The War on Gaza and Its Coverage

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Israeli propaganda is predictable, as are Western media which parrot Israeli propaganda. What Israel does regularly is to treat every little or big incident in the course of the Arab-Israeli conflict as an event in itself, divorced from its background and from the century-old conflict. Thus, if a useless Hamas rocket is fired on a target in Israel, the rocket becomes the story and no background is permitted to explain the political development. Worse, Zionists treat any attempt at contextualization as further evidence of “services to terrorism.”

The political language has been posed long enough by Zionists. What Amos Oz says about the Nazi war on language applies to Zionists (and to Amos Oz himself, who can’t speak about Palestinians without using the word terrorist or terrorism). American media are predictable: they serve as propagandists for the Israeli aggressor army. But in the years since I moved here in 1983, I can easily say that the US media have become more and more propagandistic. If you look at the US media coverage of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, you can easily conclude that the “Palestinian viewpoint” – and we are not talking about the views of Dahlan or Abu Mazen or Salam Fayyad here – is no more permitted. US programs now host two Zionists to debate Israeli wars and massacres. And Zionists from the research arm of the Israeli lobby, WINEP, are now treated as representatives of the Arab youth. If an Arab is permitted to speak in US media, it is usually a Zionist Likudnik former Arab like Fouad Ajami, who is more comfortable than, say, Abe Foxman, in vomiting traditional Western bigotry and racism against Arabs and Muslims.

There is no attempt at balance in US media, unless one is using the word “balance” in the context of the motto of Fox News. There is no attempt at treating Palestinian victims as human beings, worth as much as Israeli human beings. Palestinian victims are never innocent: they are always treated as tools of some nefarious regional or international conspiracy. When I first came to the US in the 1980s, Palestinian victims were dismissed as agents of the evil Soviet Empire. All PLO organizations were portrayed as tools of the KGB. The Zionists basically link the Palestinian people to whichever enemy-of-the-day America happens to hate. Now, the Palestinians are dismissed as tools of Iran. Israeli propagandists in the US quickly resorted to their cliché formula: they said that the Hamas commander who was assassinated by Israel was “the Bin Laden for Israel.” But were the children killed also the Bin Ladens for Israel? And all those Marxist and liberal and socialist Palestinians who were killed over the years, were they also Bin Ladens for Israel?

The New York Times and other Zionist media now have a new technique: they insert the word Hamas in every sentence to justify Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people: so hospitals are “Hamas-run,” schools are “Hamas-run,” and wombs are also “Hamas-run.” All Israeli killings are justified. Not one killing by Israel is ever labeled as terrorism in the US media. The word “indiscriminate” is never permitted in describing indiscriminate bombings by Israel. Even Thomas Friedman used that word when he covered the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

But what the Western media (British media now mimic US media in serving Israeli propaganda) don’t want to report is that Israeli war crimes, assaults, offensives, “pre-emptive wars,” massacres, raids, invasions and aggression have been going on for more than a century now. None of those events are isolated. There is an accumulated history of aggression and massacres by Israel. But Western media want to report on the developments while insisting on erasing the history and even the weeks-old history, because every Israeli bombing or raid has to be presented as “retaliation.” Any reference to a previous Israeli bomb that preceded the Palestinian attack – any attack – is not fit to print because it violates the official Israeli narrative.

But even supporters of Israel, like Ethan Bronner [former Jerusalem bureau chief of the New York Times], are aware that Israeli policies and patterns of war are not tenable. Of course, for Bronner and other Zionists, the concern is always with Israel and the interest of the occupation of Palestine. For Arabs, the Israeli pattern of violence has been the biggest Arab weapon against Israel. Israel has managed to produce enemies regularly over the year. Within months after Israel kicked the PLO out of Lebanon, Hezbollah was born. And Israel’s method is typically violent: they convince themselves that with this additional war or with this additional massacre or with this additional occupation or with this additional war crime, the enemy will be subjugated and the Palestinians would give up the dream of liberating Palestine.

A century of Israeli war crimes has not done the job for Israel. Its ability to fight war without being molested is now history. For someone of my generation, it is clear that the new wars between Israel and its enemies are characterized by a more clumsy and confused – albeit brutal and savage – military and media performance, while Arab resistance to Israel has become more skilled and more daring. Arab armies used to run from confrontation with Israel, while new resistance groups seem to relish every new opportunity for confrontation.

This is not the last war and there will be more in years to come. But Israel can’t escape the trap that Zionism has set for it. It is an entity that can’t prevail without resorting to a pattern of regular and frequent violence. But with every new chapter, new angry Arabs are being produced, more determined than ever to fight back. From a historical perspective, you can’t watch what is happening and avoid concluding that the Zionist entity is doomed, and that it is a matter of time – measured in years only.



The USA Buys Off Syrian Ally Hamas Leaders with Threats and Bribes then
Directs its Stooge “Israeli” to Bomb GAZA in an “8-Day War” in Order: 1.)
To Try to Restore CREDIBILITY of its Newly Bought-Off Hamas Traitors and
2.) To Try To Generate Credibility of the USA Puppet Governments of Egypt,
Turkey, Qatar, etc. who Support the USA Attempt to Overthrow Syrian Ba’ath
Socialism and 3.) To try to Manipulate Palestinians both Inside Syria, in Occupied
Palestine and in Other Countries to Support USA Mercenaries/Proxies against Syria!

With the full understanding that Fatah and the so-called Palestinian Authority had long ago lost all credibility and has no further credibility or “authority” among Palestinians, the USA/“Israel” proceeded to bribe and BUY OFF the TRAITOR Khaled Meshal of Hamas who deserted Syria, retracted all support for Ba’ath Socialist Syria and moved from Damascus to Qatar, met with USA and “Israeli”-puppet Egyptian “President” Moslem Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi (BBC, July 19, 2012) and U.S./“Israeli” puppet Jordan’s King Abdullah and supposedly resigned (temporarily) as the leader of Hamas on September 23, 2012 and THAT was the actual reason that Hamas, which had represented the majority of Palestinian Sunnis, moved their offices out of Damascus, Syria! (See: New York Times, October 2-3, 2012) The USA and so-called “Israel” want Meshal, Haniya and Hamas to replace the hugely discredited Muhammed Abbas and Fatah and the so-called “Palestinian Authority,” which has no authority. HAMAS, now run by traitors, Khaled Meshal and Ismail Haniya, both of whom the USA/“Israel” has bought off, will retain little credibility once the Palestinians realize that Meshal and Haniya want to recognize so-called “Israel,” which they have now done by signing a cease fire with “Israel,” where Hamas agrees to SUPPRESS all active resistance in GAZA against “Israel” in exchange for opening the border crossings to “Israel” and to USA-puppet Egypt, BOTH of which think Palestinians are just a problem, a problem which somehow should be eliminated! Hamas, which had NOT been part of the ongoing and relentless missile strikes against so-called “Israel” for years suddenly joined with the other Islamic groups in firing rockets into “Israel” after the assassination of Jabari in order to try to buttress the credibility of its leaders as supposedly being “opposed to “‘Israel’” and reverse their most recent image of BETRAYERS of the CHIEF PALESTINIAN ALLY—SYRIA! The USA began the buy-out of the Palestinians in GAZA with a tiny $400 million (USA-authorized!) token gift from the emir of Qatar, who visited GAZA on October 23, 2012. GAZA needs well over a hundred $billion to actually start to rebuild the entire city of GAZA and environs destroyed by USA/“Israel,” not a measly $400 million to build a couple of housing complexes and a prosthetic center to deal with the limbs lost through the continuous non-stop, escalated and now temporarily halted USA-authorized “Israeli” air attacks! No amount of token monetary gifts can change the political and economic reality in GAZA!

WHAT HAPPENED? On November 14, 2012 the USA authorized so-called “Israel” to assassinate Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari, the head of the military wing of Hamas, by a much ballyhooed USA and “Israeli” aerial pinpoint bombing for the unstated reason that Jabari opposed Haniya and Meshal’s betrayal of HAMAS and their support for the USA overthrow of Syria. Jabari had become the de facto leader of Hamas after the traitorous betrayal and defections of Meshal and Haniya to the USA/“Israel.” Hamas had not fired rockets into “Israel” for years and could NOT have been assassinated for THAT REASON! But Jabari apparently strongly opposed such betrayal and treachery by Meshal and Haniya and refused to abandon the original political positions of Hamas, which included SUPPORT FOR SYRIA and no recognition of so-called “Israel.” With Jabari’s assassination Meshal and Haniya were in a position to return and reclaim “credibility (?)” in a leadership role. After assassinating Jabari, “Israel” immediately moved to regenerate credibility for Haniya by “bombing the disgraced Haniya’s vacated house (RT, November 15, 2012) The USA/“Israeli” Bombing of GAZA was simply one more Dog and Pony Show, a WAR OF PROVOCATION in order to manipulate and confuse the Palestinians and the World, while sacrificing the lives of over 160 Palestinians, which is NO PROBLEM for the USA/“Israeli” mass murderers! The PRIMARY PURPOSE of the USA Bombing of GAZA, which began with the admitted targeted assassination of Jabari, the CHIEF OPPONENT of the Meshal/Haniya SELLOUT of the Ba’ath Socialist Syrian Government, was designed to eliminate Jabari and to attempt to simultaneously FALSELY DISASSOCIATE the new USA-Hamas puppets, Meshal and Haniya, from their new USA/“Israel” masters and help to regenerate their credibility, both in Occupied Palestine and in SYRIA to try to reverse Palestinian support for Ba’ath Socialism and Syrian support for Hezbollah! Simultaneously the sudden USA/“Israeli” Bombing of GAZA began with an otherwise unexplained escalation of air strikes and reported “Israeli” troop mobilizations, supposedly under the pretext of Palestinian rocket attacks, which had been ongoing for years! The USA then directed its puppet governments of Egypt, Turkey, Qatar to travel or send emissaries to demagogically: “Stand with the Palestinians” and criticize “Israel” for killing Palestinians! Why now all of a sudden? What a JOKE! Hopefully the majority of Palestinians won’t be fooled and will see through it.

But the USA has total contempt for the political intelligence of the Palestinian masses, just as it has total contempt for the USA masses, a significant percentage of which it is mobilizing to exterminate in escalating economic and biological warfare, and believes that it can at least NEUTRALIZE Middle East-wide Palestinian support for USA-targeted Syria and hopefully manipulate the Palestinians in GAZA and in Syria to support the USA mercenaries/proxies or at least keep them CONFUSED (because a confused person cannot act!) and to generate enough popular support through the ceasefire for the newly regenerated AUTHORITY for HAMAS misleadership to be able to suppress other political opposition groups in GAZA in order to reduce or eliminate the rocket attacks and recognize so-called “Israel!” This is an example of how the USA hopes to control the Middle East and Persian Gulf and implement DIVIDE AND CONQUER policies made possible through its so-called “Arab Spring” Regime Change Gambit to try to turn the Hamas masses against Ba’ath Socialist Syria, whose support for the Palestinian masses remains STEADFAST as it has always been, but does not support fake leaders who betray ALL Palestinians. On November 22, 2012 USA PUPPET Mohamed Morsi issued a DECREE giving him dictatorial powers, authorized by the USA to enforce USA interests and actual decisions regarding “Egypt’s policies.” USA PUPPET Morsi is completely opposed by Mohamed Elbaradei and other opposition groups. The HAMAS misleaders—slimeballs TRAITORS, Meshal and Haniya, will undoubtedly move to try to enact the same sort of Rule by Decree in GAZA!

The name “Bashar Assad” is shorthand for Ba’ath Socialism, which is the real target! The USA overall “strategy” for their Islamic Fundamentalist mercenary proxies in Syria (including Al Qaeda just like in Libya! See below) is to simply invade cities, towns and areas and take over people’s homes as their base forcing the local inhabitants to seek refuge elsewhere in public schools and other sites and openly murdering for intimidation purposes a certain number of the overwhelming majority of Syrians who support the Ba’ath Socialist government, while going about willy-nilly destroying Syrian infrastructure, while depending on the USA-controlled world capitalist media to use the Big Lie technique to label Syria as “the aggressor!” This is what has happened in Damascus and Aleppo and throughout Syria! Syrians generally hate and despise the USA and all its proxies! On August 3, 2012 for good measure the USA directed its proxies to bomb the Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp, the home of 150,000 Palestinians in Damascus as a deliberate provocation and then blame the Ba’ath Socialist government for the bombing (!) to try to break Palestinian loyalty to the Syrian government and then claimed to have recruited many Palestinian youths via their false Internet propaganda! The New York Times has openly described what are USA divide and conquer attempts in Syria and Lebanon. (August 23, 2012) In line with its divide and conquer strategy in Lebanon and Syria alike, the USA tried to get its puppet Sunni sheiks in Lebanon to form “Sunni Defense Councils” to attack the overwhelmingly popular Hezbollah, but that obvious USA scheme has been opposed by even the Sunni mufti of Tripoli and northern Lebanon! (BBC, August 28, 2012)

William H. Depperman, Coordinator
United Front Against Racism
And Capitalism-Imperialism
New York, N.Y. 10003
November 22, 2012

Great article as usual, the solution to Zionist and corporate media is the social one. However, and although many new activities are learning the techniques of launching and following up media campaigns now - and it is hurting the enemy now - the social media is still from our side been hijacked directly or indirectly by the Saudis and there Wahbist followers.
We need to have an organized platforms that coordinate the message and presented in highly prof way to be able to compete with Israel dominance.

According to Obomb-em, countries have the right to defend themselves against assault - except of course the country of Palestine.

Have not seen anyone in the so-called West point out the vapidness of the Obama statement. So many have been lobotomized, they just didn't notice.

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