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Iraqi President Faud Masum (L) listens while French President Francois Hollande speaks during the International Conference on Peace and Security in Iraq at the Quai d’Orsay on September 15, 2014 in Paris, France. World leaders are meeting about strategies to address the threat in the Mideast from ISIS. (Photo: AFP-Brendan Smialowski)

By: Ibrahim al-Amin

Published Monday, September 15, 2014

Did the world suddenly change to believe that the US, the West, and the states that have wreaked havoc in the Arab world now wish good fortune for our people and countries? Is the threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to these states so imminent as to impose a military and security operation without considering who will benefit from it? Ever since its inception, did ISIS cause any real harm to today's coalition, compelling them to respond, even retroactively?

But such questions seem unwarranted, since the coalition was quick to inform us of their real intentions behind their alliance. Such countries no longer have a need for a media machine to lie, prefabricate, and deceive the public. They can say what they want and what they intend to do explicitly. Their success or failure, however, is another question.

It would be difficult to certify that ISIS was fostered by the West and its allies in the region. But it requires little effort to accuse them of assisting its rise and expansion. Rather than listening to tedious tales spun by this alliance about Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah's paternity, it is enough to remember the following:

To begin with, the whole leadership of the organization was born, raised, and became active under the US occupation of Iraq, followed by the Gulf war against the Iraqi regime, then the regime in Syria.

The organization was subsidized by rich Gulf states and the looting carried out by its members for many years. Forces from this alliance undertook the transportation of tens of thousands of Arab fighters living in the countries of the East, West, and Arab Spring states, in addition to those from areas occupied by Israel in Palestine.

However, the biggest farce is taking place in Israel. Although its different security set-ups are capable of catching even the slightest hint of anyone in contact with the Resistance in Palestine and Lebanon, it feigns surprise at the presence of Islamist fighters from areas it occupied in 1948, who joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Second, the only announced and implemented title of this organization's battle is an open war against Iran, its supporters in Iraq, and against the Iraqi regime, regardless of its iniquities, and the destruction of Syria, its army, regime, and society, and hurting Hezbollah and its allies in Lebanon.

The takfiri groups have not fired a single bullet against the interests of the current coalition. Turkey, for example, whose territories are used by fighters to enter Syria and Iraq, has not seen a single confrontation. Turkish authorities are not detaining any of the terrorists and the terrorists have not aimed any bullets at Turkish soldiers or civilians.

Third, ISIS’ treatment of non-Muslim religious minorities serves Western plans – exemplified in the racist terrorist regime in France – to assist the Christians of our countries to flee to the Christian West. Only then, will the Crusaders of Europe be delivered from all apprehension and our land will keep witnessing war between all their enemies, Muslims against each other and a war among Arabs, Muslims, Jews, and Israel. Europe's entire bloody history was built on killing Arabs, Muslims, Jews, and the isolation of dissident Christian voices opposed to Western colonialism in our countries.

What should we expect from the new Western invasion of our lands?

They speak today about Islamists, both moderate and extreme. A classification which means those who want to be considered moderate need to join the Americans and their allies. They could allow themselves some margin, but they have to commit to an agenda of a coalition built on avoiding confrontation with Israel and pro-Western governments. Countries who refuse to surrender to the policies of the west and their allies will become drenched in the blood of their people.

In this sense, the awakenings they intend to launch in Sunni areas under ISIS control, will not be different than the Islamic Front in Syria or any of the collection of names of brigades under its command or that of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The battle with al-Nusra Front is not considered a priority either.

It is as if they are telling us if they felt nauseated by ISIS terrorists slaughtering people in Syria and Iran, we would not feel the same thing if Zahran Allouch killed them with a bullet or if we find bodies buried in mass graves, but "without al-Nusra and the rest of the forces broadcasting video clips of the genocide."

They intend to replace ISIS with those criminal groups and are considering the possibility of bombing the enemies of these forces in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, and Libya.

Today, we should say that any Western invasion of our lands should be confronted, resisted, and prevented to achieving its goals, and let there be blood if necessary. It is also important to say that if this coalition decided to attack ISIS, this should not exonerate its leaders and government from all their crimes. As it was previously said that colonialism and tyranny should be fought together, today we should say that Arabs are facing a new trial, a fierce confrontation with colonialism, tyranny, and obscurantism together.

Ibrahim al-Amin is the Editor-in-Chief of Al-Akhbar.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


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