No apology after Israeli spokesman tweets 2009 bombing footage

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Published Monday, March 12, 2012

An Israeli spokesman has refused to apologize after tweeting a video of a bomb attack in Israel from three years ago while discussing the current violence.

Israeli forces have killed at least 20 people, including a 12 year-old boy, in the past three days in an ongoing series of aerial raids.

Israel claims its attacks are in response to Palestinian "terrorists" who are firing rockets into the country.

Shortly after taking to the social networking site Twitter to say Israel continues to "pound" Palestinians because of the attacks by "militants," Israeli spokesman to the Arab world Ofir Gendelman tweeted a message which appeared to show the attacks hitting a major Israeli city.

In the accompanying message he wrote "this is how people in southern Israel live under the barrage of rockets fired from Gaza."

However activists on Twitter pointed out that the video Gendelman had highlighted was from 2009, not from the current violence.

Marisa Conte wrote back to say "Today you [tweeted] 2009 pic as if it was actual."

"Dire situation was [in] 2009. If u post it 2day u make readers think it refers 2 2day," she added.

Gendelman was forced to admit that the footage was old and therefore didn't represent the current situation but added that he "never wrote that it was taken today."

Israel continued to bomb Gaza on Monday, despite calls from Egypt and other countries for a ceasefire.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chose to blame Palestinian militants for the attack, but did not criticize Israel's airstrikes.

"Let me also condemn in the strongest terms the rocket fire from Gaza into Southern Israel, which continued over the weekend," Clinton said during an appearance on Monday before the UN Security Council.



If you are posting this, I hope you'll post similar inconsistencies and lies found by Palestinians - there are many instances, here are just two:

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