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The New York Times' ethically challenged Jerusalem Bureau Chief Ethan Bronner just won't quit. Today, in an article on the deteriorating relations between Israel and Turkey, Bronner cited a professor from Bar Ilan University named Efraim Inbar as "a specialist on Turkish politics."

Inbar is an ultra-hawkish Likud partisan who has consulted for the Israeli government and the Israeli military. He has little, if any, expertise in Turkish politics. He wrote one book eleven years ago on "The Turkish-Israel Entente," but has written nothing else of much significance about Turkish politics. Inbar's own website clearly explains his real focus: "His area of specialization is Middle Eastern strategic issues with a special interest in the politics and strategy of Israeli national security."

In February, Inbar published a lengthy piece of boilerplate about about the supposed clash between the American and Israeli "moderate" forces and the "radical" Islamist front of Iran and Turkey. His concluded the following: "The West must grasp that Turkey does not represent 'moderate Islam' and should do everything possible to bolster the secularist parties in order to prevent an Islamist triumph in the elections. Turkey’s drift to Islamism would be a great strategic loss to Israel and the West, and a tragedy for the Turks."

Even the best reporters make mistakes. But Bronner's citation of Inbar as a "specialist on Turkish politics" was not only sloppy, it was symptomatic of a deeper problem. Since he arrived in Israel-Palestine, Bronner has gravitated towards sources who exist inside his Tel Aviv-West Jerusalem bubble, and who share his obvious identification with mainstream Israeli society. His unscrupulous reporting flows directly from his Israeli-centric outlook, and is projected to an American audience in the most insidious fashion possible.

In a September 10 article, "Beyond Cairo, Israel Sensing a Wider Siege" (has Bronner ever used the term "siege" to describe the blockade of the Gaza Strip?), Bronner erroneously wrote, "Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador a week ago over Israel’s refusal to apologize for a deadly raid last year on a Turkish ship bound for Gaza in which nine Turks were killed." In fact, one of the nine "Turks" Israeli commandoes killed was an American citizen named Furkan Dogan. Dogan's nationality was well known; when his death was first reported, it generated headlines in major newspapers across the United States. And on July 2, Bronner contributed to an article that misstated the nationalities of the casualties of Israel's flotilla raid. That report was corrected by the Times. And like a serial recidivist, he repeated the mistake again. Bronner simply refuses to quit.

(h/t to Jerry Haber and Ali Gharib)


I suppose Bronner had been a staunch Zionist long before he got his job, or, to be more precise he got his job because being a Zionist. It is NYT for you. Not that other capitalist media in USA are much better :(

Max, you are awesome, please keep up the good work. Bronner's bias and manipulation should be dissected like this and demonstrated to the public. I hope it gets wider publicity. Thank you.

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