with Russia. Same with US, a country with a population over 1 million and you can insert them here.
Expect more Lenin statues to fall. Expect more of your idols (and your perceived enemies) to fall as well. Even with Obama not helping protests (and actively working against US interests, in many cases), dictators will always fall and military powers almost always retreat.

I am not going to reason with Barry the Zionist - he is hapless, But I cannot help pointing to a really surprising (LOL) development - the "popular revolt" in Ukraine just has put into prime minister post the same guy that the high USA foreign affairs official had "recommended" before in her "civil" phone call to USA minister to Ukraine - just imagine! The same Yatz...

Yeah, just watched CNN commercial calling Putin ( one of the best presidents of all time) a sabre rattler XD lol what a joke the US is and always has been the number one biggest sabre rattler and the original post has many good points. In all cases the US has acted covertly, without the consent of its people and always against the interest of the people in the given nation. This Ukrainian conflict is disgusting. There are pictures of the opposition leader shooting cops. Who are unarmed and only trying to maintain order. Its pathetic. The police didn't even use real bullets! Even when fired at by protestors with real guns. I hope the RU does step in and take control of the situation this is just another display of the incompetence of both the US and The EU.

"By subverting democratic and political procedures, the US is licensing its enemies to show the same disregard for elections and democratic niceties."

Yes, the day when China engages in similar practices in Japan and the US is not that far away, and they will do it more skillfully than the US.

I don't quite understand what the hoopla is about in the first three paragraphs of this article. All states, regardless of their alliances, colors, or origins, play this very same game. All of them, from the North Koreans, to the USA, to the Congo, to the UK, to Venezuela, to Sweden, to Israel, to Saudi Arabia. All of them. So, yes, what the US government says is certainly to be taken with a large grain of salt. That said, so what? The Russian's interest in their neighbor does not mean that their interest supersedes that of the US – or that the US should back off. The Ukrainian rebellion that toppled their leader may certainly be cheered by the US and other western states, but this in no way delegitimizes their entire arguments. And the fact that a far right party is part of that movement, in no way, shape, or form, substantiates that the entire movement is representative of them! That's a hallow argument, and a silly one at best - one in which the USA makes when it talks about how we must secure peace for Israel (because it points to a few “bad” Palestinians to label all of them as dangerous). The more stability continues in the Ukraine, the more likely far right parties will have a more powerful voice. Today, however, they may up no major seat in the interim cabinet. That should say something to you. I completely agree that the US media is subservient to whatever the USG says, and thus it can be frustrating to watch. Yet – consider this: many of the leaders of the revolt are from the EAST and speak Russian fluently (to those who claim it’s a West/East Ukrainian issue).

1) there are states and there are imperialist states, starting aggressive wars, bombing, spying on all the world, making coups and calling them nice names. Guess which states they are?
2) "And the fact that a far right party is part of that movement, in no way, shape, or form, substantiates that the entire movement is representative of them! That's a hallow argument, and a silly one at best - one in which the USA makes when it talks about how we must secure peace for Israel (because it points to a few “bad” Palestinians to label all of them as dangerous)."
The song is getting too old, as we say in Russian. First it was about Libya not being took over by Al-Qaida, then about Syria... - who would be smart alec to repeat the same now? Yes, anon, imperialist USA/EU are making "revos" out of Nazis and other nice folk - not the first time and not the last. Just as USA made Al-Qaida back then against USSR, so they use Nazi pals Banderovetzs against USSR till 1956 (!) for terror against the population. CIA got such good tools after the WWII, when they got some SSmen for their service and also SS' tools.
One could deny reality one time, two times, but sometime one could stop kid oneself and start to name spade a spade, USA an imperialist state and Nazis a Nazis.

I do not see Sweden system as something better than Venezuela. Sweden is an imperialist state, it takes part in USA war crimes and spying. In Venezuela masses actively made politics, not just by vote.
It is not for nothing that Sweden's Carl Bildt praises a Zionist war criminal Sharon and applauds when in Ukraine Nazis are toppling Lenin's monuments.

Mr. As'ad AbuKhali, I have to condratic you. The correct caption is: Interferences of Ukraine and Venezuela in the internal affairs of the USA.

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