Foreigner jailed for filming UAE local beating van driver

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Published Thursday, July 18, 2013

An Asian man has been arrested for filming a video that has gone viral on the Internet showing a UAE citizen beating up an Indian van driver in Dubai, local media reported Thursday.

The witness, whose nationality was not known, was arrested for defaming the UAE man who beat up the Indian driver, the reports said.

"No one has the right to take pictures of someone and publish them without his permission," Dubai police chief, Khamis al-Mazeina, was quoted as saying by the daily Emiratalyoum.

He said the Asian video maker was arrested following a complaint lodged by the family of the Emirati man.

The footage of the beating shows a man of small height, dressed in a traditional white thawb, attacking the Indian driver of a delivery van following a minor car accident in Dubai.

The man beat the Indian driver using his igal, a traditional Emirati head ornament, according to the news website Gulf News.

Video showing UAE citizen beating up Indian driver:

Media reports said the attacker had also been arrested after the video surfaced online, although the victim of the assault lodged no complaint with the authorities.

According to the family of the detained Asian man, state police confiscated computer equipment from their house for inspection, the news website Arabian Business reported.

Under domestic law, the Emirati man who attacked the Indian driver faces up to a year in jail or a fine of up to US$ 2,700 for minor assault.

The motorist who filmed and uploaded the video, on the other hand, faces a maximum of two years in jail or double the fine if convicted of filming without permission or defamation, said Arabian Business.

The Youtube video has received more than 195,000 views since it was uploaded on July 15.

(AFP, Al-Akhbar)


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this person is clearly an ignorant one. they treat other human beings like cattle.
he should rapidly repent to god for he is not superior than anyone else. a donkey is much smarter than this man. if there is a law which forbids filming and publishing in the uae. the asian guy has tobaccept. rules are rules. but i think he did the right thing in filming it

Is this Emirati man on drugs or what??!! How does he allow himself to treat another human being this way? What makes him think he is superior?? And what makes the asian man accept to be humiliated this way?? In developed countries they are worrying about animal rights, and in Arab countries like UAE, the definition of human right is still not clear!!! So sad! Such instinctive animalistic behaviour should be strongly punished anywhere in the world, and all human beings from all races should know their rights.

Gulf news have posted a picture so assume Dubai police will be sending them to prison too. Infact the entire population of the uae post video footage and pictures on social media and in public forums everyday, so I suggest the Dubai police concentrate on the violent crime committed by an emirati official during Ramadan rather than making an example of someone who exposed the truth, because we all know that an Indian man would not be able to come forward to press charges against a local emirati. the police are clearly under pressure to ensure that future events like these are not exposed inorder to pretend to the rest of the world that this unfair prejudice isnt going on.

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