ISIS and Al-Nusra Declare War on Lebanon

Firemen and rescue teams search a damaged apartment at the scene of a car bomb explosion in Beirut's southern suburb of Haret Hreik on January 21, 2014. (Photo: AFP - STR)

By: Radwan Mortada

Published Saturday, January 25, 2014

The jihadi expansion into Lebanon is the main feature of a new phase to begin soon, ushering in a paradigm shift in terror attacks in the country.

On January 24, online jihadi forums affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) were promoting a recorded speech by ISIS leader Abu Sayyaf al-Ansari, in which he will declare the expansion of the Islamic State into Lebanon. The speech will be posted today on ISIS’ official Twitter page at an as yet undisclosed time.

Meanwhile, Lebanon’s branch of al-Nusra Front posted on its Twitter feed its fourth official statement to date, titled “Urgent appeal to Sunnis in Lebanon.” The statement declared, “Iran’s party [i.e. Hezbollah] and all its bases and […] strongholds are a legitimate target for us wherever they may be found.” Al-Nusra, based on its “concern for the blood of the Sunnis and to clear one’s conscience before God,” called on Sunnis in Lebanon to “refrain from approaching or residing in [Hezbollah] areas or near its bases,” and to “avoid its gathering places and posts.”

The jihadi factions are racing to declare war on Lebanon. This takes place in parallel with rapid security developments, in tandem with the Lebanese army crackdown on individuals suspected of involvement with al-Qaeda-affiliated groups. But what implications does al-Nusra Front’s fourth statement carry? And will there be anything new in the speech of ISIS leader Ansari?

Speaking to Al-Akhbar via Skype, a jihadi leader active in the Damascus countryside gave a preview of Ansari’s speech. He said, “Our war will no longer be confined to Syria. Soon, Lebanon will ignite.”

He continued, “The time intervals seen between the five bombings that hit Beirut’s southern suburb will shrink, and the pace of martyrdom [suicide] attacks against Hezbollah targets will accelerate.” The jihadi leader then said, “Things won’t stop at the time intervals between attacks, and their scope will also expand.”

“The amount of explosives used will also be doubled,” he added.

According to reports, Ansari is an al-Qaeda commander in Lebanon. His speech might be timed to take place in parallel with terrorist attacks.

The security services are tracking down jihadi movements between Lebanon and Syria. Security sources told Al-Akhbar that Saudi suspects were crossing through the border town of Ersal to fight in Syria, but did not confirm reports that the Saudis intend to return to Lebanon to carry out suicide attacks here.

The security services did not conceal their concerns regarding the possible use of so-called inghimasi fighters by the jihadis in their attacks. The inghimasi – from Arabic inghimas, plunging into, as in enemy ranks – is a type of suicide attacker who engages in guerilla warfare and does not activate his or her suicide belt except as a last resort.

In other words, the security services fear terrorist attacks against commercial centers or residential areas in specific regions, to cause the greatest number of casualties and cause a much bigger frenzy in the media than suicide attacks would do. In this regard, Al-Akhbar has obtained exclusive information revealing that advanced surveillance cameras were installed at a number of critical buildings nearly a week ago, while existing cameras have been replaced with more sophisticated ones to monitor suspicious movements.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


This is really very shocking and sad as well. If we could have taken good preparation then I think we could save something

Let them come. We have Hezbollah.



Right. And in the meanwhile, how many innocent people have to die or be terrorised or leave their home country out of fear for their lives and those of their families for this ridiculous attempt to prove the existence of non-existing balls? Or did we forget that human beings are not supposed to be by-products of the "bigger d*ck policy"? How was it the fault of a random hotel goer, or a random person watching a football match in a restaurant to get bombed to bits? And seriously, please refer me to some aya or other Quranic scripture that states that Muslim should kill Muslim and that this is proper jihad. :) Or do people get to translate everything according to their own personal liking and what fits personal disgusting agendas? Give me a break with that ballsy statement of yours. Not that I believe ISIS should live to see another sunrise - and this applies to any terrorist faction, actually.

Now will the 99% of Lebanese who are neither warlords nor their children realize that they would all be safer if they got rid of this giving half of Parliament to the supposedly 30% who are supposedly Christians? "A house divided cannot stand." Lebanon is divided along this 99%-1% divide. I'll bet, for instance, Geagea's private confidential secretary thinks Lebanon would be better off if the majority were empowered to elect the government.

Will the Lebanese public, that 99% who are not Sunni or Christian warlords or their family members, finally realize that democracy would make you all stronger and safer? No more giving half of Parliament to the 30% supposedly Christian, I mean.

These Saudi paid dogs are not Muslims, they are animals hired and trained by bandar the fag sultan of Saudi fag royal fag family. They are trying to ignite a religious conflict to shield themselves from the spread of democracy. The Lebanese people won't fall for your bulshit. Insha' Allah you will be found, tortured and killed.

Abu Sayyaf al-Ansari...

Your brother Aziz is funnier.

I second that... Aziz Rocks, abu sayaf, not-so-much:P lollll

Waw. What the hell is wrong with these people? It's as if the Lebanese people actually want an islamic state innu bikhsoos? I din't want a free syria amd.i dont want the current.syria . I WANT TO Live. And by councidence i am in lebanon.I DONT CARE ABOUT SYRIA.

The Hezbo-IRI takfiris vs. The Sunni takfiris.
May they both lose!

Its a crime againt intelligence to refer to Hezb as a takfirist organisation. You shdnt let your hatred of their success and honour in defending their land from Israel while you slept and ate bring you to tell lies.

Takfirists consider all of those who disagree with their interpretation of Islam as Infidels, and then declare their killing permissible. Hezb works day and night in political instituations talking and arguing with those that disagree with them. Thats not the sign of a takfiri.

If Hezb was a takfirist organisation they would have taken over control of the whole country in 3 months, instead or arguing in Parliment for years lol

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