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Israel's Surgeon General Warns You About Dangers of Hacking

The jury may still be out on the impact of Anonymous' #OpIsrael. But one thing is sure: Israeli hasbara brigades had a sleepless Saturday night.

Blatant hasbara twitter bots, or automated accounts, sprung up as soon as the first attacks were reported on Saturday, April 6. The Jewish Revenge (@ZionCyberArmyXP), Zion Cyber Army (@ZionCyberArmy) and IsraelWithLove (@ZionCyberArmyOx) are just three examples of new accounts solely created to counter #OpIsrael. They are also practically carbon copies of each other, just in case some get closed down for spamming.

Israeli Media: Apartheiding From the Truth

Zionist-friendly media has been up in arms this week over a “deceitful and malicious...hatefest” against the Jewish state: Israel Apartheid Week.

Al-Arabiya Pioneers the "Glaring Omission" Infographic

Capturing something as elusive as hypocrisy in a simple static infographic may appear daunting.

Not so for al-Arabiya – the Saudi royal family-owned station, which has boldly mapped the region's less than virtuous experiments in Islamic government, while simply omitting any reference to the most obvious of all theocracies.

Spinneys' Government Tentacles Silence Critics

A civil society activist was detained and interrogated in Lebanon for several hours Wednesday over a blog post about labor rights violations at a major supermarket chain.

Abir Ghattas had been at the forefront of a campaign to secure rights for workers at retail giant Spinneys-Lebanon, which operates seven large supermarkets in the country.

SANA: Don't let a bit of rain ruin the festivities

The world didn't end on December 21. But SANA is tweeting from a different planet.

Here, the five most recent Tweets by the Syrian National News Agency:

Israeli army spokesman says he's "candid," not racist

In an ”official comment” published on Facebook yesterday, the Israeli army’s social media guru, Sacha Dratwa, bemoaned the “cynical use” of his “private pictures” (which are actually public, as he himself goes onto say in a muddled statement.)

Israeli Army Social Media Guru Poses as Obama in Brownface

For all its high-tech industries and self-promotion as a western-style democracy, Israeli public officials apparently still enjoy forms of entertainment that went out of fashion in the US with the end of the Jim Crow era.

Our man on Facebook: The unwitting trusted source

This week, Al-Akhbar journalist Qassem Qassem played a trick on his colleagues in the media – one that exposed just how unreliable sourcing in the digital news-gathering age can be. Doha Shams blogged about what happened on our Arabic page:

GCC Hasbara: “Zionist-y Rhetoric” Pervades Reporting on Gaza War

Media commentators in the Arab Gulf and beyond are using social media to push the press there to be more aggressive in its Gaza coverage, as most major outlets tried to remain as circumspect as possible.

Gaza War Media Mash-up

Our Gaza live blog will be posting updates on the Israeli attacks, while the Boxes & Briefs team will be monitoring the media's response throughout the day.

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