Zionist Embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood: It’s All About the Treaty

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To take Zionist statements at face value is to ignore the long history of Zionist duplicity, deception, and double talk. This is a movement (from the first Basel declaration in 1897 to the Balfour Declaration and their aftermath) that consistently masked its aim and camouflaged its objectives.

Zionists have a long history of lying: to their enemies and to their friends. In the early days of the 1967 war, the Israeli government initially informed the White House that Egypt had struck first. This is a movement that has no qualms in fabricating and inventing and distorting to serve its goal of aggression and occupation. But enough about truisms.

Western Zionists have complained for years about the Muslim Brotherhood. American Zionists – who have great powers in determining which Arabs or Muslims the US government can talk to – were behind the famous legal pledge by Henry Kissinger, later made into law by the US Congress, which banned any contacts by the US with any “member” of the PLO – whatever that means.

It was futile to reason with the Americans that there is no such thing as membership in the PLO, but the history of rabid anti-communist discourse and legal terms dominated Zionist minds. The Zionists basically succeeded in banning contact with Palestinians, except those who collaborate with Israel and who kill and murder on behalf of the state of Israel. (This remains to be case: Palestinian collaborators are paraded before TV cameras in the US, and even those who murder other Palestinians are invited to speak about their repentance and their discovery of the virtues of Zionism.)

Sometime in the 1990s, Zionists pressured the US government to halt any contact with the Muslim Brotherhood and its branches. The rise of Hamas was the key factor behind the ban and the American government did not wish to invoke the long history of collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Cold War.

After all, the marriage between the US government and the Muslim Brotherhood and its fanatical variants gave birth to a monster – al-Qaeda – as much as the US government wishes to pose as innocent. Washington ended its contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood due to the rising Israeli protestation against Hamas.

Zionists in the West started vomiting a large volume of writings about the evils of the Muslim Brotherhood and about the (clear) anti-Semitic contents of its discourse on the Arab-Israeli question.

Of course, Zionists had to ignore the links between their beloved friend Anwar Sadat (a man with a Nazi anti-Semitic history) and the Muslim Brotherhood. But Zionists never stopped complaining about the menace of the Ikhwan.

But then the Arab uprisings happened and the Ikhwan came to power in Tunisia and Egypt and suddenly a noticeable shift in Zionist attitudes toward the Ikhwan occurred. The Zionists stopped complaining about the menace of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Instead, Ikhwan leaders (and al-Nahda leader, Rachid Ghannouchi) were invited to the research arm of the Zionist lobby, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and they prostrated before Zionist leaders and offered assurances about their intentions.

Once the Ikhwan in Tunisia gave assurances about their commitment to oppose a constitutional ban on normalization with Israel, and once the Egyptian Brotherhood offered their Zionist-dictated commitment to respecting the “international obligations and treaties” of Egypt (yes, Israel and its supporters are very keen about Egyptian treaty obligations with Sudan and Nigeria), Zionist objections to the Brotherhood were dropped.

An ardent American Zionist senator became a champion of the Brotherhood in Washington, vouching for them when the Brotherhood were being attacked on Fox News.

The Zionists suddenly stopped scrutinizing the statements of the Ikhwan for evidence of anti-Jewish discourse, and Zionist liberals stopped feigning concerns over the plight of women and minorities under Ikhwan rule.

It became very clear: it is all about peace with Israel, even if that required peace (by Israel) with al-Qaeda itself. That is how desperate Israel is for Arab/Muslim approval. Of course, the Zionists are – once again – deluding themselves.


that Israel will be brought back to the land. Israel was exeild for 2000 years so the only time that this happened is in 1948 when Israel became a nation again. The increase of Jewish people returning to Israel has increased over the years due to God drawing them back. God loves the Jewish people and who is worthy to decide that the Jews are not worthy of life, love, or the land of Israel. We MUST understand that it is God’s will for the Jewish people to return to Israel. We MUST understand that any hate that may arise in us toward Israel or any falling away from support of Israel is NOT from God, but is following Satan so this will lead to a curse. We MUST support the plan of God for the Jews to return to the land. We MUST realize that it is God's job to judge the nation of Israel as well as any other country. This will happen in the very near future for many countries including Israel.In the future according to Isaiah 17 the city of Damascus will lay in ruins. In all of the 5000+ years that Damascus has been a city there is no record of it ever being destroyed so this is in the future. It has been conquered but never destroyed. These verses also tell us that the cities around Damascus will be deserted also. In this chapter it also speaks that the people of Israel will also be harmed. There will be a great number of people in Israel that will be killed. We all know that there is a lot of evil going on in Syria right now and they have been threatening Israel and Turkey if NATO or America tries to stop this evil killing. This prophecy could be fulfilled if NATO does try to stop them. It is known that Syria has chemical and biological weapons and that they are moving missiles to the border of Israel. With this in mind, this prophecy could be that Syria attacks Israel with these bombs and Israel retaliates with a nuclear weapon. The chemical and biological weapons that Syria first send to Israel would still result in many deaths in Israel after Damascus would lay in ruin and the cities around it deserted. There are other verses that speak of this also throughout the Bible.Many of us can look at prophecy and see that we are more than likely living in the generation that will see the end of this earth. With that in mind, when you read Ezekiel 38 & 39 we know that this is to come in the future during the last days. Many Christians believe that this will be after the Rapture of the believers in Jesus, because of imminence, but it doesn't have to be. Also, this can arise from the very hatred that we see going on in the Middle East. When we look at a map of the area in the Middle East we see the tiny nation of Israel surrounded by huge nations that only want one thing, their destruction. Everyone deserves to have a home and God set Israel including the Temple Mount aside for the Jewish people. How can anyone explain the extreme hatred toward people who believe in the creator God? The Jews, Christians, and Muslims all believe in the creator God. If we believe in the same creator and worship that creator then why are Jews and Christians, infidels to Muslims just because we do not agree with the Qur'an? If Muslims are not suppose to worship prophets, but only ONE God then why do they kill people that also worship the creator God, but do not believe in their Prophets? This is twisted reality especially considering the fact that Christianity and Islam derived from Judaism. My Savior was a Jew and loves the Jews. The wording that is spoken of in the Qur'an about Infidels was originally written because of the high number of Pagan religions in the area where Islam was first created. It was written to convert Pagans into Islam, not toward other believers in the creator God. The hook in the jaws in Ezekiel 38 & 39 could very well be this hatred from Islamist extremists.It is extremely hard to understand this hatred when both the Bible and the Qur'an specifically says that the land of Israel is set aside for the Jewish people. Most Christians believe in the word of God and support Israel. When you look at Israel you see the close relations between Jews and Christians because most Christians respect God's view of Israel. Israel is important to Christians as well, but it is mostly the Muslims that are fighting against the Jewish people due to their lack of true faith in the word of God. The Qur'an states in multiple locations that the Israelis will return to land in the final days. Yes even versus in the Qur'an that the majority of Muslim people ignore. Some of these are Night Journey 17:100-104, Qur'an 5:20-21, Sura 5:20-21, Sura 10:93-94, Sura 17:104. If you want to follow God then you will respect His decisions and follow His specific instruction regardless of our own selfish desires.When you study Revelation you find that after chapter 4 or so that there is absence of the church (Christians) until chapter 19 where the believers are having the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in heaven. The focus during Revelation is for God to focus on the Jews who have rejected Christ as the Messiah. God will focus on the gentile unbelievers also, but Revelation is mainly about the Jews. This is why there will be the Anti-Christ who will come in peace and rebuild their Temple. He will come saying he is their Messiah and some will believe this. The Anti-Christ will at first portray the things that the Jewish people have been looking for in their Messiah. Then his true colors will come out and the Jewish people will mourn for what they did to the true Messiah when God opens their eyes.I urge you to research God's word and your hearts. Please be sure that your choices to be against Israel are of God. As we know there are only two choices in life, in every decision that we make. We can either serve God or Satan. Is your god the true God or the god of this earth Satan? Do you love the world or do you love God? If you do love God then no matter how hard the decision is, you will give up anything for Him. If someone cannot choose God in these areas of life then they will not choose God when given the true choice of whether to accept the mark of the beast (chip) or to die for God. I already have my answer written in my heart and I remind myself of it very often.

Israel becoming a nation was not fulfilment of any prophecy in the bible. They mention both israel and judah and turning to god. This has never happened

One of the signs of As'ad's hypocrisy on this Palestinian issue is his lie that Islamists(of course he means Sunni) didn't contribute to the Palestinian cause which is a brazen lie intended to promote his ideological hatred of them to suit his leftist agenda like when he ridiculed the Egyptian Ikhwan who went to fight the Zionists in 1948 as if the fall of Palestine was their fault and not the Arab tyrants and Palestinian quislings at the time who collaborated with the Zionists and who didn't properly arm the Arab fighters or prevented them from entering in the first place. As'ad's cheap imitator, Ikhras, also tries to repeat the same lie when he said "tens"(when it was in the hundreds) of them came to fight, also ignoring the many Palestinian who were Islamists or were influenced by them who fought before the fall of Palestine.

More "mumana'a"!


Jordanian leftist, Nahed Hatar, also engaging in the same tactics of takhween while he calls at his Facebook page:
for visiting the grave of the "shaheed", Wasfi Tal, the who one who cracked down on the Palestinian resistance in service of the treacherous Jordanian monarchy. What next, "shaheed", King Abdullah I of Jordan, one of the biggest traitors in the Arab world in the 20th century, who used to meet with Golda Meir and was on the Zionist payroll?

Mr. Abukhalil is actually the one who deludes himself that Israel will vanish off the map or gone by a magic spell.
For 65 years we hear the same rant about Israel's (oh, sorry, "the zionist entity") will disappear.
The fact is, this is complete bullsh*t and the only Arabs that believes it is either a Muslim zealot or pathetic Marxists like Abukhalil.

You are beyond pathetic.

LK is deluding him/herself. The French colonialists stood in Algeria longer than Zionists in Palestine. The same about Rhodesia. Not mentioning Crusaders. Where are they now? :)

The settler colony on Palestinian land will share the fate of others like it, i.e. to become a footnote (a very ugly one) to the history of Palestine and the ME.

Palestine will be liberated after the demise of your beloved Bashar.

Yes, sure, F$A on Saudi/NATO payroll will only stop to murder every non-Salafit in Syria, and then march to Al-Quds.

Hamas are on Qatar's payroll, are they traitors in contrast to Iran's poodles in Afghanistan and Iraq who were armed with billions in American weapons? Are the majority of Palestinian people traitors because they support the Syrian uprising?

It seems that Hamas started the way to became a USA puppet, like Fateh, but they are still not there. We'll see. I am not a sectarian, unlike Abu Umar, so I judge people not by sect but by deeds. If Hamas are to stop being anti-colonialist, I'll stop support them.

In their desperate pursuit for peace and safety, they compromise YHWH's covenant. However, the promises of God are as sure as the rising of the sun and the going down of same.

The handwriting is on the wall regarding this world and its governments.. MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN... They are weighed in the balances and found wanting. REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF THE LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST IS AT HAND.

I agree with you
God promised the sons of Israel to rise two times and to be ravaged two times
I heard someone wrote a book that predicted that Israel will fall in 2022
and the Iranian leadership is saying something similar
although I'm a sunni and I'm not a deluded mumanii
but i have to agree with them on that
prepare your suitcases and you USA passport you won't stay there for long Zionist!!!

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