Excuse Me, But Israel Has No Right To Exist

The phrase “right to exist” entered my consciousness in the 1990s just as the concept of the two-state solution became part of our collective lexicon. In any debate at university, when a Zionist was out of arguments, those three magic words were invoked to shut down the conversation with an outraged, “are you saying Israel doesn’t have the right to exist??”

Of course you couldn’t challenge Israel’s right to exist – that was like saying you were negating a fundamental Jewish right to have…rights, with all manner of Holocaust guilt thrown in for effect.

Except of course the Holocaust is not my fault – or that of Palestinians. The cold-blooded program of ethnically cleansing Europe of its Jewish population has been so callously and opportunistically utilized to justify the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian Arab nation, that it leaves me utterly unmoved. I have even caught myself – shock - rolling my eyes when I hear Holocaust and Israel in the same sentence.

What moves me instead in this post-two-state era, is the sheer audacity of Israel even existing.

What a fantastical idea, this notion that a bunch of rank outsiders from another continent could appropriate an existing, populated nation for themselves – and convince the “global community” that it was the moral thing to do. I’d laugh at the chutzpah if this wasn’t so serious.

Even more brazen is the mass ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian population by persecuted Jews, newly arrived from their own experience of being ethnically cleansed.

But what is truly frightening is the psychological manipulation of the masses into believing that Palestinians are somehow dangerous – “terrorists” intent on “driving Jews into the sea.” As someone who makes a living through words, I find the use of language in creating perceptions to be intriguing. This practice – often termed “public diplomacy” has become an essential tool in the world of geopolitics. Words, after all, are the building blocks of our psychology.

Take, for example, the way we have come to view the Palestinian-Israeli “dispute” and any resolution of this enduring conflict. And here I borrow liberally from a previous article of mine…

The United States and Israel have created the global discourse on this issue, setting stringent parameters that grow increasingly narrow regarding the content and direction of this debate. Anything discussed outside the set parameters has, until recently, widely been viewed as unrealistic, unproductive and even subversive.

Participation in the debate is limited only to those who prescribe to its main tenets: the acceptance of Israel, its regional hegemony and its qualitative military edge; acceptance of the shaky logic upon which the Jewish state's claim to Palestine is based; and acceptance of the inclusion and exclusion of certain regional parties, movements and governments in any solution to the conflict.

Words like dove, hawk, militant, extremist, moderates, terrorists, Islamo-fascists, rejectionists, existential threat, holocaust-denier, mad mullah determine the participation of solution partners -- and are capable of instantly excluding others.

Then there is the language that preserves "Israel's Right To Exist" unquestioningly: anything that invokes the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and the myths about historic Jewish rights to the land bequeathed to them by the Almighty – as though God was in the real-estate business. This language seeks not only to ensure that a Jewish connection to Palestine remains unquestioned, but importantly, seeks to punish and marginalize those who tackle the legitimacy of this modern colonial-settler experiment.

But this group-think has led us nowhere. It has obfuscated, distracted, deflected, ducked, and diminished, and we are no closer to a satisfactory conclusion…because the premise is wrong.

There is no fixing this problem. This is the kind of crisis in which you cut your losses, realize the error of your ways and reverse course. Israel is the problem. It is the last modern-day colonial-settler experiment, conducted at a time when these projects were being unraveled globally.

There is no “Palestinian-Israeli conflict” – that suggests some sort of equality in power, suffering, and negotiable tangibles, and there is no symmetry whatsoever in this equation. Israel is the Occupier and Oppressor; Palestinians are the Occupied and Oppressed. What is there to negotiate? Israel holds all the chips. They can give back some land, property, rights, but even that is an absurdity – what about everything else? What about ALL the land, property and rights? Why do they get to keep anything – how is the appropriation of land and property prior to 1948 fundamentally different from the appropriation of land and property on this arbitrary 1967 date?

Why are the colonial-settlers prior to 1948 any different from those who colonized and settled after 1967?

Let me correct myself. Palestinians do hold one chip that Israel salivates over – the one big demand at the negotiating table that seems to hold up everything else. Israel craves recognition of its “right to exist.”

But you do exist - don’t you, Israel?

Israel fears “delegitimization” more than anything else. Behind the velvet curtain lies a state built on myths and narratives, protected only by a military behemoth, billions of dollars in US assistance and a lone UN Security Council veto. Nothing else stands between the state and its dismantlement. Without these three things, Israelis would not live in an entity that has come to be known as the “least safe place for Jews in the world.”

Strip away the spin and the gloss, and you quickly realize that Israel doesn’t even have the basics of a normal state. After 64 years, it doesn’t have borders. After six decades, it has never been more isolated. Over half a century later, and it needs a gargantuan military just to stop Palestinians from walking home.

Israel is a failed experiment. It is on life-support – pull those three plugs and it is a cadaver, living only in the minds of some seriously deluded foreigners who thought they could pull off the heist of the century.

The most important thing we can do as we hover on the horizon of One State is to shed the old language rapidly. None of it was real anyway – it was just the parlance of that particular “game.” Grow a new vocabulary of possibilities – the new state will be the dawn of humanity’s great reconciliation. Muslims, Christians and Jews living together in Palestine as they once did.

Naysayers can take a hike. Our patience is wearing thinner than the walls of the hovels that Palestinian refugees have called “home” for three generations in their purgatory camps.

These universally exploited refugees are entitled to the nice apartments – the ones that have pools downstairs and a grove of palm trees outside the lobby. Because the kind of compensation owed for this failed western experiment will never be enough.

And no, nobody hates Jews. That is the fallback argument screeched in our ears – the one “firewall” remaining to protect this Israeli Frankenstein. I don’t even care enough to insert the caveats that are supposed to prove I don’t hate Jews. It is not a provable point, and frankly, it is a straw man of an argument. If Jews who didn’t live through the Holocaust still feel the pain of it, then take that up with the Germans. Demand a sizeable plot of land in Germany – and good luck to you.

For anti-Semites salivating over an article that slams Israel, ply your trade elsewhere – you are part of the reason this problem exists.

Israelis who don’t want to share Palestine as equal citizens with the indigenous Palestinian population – the ones who don’t want to relinquish that which they demanded Palestinians relinquish 64 years ago - can take their second passports and go back home. Those remaining had better find a positive attitude – Palestinians have shown themselves to be a forgiving lot. The amount of carnage they have experienced at the hands of their oppressors – without proportional response – shows remarkable restraint and faith.

This is less the death of a Jewish state than it is the demise of the last remnants of modern-day colonialism. It is a rite of passage – we will get through it just fine. At this particular precipice in the 21st century, we are all, universally, Palestinian – undoing this wrong is a test of our collective humanity, and nobody has the right to sit this one out.

Israel has no right to exist. Break that mental barrier and just say it: “Israel has no right to exist.” Roll it around your tongue, tweet it, post it as your Facebook status update – do it before you think twice. Delegitimization is here – have no fear. Palestine will be less painful than Israel ever was.

Sharmine Narwani is a commentary writer and political analyst covering the Middle East. You can follow Sharmine on twitter @snarwani.


Verily, the text above is the writer's view on this particular issue and I believe the most fundamental thing in life is to respect one another's say,and if you don't have it then I really do feel sorry that you guys are so filled with hatred. You know what they say,if you don't have anything nice to say then keep quiet. With all due respect,you guys can just write your own views own your own blogs etc. Peace and may god bless all of us :)

Ms. Narwani,
I mean you no real disrespect and hope you can give me some feedback as I educate myself. I am really just trying to learn more about this conflict and the feelings involved. I read a lot, from as many perspectives as I can. I chose to ask you this question because you have writtent a lengthy and well-organized piece that has generated significant follow-up commentary.

One question I had that would ask you is....

Who do you perceive as your audience? It seems most comments on pieces such as this from any perspective seem to subdivide into "For" and "Against"... or to generalize it is often as simple as Pro Israeli/Palestinian. A simplification, but often an apt enough starting point.

While most of us would like our work to be read and appreciated by everyone, if possible, it's not usually realistic. So I further ask,,,

Would you prefer a post such as yours above be read by (assume you must rank by priority):
1)Those sympathietic to your position (i.e. "For" or loosely "Pro Palestinian")
2) Those likely to attack your position (i.e. "Against" or loosely "Pro Isreali"
3) Those not consistently affiliated with either of the above (reasons may vary, such as conflicted feelings, perceived lack of information, desire to remain neutral... simply those not included in the positions in 1 and 2 above)

Obviously I am in (3) above--I'm learning and have no direct relationship with the conflict with the conflict other than as a citizen of the world.. And you have made my list so to the extent that you care you have covered at least one group to some extent.

But more seriously, how would you rank your preference (and for what reasons? Thank you if you should like to share. Appreciate your time and the resource you have created regardless.

Strip away the spin and the gloss, and you quickly realize that Israel doesn’t even have the basics of a normal state. After 64 years, it doesn’t have borders. After six decades, it has never been more isolated. Over half a century later, and it needs a gargantuan military just to stop Palestinians from walking home.

By your writing, there is no country in the world. Every country (such as the US and Russia) has porous borders over which illegals enter without much problem. Every country in the world has a military (except maybe Costa Rica) to either control its population (such as Syria) or keep out neighbors (such as India).
Isolated? Tel Aviv is chock full of embassies and consulates. Trade delegations were complaining that Israeli start ups were not returning their calls since so many were in the IDF fighting in Gaza.
You fantasists with your homicidal dreams. Lies, half truths and delusions.
Say hi to ISIS for me!

I congratulate you wonderful group of leaders for this country. You have made a mockery of working very hard to make America a upholder of treason. The only thing you want, believe, and must abide by largest power is to crawl to this evil so called country which is made up of the the most vile people, the khazars who have killed and killed more. There sole aim is to become the only government for the world and that is not alone, they are the architects of lying and refusing to admit it.
But our fantastic government must keep selling this once wonderful just because they become slaves to israhell. Please good americans we must support our people in the leadership of our land against falling into treason and must first protect what we hold dearly, OUR HONESTY AND OUR RELIGION AND ALSO OUR INSISTING OF BEING TREATED IN SAME MANNER. Those in government be put in jail and have their ill begotten illegal gains and call iarahell for what it is, they bribe threaten and put fear at its most dangerous.
I hope America returns to its wonderful honesty and give our American people the pride that is most needed. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND MAY WE STAY TRUE TO OUR FAITH

Why did the turks rule the arabs.why do the arabs need world support.why has arab nationalism failed time and time again.most arab countries are at the mercy of western powers
right to exist is earned through war not left wing university waffle
if the arabs want israel they must fight for it

does "palestine" have a right to exist
no .....it has lost every single war

this article is arab propaganda,part of the resistance,trying to drum up western support for arab nationalism.
arabs must realise that too will come with a price.
standing up on another persons shoulders means you go where his legs take you.

You seem to forget that Muslims, a new and supposedly peaceful religion, invaded the Holy Land by force of arms in the mid to late 600s AD

This lead directly to the Diaspora and vicious fighting that came later with the Crusades as you occupied the Jewish homeland and territory that is sacred to Christians.

That is the core of the problem.

Then maybe the Jewish people should have come back and fought a war for their country instead of relying on Western superpowers to create one for them. I mean, if it was really that important to them, shouldn't they have fought harder? "Palestine has never won a war" - Israel never won the war that created it. It was plopped down into the region and then it promptly began creating an apartheid state and attacking its neighbors. Now it's murdering children in territory it controls. What a crock. Also, I am so sick and tired of basing policy on a book of fiction and a belief in a dude who lives in the clouds. It's unfortunate that Israel was created. Jews and Muslims were living peacefully together in the region before it was created. However, it's here now and we have to deal with it. At least we should be honest about what kind of country it is. It's an apartheid state. South Africa was awful but at least it didn't bomb its own citizens.

S Knowles

What are you talking about? The Byzantines massacred the Jews in Jerusalem in 637 AD. With the Muslim conquest (Rashidun Caliphate) Jews could live in Jerusalem and practice their religion. What ridiculous claims you are making that have no historical basis.

The Crusades were vicious barbarians and even killed Christians in Anatolia on their way to Palestine. Stop blaming people in the Middle East for the heinous crimes against Jews in Christian Europe. Are you one of those American Christian fundamentalist fantasists?


Don't bring back ancient history if you don't have ancestors living inside Gaza City, Palestine today.

I have grown weary of the Arab demands for essentially everything while they themselves are violent and dishonest. Long live Israel!

The Israelis have established their existance.
They don't need msNarwani's blessing to maintain it.
Neither can any argument offered here change that.

no it doesnt and neither does the baathist regime or the iranian regime or the saudi regime!!

Dear Sharmine Narwani,

Thank you for your article. I hope you understand French (or you can let translate for you), because my new article could complete your own.


I have no problem with this article. I don't hate Jews either. But I also agree that Israel has no right to exist. God is not in the real estate business. They are indeed trading on the Holocaust. They are militants pure and simple.

Thank you for your comments. I heartily agree.

Every country in the world has had its borders decided by war. Israel is in control of the territory now and its claim has been recognized by most of the world. If Israel decides to let Palestine become a separate country, then it will be a great day for palestinians (really southern syrians). In the meantime, that will never happen if they don't play nice. History at this point is irrelevant, what matters now is what Israel decides to do next. Hopefully, they will find peaceful ways to move forward without killing innocent civilians.

I agree with you.

This is an ‘old’ article by Sharmine Narwani which I have come upon by googling the phrase ‘Israel has no right to exist.’ The reason I googled it is, I have come to hold the opinion expressed by that phrase over the past year, after having been an avid and unquestioning supporter of the ‘state of Israel’ for most of my adult life. This support was primarily dependent on my acceptance of the opinions of so-called ‘Christian prophecy’ experts, which have infected most people in the United States, whether or not they are Christians. What’s worse for me is that these same ‘experts’ are antagonistic to the Christian Church and Faith I adhere to (Orthodox), and I believed their pronouncements, even knowing that my Church does not endorse them. ‘Christian Zionism’ is the backup for political Jewish Zionism, and though they have different origins—Christian Zionism is a re-expression of American ‘Manifest Destiny’ beliefs; Jewish Zionism a reaction to centuries of Christian persecution of Jews in Europe—these two work hand in hand to produce exactly what Ms Narwani describes in this article.

I am amazed to find there is absolutely no point in her discussion that I disagree with in the least. Everything she expresses in this article I have come to from my recent rethinking of the situation. Like her, I am not advocating a Jewish bloodbath. The Jews have suffered enough from Christian, Islamic and institutionally racist Ideologies, but that is least of all an excuse for them to displace the native peoples of Palestine, selectively using Old Testament texts as justification. The solution is, as she says, an end to ‘the State of Israel’ as a Jewish national state, and the reintegration of Jews, Christians, Muslims and other native minorities into a single, democratic nation. ‘Impossible!’ would be the reaction of most Americans, but we will soon all have to face a different and more horrendous ‘impossible’—the unconditional collapse of ‘Zionist’ Israel at the very moment it takes the irrevocable path to nuclear self-defense.

Yes, Israel has no right to exist, as a geographic and political entity that displaces native peoples, whether in Palestine, or anywhere else. If my fellow Americans object, and they will come back at me with many good reasons even without making use of ‘prophecy’ proof texts, I would like to ask them how they would feel if all Jewish Israeli citizens were to be airlifted to the U.S.A. and settled in Orange County in California, or in the Gulf Coast of Florida? Of course, they would have to buy the properties they need from the current inhabitants. I know this is not really a fair comparison on one level, because these American regions are rich and highly developed, whereas Ottoman Palestine was a poor, depopulated backwater of a place when the Zionists started moving there. They have indeed ‘made a garden of paradise in the desert sand’ as Bob Dylan sings in his song ‘Neighborhood Bully,’ But we’re still stuck with the grave, even catastrophic injustice meted out to the native Palestinians, Arab by language, Christian and Muslim primarily by faith. This situation is one which we cannot continue to ignore. It simply can’t go on. The ‘prophecy peddlers’ may warn us all they want that America’s fate is dependent on our attitude towards the State of Israel, and that if we abandon it, we are doomed. I rather think it is the other way round. An America that can tolerate and support abroad what it would not tolerate at home is on very shaky ground indeed.

And if the God who spoke through the prophet Micah is who He says He is, we’re in very serious trouble.

‘What is good has been explained to you, man; this is what Yahweh asks of you: only this, to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with your God’ (Micah 6:8 Jerusalem Bible).

So, I suppose you think all American citizens should go back to the countries where their ancesters lived. Where are you headed to ?

Its not because of Israel's might, but because of God's faithfulness to His covenant that this tiny nation still stands against overwhelming odds.

What are the precise borders of the land promised to Abram’s descendants? The Lord makes them perfectly clear. Like any modern-day land purchase, the deed indicates the boundaries of the land given: from the Nile river (which is mainly modern Egypt and Sudan) to the Euphrates (modern-day Iraq).

To ensure that there is no doubt about the land’s boundaries, Scripture also indicates the different groups of people that occupy it: "...the land of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaites, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites and Jebusites.” We know that these peoples lived in what is today Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, part of Asian Turkey, and of course all of Israel, including Gaza and the West Bank.

Interesting proposition but the arguments fall short on a few faulty premises. Excuse me, but you should do your homework.

1) Right-to-exist not predicated on legitimacy or illegitimacy.

Those Palestinians who who question Israel's right to exist do so on the basis that they should have all of Palestine. For Israel and Palestine to agree to a peace proposal, both countries need to acknowledge each others co-existence, and the right to exist - without which, there is no peace process.

2) Flawed knowledge of history - Palestinian refers to both Jews and Arabs from the region

The next faulty premise is that Jews are indigenous to the region, and that the current Arabs we know as Palestinians are. The term Palestinian originally applied to both Jews and Arabs living in the region, especially during the time of the Ottomans.

Further, there was, over the last few thousand years, influxes and exoduses of numerous people from and to surrounding countries.

Over time, and through numerous wars, there were times when Jews were ripped from the land, and when Arabs where ripped from the land.

Palestinians considered themselves to be descended not only from Arab conquerors of the seventh century but also from indigenous peoples who had lived in the country since time immemorial, including the ancient Hebrews and the Canaanites before them.

The current Palestinians Arabs, as we've come to know them, can only be distinguished in current context from 1834, when they organized together to form a revolt against the Egypt vassal of the Ottomans.

In other words, an Arab Palestinian nation, as nation, is less than 200 years old.


I could go on, but without acknowledging Israel's right to exist, there is no option but for Israeli's, who don't agree with your faulty premises, to defend themselves by every means possible against an enemy that wants to dispossess them.

Further, this type of ignorance and unbending stance against nation recognized by the rest of the modern world as a sovereign state is futile.

Israel does not need Palestinian acceptance - it has that right.

What Israel needs are smart, sensible people with whom they can co-exist peacefully, or an enormous military to protect them from people who to relentlessly try to kill and dispossess them.

Israel has the latter, and for all your arguments - many nations including the U.S.A, Australia Canada and so many others were claimed from indigenous peoples through wars.

In fact, Arabs are from Arabia, which did not, historically, include Canaan , or what we know as Israel.

To question whether or not Israel has a right to exist, therefore, is a zero-sum argument.

Your reply suggests that rather than really read the article you quickly raced off to write up your counter-argument, in which you trot out all the lame-duck arguments the article pre-emptively addressed. This is counter-productive, as it just uses status-quo reasoning, which do nothing but maintain a status quo in Israel that has never worked, and as killed people on both sides for 66 years. It is time to try something different - the very thing that was supposed to happen back in 1946, but was abandoned by 1948 - the formation of a new, single, secular country of Palestine, within which people of all religions and races live together, as equals.

"The amount of carnage they have experienced at the hands of their oppressors – without proportional response – shows remarkable restraint and faith." !!!!!! What a joke.
If "proportional" number of Jews have not been killed then it is not due to lack of trying by Hamas, its due to sophisticated technology possessed by Israel that prevents the rockets fire from Gaza from annihilating them.

Sorry but its wishful thinking to try to wish away a nation. And the world is not not buying this theory of taking sides based on simply the number of causalities. Lets face it the Hamas WANTS more Palestinians to die. Its a small price to pay for the outrage and sympathy it can generate around the world.

The land was gifted to them in 1942. The UN did what they could to help a church group of Europeans that were so unloved that everyone wanted to kill them. How can a brand new nation-ISRAEL!!-! force Palestine to give them things? (they don't Deserve) It was gifted to them by the original owners that were there since time began- the PALESTINIANS . You do not Kill and bulldoze houses and take families down for over 60 years and say YOU ARE DESERVING-ISRAEL the NATION. You are not a race you were offered a land to call your 'nation,' so why didn't you make do? did not! How unkosher. Dead KIDS on the beach in GAZA — feeling sad.

Israel shall fall

This article, if printed, is wonderful fodder for insulation, bird cage fill, restroom stock or spit balls.

How arrogant to say "Roll it around your tongue, tweet it, post it as your Facebook status update – do it before you think twice."

Stating Israel has no right to exist doesn't require you to think twice, it requires you to not think at all. Anyone with any thought process or reason beyond Arab hegemony understands the tiny nation of Israel poses no threat - if the Arab/Muslim world stops trying to destroy it.

If Israel drops its weapons, it dies tomorrow. If the Arab/Muslim world drops its weapons, peace by noon.

If Palestine drops its weapons, there will be peace by noon, but freedom and self-determination never.

If Israel decides abandons its religious-based colonialsm and agrees to share land, there will be peace by noon, and freedom for everyone by 12:15.

Israel has no right to exist

I think you should read the history of how Israelites got the land that now is known as ISRAEL, is was a desert and they made it what is now. If the palestinians want a piece of that they should work hard like the Israelites did instead they complain, play victim and just sit in their lazy fat asses. Why don they stop using woman and children as human shields, and start building a better country for the Palestinian civilians.

I'm sorry but you are the one being ignorant and intellectually lazy. Why not read this here. Palestine was not an abandoned desert. Jews owned only 7% of the land and made up only 33% of the population. Palestinian Arabs outperformed the Jews agriculturally and owned the vast majority of the wealth and assets of Palestine as documented in ALL available records from the Palestinian Mandate era. The following links will hopefully demonstrate this:


Please don't believe media.

You are idiot

I loved the honesty of this piece. Thank you for being brave enough to write it & so eloquently. If Israelis love their children and want a future for them, then the two people's must learn not only to live together, but be one nation.

What right does any country have to exist ? Simply, they have it and defended it from those whom would take it away from them. End of story. Every country that exist has the right to exist.

I'm sorry but you are an idiot and people should be ashamed to say they know you. Forget biblical rights. Jews have that land legaly. There was no stealing. The Jews turned Israel into an independend state. These people who are suicide bombers on buses, who kidnap children and murder them and use their own children as shields arnt terrorists? Arnt bad people? How would you feel towards the people that kidnap your child and murder them in cold blood? You wouldn't think they bad people? So seriously stop talking about shit you don't understand or are too stupid to understand.

If you occupy someone else's home, throw them out and put your name plate on door. And then if the thrown person retaliates, you call it unjust? If you get something on lease, do you have a right to change title? And then keep on making your own rules?

I have a very simple question that I would like answered. I expect you to answer it honestly without venom or hostility. It is a question that many people of the world have. Currently, in the Cairo museum, is a stone with the name Israel chiseled on it, celebrating the defeat of "Israel" in its eqyptian conquest. This stone is from 1200 BC. Why is it then that arabs do not believe Israel has a right to exist? Is it just convenient to say so for political reasons? Is there evidence that Arabs/ and those of Muslim faith existed on that land previously and it was taken from them?

In the natural history museum in Ireland we have all sorts of relics from the Vikings dating back over 1000 years. Should the Scandinavians or any descendants of the Vikings try to tell us they have the right to ethnically cleanse our land they would swiftly be told where to go.

You, and many extreme Arab apologists, say Israel has no right to exist because it was built as the result of conquest and violence. So was the entire Arab world--Arab/Muslim armies swept out of the Arabian peninsula and conquered the Middle East (including Syria, Palestine and Lebanon), Egypt and North Africa. If you say that the Jews should go back to Europe (and many of them, by the way, are not of European ancestry by Middle Eastern), then by all rights, all the Arabs should evacuate Arab territory from Morocco to Iraq, and go back to Saudi Arabia.

If Anonymous, foaming at the mouth, really thinks that every "fact" in the bogus "From Time Immemorial" is "verified", he should read the reviews of same by, among others, Norman Finkelstein, Professor Yehoshua Porath, the leading Israeli authority on Palestinian nationalism, David and Ian Gilmour in the London Times, etc. There he will discover all the misquotations and fabricated lies of Miss Peters opus.

Joan Peters (who most definitely is not the real author of the book) quotes 14th century Arabs on nineteenth century Palestinian population statistics. She mentions Hourani Arab who entered Palestine to find work but forgets to mention that they left shortly thereafter. She constantly alters the quotes from British White Papers to make them say what they do not say. Miss Peters did not write the book; a committee of Zionist propagandists wrote the book for her - and then stuck her name on same because she is the wife of a high Jewish official.

"From Time Immemorial" is one of the great historical frauds of all time. It is therefore a favorite reference work for Talmudic minds trained in lies and deceptions from infancy.


The Israeli-Palestinian struggle is never stated in its real terms. It is easy to understand why. It is merely necessary to reverse the parties to state the issue in its real terms. In the 1880’s the international Arab lobby decides to create an Arab “national home” in Jewish Palestine. The fact that the Jews have been living in and farming Palestine ever since the Jewish conquest in the seventh century A.D. is a decided inconvenience. However, Mohammed promised Palestine to the Arabs in the Koran and 1300 years of Jewish occupancy must not be allowed to get in the way. The Arabs begin to set up their colonies in Jewish Palestine, sparking strong Jewish opposition. But by 1919, the end of the Great War, there are still 610,000 Jews in Palestine and only 90,000 Arabs, most of them recent arrivals.

On November 2, 1917 the mighty British Empire issues its famous “Abdullah declaration” proclaiming its support for an Arab “national home” in Palestine providing that nothing will be done which might prejudice the rights of “the existing , non-Islamic portions of the population” (meaning the Jews, the intended victims of the dispossession). The declaration further stipulates that nothing in the declaration shall prejudice the rights of Arabs living in countries other than Palestine or tint them with the charge of dual loyalty. Sir Herbert Sneaky Sheik, the first High Commissioner for Palestine, proclaims that the incoming Arabs have no intent of dispossessing the Jews who have lived and tilled the soil of Palestine for a thousand years. The Arabs use the British military to display an “iron wall of bayonets” to keep the native Jews at bay while Arab immigration flows into Palestine. As Yassir Jabotinsky puts it in two famous newspaper articles, the Jews of Palestine will never come to an agreement in the future unless there is no agreement now. Only when all hope is lost to the Jews of recovering their land will they accept the accomplished fact of an Arab state. Chaim Abdullah more moderately proclaims that “Palestine is to become as Arab as England is English “. The Jews start rioting and revolting, thinking that Arab immigration will soon overwhelm them and drive them into the desert. One English White Paper after another reaches the same conclusion, although the Arab “national home” and continued Arab immigration are already “a thing decided upon”. During the war the Arab Zionists steal arms and munitions from British military depots. When WW2 ends or shorty before, the Fighters for the Freedom of Abdullah’s Palestine start assassinating and blowing up English soldiers and officials. They hang British sergeants from eucalyptus trees and booby trap the bodies. They launch a gigantic smuggling plan to ship arms and munitions from America to supply the slaughter. Arab carpet dealers in New York wrap magic carpets around machine guns prior to shipping them.to Palestine. Dual loyalist Congressmen, like Ali Baines Johnson, use Abdullah Fruit Company boxes to pack guns, ammo and scimitars for use in Palestine. Mohammed Hecht writes A Flag is Born and opines in The New York Herald Tribune that every time “an Arab terrorist blows up a British building or arsenal or massacres a Jewish village” that “the Arabs of America make a little holiday in their hearts”. The Arab Zionists even consider a cancelled plot to blow up anti-Arab Zionists English MP’s and both houses of Parliament. They send letter bombs from Mecca and Medina to kill and maim their adversaries.

Joseph Stalin calculates that he could use “Arab cosmopolitans” to his own ends. He instructs the “Arab commissars” in Czechoslovakia to provide airplanes and bombs to the Arab Zionists. Backed with Soviet munitions the Arab Zionists drive the Jews into the desert. The Arab Zionists perpetrate a horrible massacre at Deir Yassein murdering defenseless Jewish civilians. Arabs around the world are thrilled by the creation of the state of Abdullah. Seven hundred thousand Jews kicked into the desert in clear sight of their stolen land, homes and farms are not so enthusiastic. They believe that they are the victims of a great injustice. But since all the politicians are owned by Islamic money and pledge allegiance to the Taliban international, justice for Jews counts for nothing.

I don't know how many open minds I can find in this website, but if truth really interest you, and you feel that it might being covered by a systematic Palestinian propaganda machine of lies, you should only Google for expressions around the subject of why Israel is right, and the truth will be manifested in front of you like a magic.

The thing is that the Palestinians and the Arab countries will never grant Israel the "License to live" and all their blah blah blah about their misery and oppression and about Israel being racist and Apartheid country, is just a big smoke screen of lies aimed to cover the ultimate truth.

You have Google these days, do what you need to do to find the truth yourself. You'll be amazed, trust me about it.

Have a good one.

Good job !

The fact that anonymous quotes Joan Peters notorious historical fraud "from Time Immemorial" as the basis for his arguments says everything anyone needs to know about the quality of his arguments. Here is the bottom line truth he ignores.


The Zionist pretense that Palestine was a deserted land between the “return” is truly laughable. Travelers throughout the centuries noted the presence of Arabs in the land. The orange groves of Jaffa were famous from crusader times. During the 16th and 17th centuries France regularly imported Palestinian Arab wheat and grain when famine threatened. Cotton was one of Palestine’s principal export crops during the 18th and 19th centuries, as Jewish scholars themselves have noted. When the American Civil War cut off Confederate cotton exports to English mills, the English got their cotton from the Arabs of Palestine. Many crops such as barley, bananas and corn were harvested by the Palestinians. Olive trees and grapes were harvested all over the land. Gigantic fisheries were operated on Lake Tiberias and on the coastal plains. A soap factory functioned in Nablus. None of these facts is even remotely consistent with the Zionist fiction that Palestine was a deserted land.

The Zionist scouts who visited Palestine in the late 19th century reported back to headquarters in Berlin that the land of Palestine was full of Arabs and that every available acre was being plowed. They said that the Arabs were deeply attached to the land and would never voluntarily depart. Some of the Zionists pretended that they would be able to win the Arabs to their cause by enticing them with a higher standard of living; others more candidly admitted that the Arabs would have to be expelled by force when the incoming Zionists became sufficiently powerful. When the Zionist ambition was in its initial stages they were careful to camouflage their intentions. Sir Herbert Samuel, the English Jew who was the first British High Commissioner for Palestine, proclaimed that it would be a shame to him as a Jew if the Arabs who had “tilled the soil and lived in the towns for a thousand years “were to be dispossessed. He also stated that, as the Arabs were then (circa 1920) the majority of the population the opinion of the world would not tolerate their dispossession by an incoming Zionist minority. Max Nordau, the famous Zionist, admitted that the expression “national home” was a deliberate circumlocution for an eventual Zionist state.

These false assertions and broken promises form an interesting comparison with the present claims of the Zionists that the Jewish state they were never going to create has an “inalienable right to exist”. Even in the early days of the British mandate some Zionists were remarkably candid about their true aims. Vladimir Jabotinsky wrote two famous essays in a Russian language newspaper in Paris. They were entitled “The Iron Wall” and “The Iron Law”. Jabotinsky freely admitted that the Arabs of Palestine were not savages. They were members of an inferior culture but were nevertheless deeply attached to the land where they had lived for centuries. They were not about to sell their homeland for lucre. The Arabs of Palestine would never consent to a Jewish state in their midst until all hope was lost to them. This would require “An iron wall of bayonets” to compel submission to the inevitable. Then, and only then, would the Arabs come to terms.

Such unequivocal language is a deep embarrassment to the Zionists of today. It gives the lie to their pretense that they came to a deserted land. Thus, they attempt to bury such statements by never mentioning them in the media they control. When the British were in control of Palestine from the end of the First World War until 1948, they were confronted by constant problems. The basic problem was the insoluble one – how to create a Jewish state in Arab Palestine while simultaneously protecting the rights of the soon to be dispossessed Arabs. It was impossible of course. But since the Arabs rioted constantly in 1920, 1921, 1929 and 1936-1939, the British felt compelled to investigate the sources of the never-ending Palestine problem by writing White Papers. They wrote the unpublished Palin report in 1920, the Haycraft report in 1921, the Shaw report in 1929, the Passfield White Paper of 1930 and the Peel Commission report of 1937. All these English White Papers reached the same essential conclusion – the Arabs of Palestine were rioting because they feared that they would eventually be expelled into the desertwhen the Jews were sufficiently numerous and powerful to do so. The English also knew this but since the Jewish “national home” was already a thing “decided upon”, there was no effective remedy available.

In 1939 the British issued their famous White Paper in which they repudiated their intention of creating a Jewish state in Palestine. They proclaimed it an injustice to the Arabs that could no longer be tolerated. 75,000 Jews world be admitted to Palestine over the next five years after which no more Jews would be admitted without the consent of the Arabs. This motivated the Jews to prepare for the eventual war against both the British and the Arabs that would inevitably follow the conclusion of the Second World War. The Jews began stealing arms from British military depots. In 1944, while the war against the Germans was still in progress, the Jewish underground began its campaign of assassination and murder against English officials and soldiers.They assassinated Lord Walter Moyne, the British High Commissioner for Egypt in Cairo. The Irgun blew up the southwest wing of the King David Hotel where the British mandatory government was housed, killing ninety people. They blew up the Semiramis Hotel, killing and injuring many. The Jewish terrorists also hung the two British sergeants in retaliation for the hanging of Dov Gruner and then booby trapped their bodies as they dangled from the eucalyptus tree. One of their more notable achievements was the spectacular escape from Acre prison.

The Zionists did not limit themselves to killing in Palestine. They attempted to murder British Palestine officials and soldiers after they had retired from service. This was done by letter bombs and other criminal deices. The attempted assassinations were so sensitive that many of the English files are sealed to this day. In reviewing this abysmal record of slaughter and mayhem, it is well to recall that the Jews doing same are the same Jews who came to Palestine in the late 19th century professing a desire to live in peace and harmony with the Arabs and to help them with the up building of the land. The Jews will, of course, claim that the Arabs are the problem. The Arabs rejected Lord Balfour’s declaration; they refused to compromise, they allegedly fired the first shot in the 1948 war, etc. etc.

But the bottom line is that the Jews came, uninvited and unwanted, to an Arab land – and then did precisely what they promised they would never do – establish a Jewish state and expel the centuries old residents of the land. Not all their apologias and circumlocutions can get around this fact. That is why they scream whenever the fac

please read the 1949 armistice agreements, signed by the leaders of previous generations of all current participants. a deal is a deal. time to move on and establish a pali state NEXT to israel.

Israel has every right to exist like every other country does. What if it was the other way around Arabs, huh? Wouldn't you be affended?

If you think you know so much, please take the time before your opinion is "written in stone" and read From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters. Every fact is documented, all sources and legal documents are shown. After you read it, see if you can still make the same argument. Right now, you are missing half the history you should know.

First of all Israel has every right to exist. i) You say that Zionists are the problem because we took the land forcefully from the Palestinians but it was never theirs in the first place. Is your claim that you were THERE FIRST because no you were not. ii) You go into a rant about how Jews are the problem and we should take it up with Germany so you really are a half-witted swine (I'd prefer not to use harsher language). The Jews were given land that was rightfully theirs. No scratch that they SHARED the land. But it was not good enough for the arabs. They attacked Israel and killed many citizens. iii) The Jews have been living under an autonomous government for years and we left because we were unjustly kicked out by the Romans but then again nobody hates on them for that. iiii) Palestine as a country has never existed. The name was given to them by the British who controlled them which shows how ironic your argument is. The Palestinians have no claim whatsoever to the land. In fact if you knew anything about history you would know that they were kicked out of Jordan so why don't you send them back there.
You know the double standards held for Israel really amuses me because America took land from the Mexican's but they don't complain about it because America has a huge ass army. The British took land from the native americans but no one especially you care about that. The actual truth is you and all the other anti-Semitic shitheads like you are jealous. You are jealous because we made a barren land into a prosperous democratic society that is thriving in the economical and technological fields. Something almost all of the arab countries dont have despite your abundant resources. So instead of being proactive you become a cynical bastard and take out your aggression on the jewel of the middle east and falsely claim it is justified. So there you go you condescending bastard a valid argument without using Hitler or the holocaust.

Half of your history is missing.
i) You say that Zionists are the problem because we took the land forcefully from the Palestinians but it was never theirs in the first place. Is your claim that you were THERE FIRST because no you were not.

Yes, Zionists started colonizing Palestine since the 1880s, look it up. Palestinians were living their for centuries before millions of Sephardi and Anasazi Jews arrived.

ii) You go into a rant about how Jews are the problem and we should take it up with Germany so you really are a half-witted swine (I'd prefer not to use harsher language). The Jews were given land that was rightfully theirs. No scratch that they SHARED the land. But it was not good enough for the arabs. They attacked Israel and killed many citizens

Really? swine? Didn't get the parable with Germany? The Germany analogy shows that the Jews of Israel have become like their persecutors, the Nazis. By the way, the Haganah destroyed hundreds of villages and carried out 60-70 massacres before any Arab state "invaded Israel".

iii) "Palestine as a country has never existed. The name was given to them by the British who controlled them which shows how ironic your argument is. The Palestinians have no claim whatsoever to the land. In fact if you knew anything about history you would know that they were kicked out of Jordan so why don't you send them back there.

Palestine was a name recognized during the time of the Romans. The West Bank is occupied territory that Israel captured after starting the 1967 war by attacking Egypt so how can Jordan kick them out? Occupation and apartheid. If you studied history, you wouldn't defend Israel's violation of hundreds of UN international laws. By the way, assuming the Pals have no rights and were simply labelled Pals by the British, the same argument would suggest that Israel does not have the right to exist since it was co-created by Britain in 1948.

You know the double standards held for Israel really amuses me because America took land from the Mexican's but they don't complain about it because America has a huge ass army. The British took land from the native americans but no one especially you care about that. The actual truth is you and all the other anti-Semitic shitheads like you are jealous.

Wait a minute? So you are saying that Israel has a right to exist because of what America has done? Partners in crime? No one tries to justify what we did to the Mexicans or Native Americans today. Why are you comparing the "modern day, democratic Israel" to the US over 200 years ago?

'you are jealous because we made a barren land into a prosperous democratic society that is thriving in the economical and technological fields. Something almost all of the arab countries dont have despite your abundant resources.'

Most of those "Arab" countries have had their natural resources plundered by Western powers. Last time I checked Saudi was quite wealthy due to its oil reserves.

You are jealous because we made a barren land into a prosperous democratic society that is thriving in the economical and technological fields. Something almost all of the arab countries dont have despite your abundant resources.

Jealous? Really? Lol, only if that means I'm also jealous of Turkey and South Africa's apartheid. Israel only became successful through war and occupation. Its economy and wealth would never have taken off had Israel not launched land grabs after starting the 1967 war. Technologies like computers did not exist until the 90s. Real technological achievements in Israel are no more than a decade old, and contribute little to Israel's economy.

Israel also happen to be the biggest financial aid receiver from the US. So I don't see how "we made a barren land into a prosperous democratic society" really rings true in the face of apartheid.

So there you go you condescending bastard a valid argument without using Hitler or the holocaust.

The article pointed out, if you understand English, that the Palestinians were not responsible for the Holocaust of Jews, so why has Israel continued its Holocaust against the Pals?

Never theirs in the first place? Despite them having the legal documents and they being of the land as opposed to some insane members of an European cult with designs on it? I think you are all collectively insane infesting blogs with that absolutely insane claim. Did not even bother reading beyond the first line because I feel I know whats coming the same usual lame insane whines. Seek help.

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