Israelis celebrate death of Palestinian children killed in accident

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Published Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ten Palestinian children were killed and at least 20 were wounded on Thursday morning after an Israeli truck carrying a fuel tank crashed into the school bus transporting the kindergarten children near the Qalandia checkpoint in Ramallah.

Israelis on Facebook were celebrating the deaths of the Palestinian children, writing derogatory statements on a wall of a news post regarding the accident.

The bus carrying the children collided with the truck at an intersection in Jaba'a, overturned, and caught on fire.

The children immediately died, while a further eight remain in a critical condition, according to medical officials with the Palestinian Red Cross.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has declared three days of mourning.

Ramallah-based journalist Diana Alzeer said the collision was likely an accident due to wet weather, and not politically motivated.

In Bethlehem, a 15-year-old boy died this morning after a truck skidded on a slippery road and ran the boy over.

A statement released by the police said they have opened an investigation and confirmed that the boy died on the spot. Emergency crews arrived to the scene and transferred the boy's body to a hospital in Beit Jala.

The Israeli comments have gone viral on Twitter, shocking users into disbelief at the level of racism and hatred directed towards the deceased Palestinian children.

Israel maintains a military occupation of the West Bank and Jerusalem, imposing harsh restrictions on indigenous Palestinians while providing privileges to illegal Jewish settlers.

Palestinians are frequently attacked and harassed by settlers as well as the Israeli military, often with impunity.

(Al-Akhbar, Wafa)


Did you happen to mention which ambulances came to the scene to care for the children? Or which hospitals they were evacuated to and who took care of them there?

Israeli ones.

As an Israeli
I can assure you
This story was never happened
Now. About Palestin people, I have nothing against them. This is the reason we don't fight them. We take only actions of defence.
About the talkbacks, please speak to me before you rush to kill me.

Either which way that is just wrong, plain & simple!

this is the dumbest thing i've ever read. "Celebrating" ?!
Because some kids posted dumb comments on Facebook it doesnt mean that the Israelis are celebrating... just like the palestinians handing out candies all the time right ? or throwing parties on the streets and broadcast it all over the news ? i think this looks more like celebration to me

They kidnapped 3 innocent Jewish teen-age boys. Did they REALLY think HaShem would not pay them back in kind? That's IF this is even true!

a few less future terrorists in the world to bad it wasn't 1000

Do not take comments as facebook as the way an entire nation thinks.

Here in the US, there were people who posted that the earthquake in japan was "payback" for pearl harbor.

Comments on facebook, twitter, and such are often jokes, or are made by idiots.

you can't judge a country based apon the actions of a handfull of individuals
the comments were probably from trolls, i'm sure isreal has them too

that being said....kill all the jews burn there homes and take there land :)

Why do you hate Jews so much?

I don't believe Hamas were terrorist, but I believe their administration were as dictatorial as Fatah rule in West Bank.

Now don't get me wrong, of course I believe in radical change where Israel should be abolished. But cheering the death of Palestinians is as sick as Arabs cursing the Jews or even making anti-Semitism conspiracy.

And that's what happens when humans revenge each other. So just because Hitler exterminate 6 million Jews, now the Zionist wants a "total revenge" where another 6 million Palestinians will be exterminated. When can we stop this madness? Even animals also laughing at us.

Hopefully when Palestine was restored, I hope those anti-Semitic Islamist better stay out of that new country. No more avenging. Justice is different from revenge.

Introducing you the successor of Nazism: Zionism.

Wow, so many concerned for the poor children. So where is your outrage when the children of Gaza are continually programmed to hate and to believe that committing suicide for the cause is a heroic act. The Palestinians have institutionalized child abuse and not a peep of outrage from the Arab world, or Europe for that matter. You should all kill yourselves because you are disgusting hypocrites. You don't give a damn about the Palestinian children.

You are truly ignorant. Don't speak when you don't even know the half of it. The israelis in this war are poison. Absolutely repulsive. They murder, rape and abuse innocent Palestinians. You are simply saying they don't care about their OWN children that are being slaughtered and left to rot in the streets like animals. Unless you have visited Palestine, to witness firsthand the atrocity and hurt the lethal israelis have inflicted, i suggest you shut up.

Left to rot in the streets? Hate much?

I am sorry for their deaths. Any deaths are a tragedy.

I don't know how many Israelis made such comments.

A single comment is one too many.

And it does not reflect on all of Israelis.

For those who demonize all Israelis for the actions of those being inappropriate, do you also demonize all Arabs or all Palestinians or all Muslims for the Arab celebrations of those who murder Israelis or Jews?

When some Palestinians snuck into a house owned by Jews and slit the throats of the children sleeping inside, their village celebrated. And in court, the killers said their only regret was that they failed to see at least one child and therefore didn't slit her throat too.

When the Palestinian Authority nominates as their role model for the UN's "year of the woman," the woman who was behind a civilian bus bombing that killed several dozen civilians, does this mean that all Muslims, all Arabs, or all Palestinians are evil?

If you want to hate, there are ample examples for both sides to hate and demonize all of the "others" and to mistrust any movement by anyone towards peace from "the other side."

That path leads to more and more bloodshed.

Seek good.

"Repel evil with that which is best
The recompense for an injury is an injury equal thereto (in degree): but if a person forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah: for (Allah) Loveth not those who do wrong."

My prayers are with the families of all of those involved.

Salaam. Shalom.

No Jew would celebrate the death of any person - it is culturally and manifestly wrong to do so. As a Jew and supporter of Israel I condone any such celebration be it by Isaelis or others. I just wondered if there are any moderate people from these areas seeking peace or is your only answer to 'drive them [Jews?] into the sea?' Not too bright really because I dont think the Israelis are going anywhere. Other of course to expand within their own boundaries. S you have a problem - no peace deal without the Israelis means no peace deal doesn't it? So stop bleating and get down to meaningful discussions with the Israelis.

Well said and well written.
My condolences to the families of the accident victims.


These Israelis, most of them, are Jews. When you think Jews, you'd think tolerable, peaceful and kind. Because their history leads back to the Holocaust, in which 6 million of them were tortured to death. You'd think that the survivors and the new generation would be more tolerable and not narrow-minded and accepting of others. This is depressing. These Israelis are celebrating the deaths of children? I don't think they would be celebrating at all if Israeli children were killed (I hope that does NOT happen).

Every day I find more reasons to loathe this pervasively racist "greater imperial israel" mindset. I strongly advocate the international community turns its back on this offensive country. At the very least US and EU taxpayers should not have to see their money go to support Israel with shoah welfare. And a major ban on Israel products might not be a bad idea either.

im not familiar with the term "shoah welfare", can you define that term?

Every day I try to find reasons to love our Arab neighbors--and there are some decent folks, but they must live in fear of their lives. You and your friends are the racists. Where are the Arabic peace songs? Where are the Palestinian protesters against the murder of Israeli civilians and the rockets launched against their children?

Virtually all Jews and Israelis oppose hateful speech against anyone. You might not believe that, but you know about "Peace Now" (fools) and other Jews who advocate for more concessions to the Arabs (who have given in on nothing at all). There is not even a vocal minority among the Muslim Arabs speaking against the celebration and actions of kidnapping, murder of Jewish women and children. Show me their web site.

The democratically elected leaders of the Arabs have continued the educational system that glorifies the murder of Jews and self-martyrdom to that cause. There are no such shows in Israel. The Arabs of "Palestine" celebrated in the streets on 9-11 and continue celebrate murder of Jews and Christians. Where are the Arabic peace songs? They sing only of murder and martyrdom--the Jews have no such songs, they sing of peace. The stated goal of Hamas and Fatah is the death of the Jewish State and its Jewish inhabitants. So please forgive us if a few of us go to the radical measure of insisting that our leaders value our lives over the lives of those who swear to kill us. The Muslim Arab world has a saying, "On Saturday we kill the Jew, on Sunday the Christian." over 20 years ago in Iraq, they had eliminated virtually all Jews, they announced "It's Sunday." Now their are few if any local Christians there, and they are almost done purging Bethlehem of Christians. In 1990 Bethlehem was 90% Christian. Q.E.D.

Did nobody yet realise that the screenshot has been photoshopped by very unprofessionnal people. Just have a look to the left margins of the blue boxes! Also they have shopped out several othe comments condemning those few crazy ones. very easy to check with FB timestamps on the original post!

Haaretz, the Newspaper of Israel printed the article and almost ALL the comments from Israeli readers were of sadness, sympathy and prayers for the families. Please google this yourselves and stop believing the anti-Israel propaganda. This was one sicko facebook post. We all unfortunately have them.

It's not propaganda. "Some" of you may have tears for victims of bus accidents, but your tears seem nowhere to be found when your settlers rape & kill, when you bomb babies in Gaza, and when you imprison thousands of minors consistently. Save your zionist propaganda. Palestine will be liberated, regardless of your fake sympathy.

There is no Palestine; there never has been, and God willing, there never will be a Palestine! Moreover, the bloodthirsty terrorist Palestinians hide behind their own children after they fire Kassam rockets into Israel with the intent of killing Israeli children.

I dare DD to be honest and admit that s/he is NOT going to let Palestinians ethnic cleansed by Zionists to return. NO Zionist agrees to it, because it would be the end of an aparteid racial-pure"Jewish state", in which some Palestinians who are still there are viewed as a threat.

Some Zionists are just more openly show their racist hate to Palestinians no matter of their age. Others, like DD just hope that all Palestinians will vanish and leave the land to Zionist colonizers, while seeing themselves as nice, decent people. Zionism is still ethnical cleansing reminding Palestinians, including citizens of Israel aparteid state, for ex, the Beduins village in Negev was raised to ground tens times by Zionist state - because Beduins' village is "unrecognized" by the colonial settler state, while Beduins lived there for hundreds years before Zionists came to rob them of their land.

There is NOT "the anti-Israel propaganda" There are facts. This was NOT "one sicko facebook post" - there is a Zionist official politics!

Another sad story... It’s just inhuman to celebrate the death of innocent kids! It’s so horrible to know that these kids died and had to suffer because of political games. Israel is a super military power.

I am not sure which saddens me more, this article or the comments. To celebrate the death of anyone, friend or foe, is wrong. To condemn an entire population for the wrong acts of a few is wrong.
Hate is taught, through actions and/ or words to children. After watching a documentary by Israeli director Yoav Shamir, my heart was broken to see how the children of Israel were being taught to fear and hate not just Arabs, but anyone not Jewish.
There is a such thing as a self fulfilling prophecy.
Defamation (2009)

The 'Israelis' are worried about the bad publicity the Facebook comments will give them. They can't be worried about Palestinian opnion because they know Palestinians live the terror they reign on them every day for over 60 years. I mean try convincing a Palestinian that Israelis are humane towards them ....

im from palestine thank god i wasn't there

A lot of Zionists here, whitewashing Zionist racism, it seems that the story is just as bad for their hasbara as the photo of nice Jewish girls writing "messages" to Lebanese on Israel rockets .

Israel is a colonial settler project on Palestinian land. So, Zionists ARE racists, by default. As long as they are oppressors of Palestinians they are happy with dead Palestinians - no matter the age. After all, the official Zionist discourse calls even Palestinian citizens of Israel 'demographic threat" to aparteid "Jewish state" on Palestinians' land.

Now I see that an Arab site I wasting my time trying to explain the anti-Semites terrorists

Isn't it odd that when Israeli Zionists do something despicable like rejoice at the death of children it's defined as "a couple of Idiots who represent themsleves only!" Or defined as "a loose canon." When a Palestinian does something despicable it's defined by Israeli Zionists as an act of the entire Palestinian people. There in lies the real racism.

You wanted proof that you received
As you can see an Arab child had a gun
But it does not matter just a few agree with most of the reactions and responses were opposed to them

oh my god, they look like very dangerous, be careful my friend ! maybe they have TNT in their pampers....

No es posible que un ser humano se burle de la muerte de un niño
Que su Dios les de un castigo y le mate el doble de os niños muertos

Please have the courage and the honesty to see what the *rest* of Israelis are commenting on that same status, just a little down the line.
And remember - when you're shown a few lines of hateful scum, try to ask whether you're seeing the entire picture.


thank you for what you showed us. we understand that some have a good human heart .. thank you

I mourn the loss of innocent lives, in such a horrible tragedy, be they Jews, Arabs, Israelis, Palestinians, tourists or whatever else.
Your coverage of the event, however, is shameful. You start by saying "after an Israeli truck carrying a fuel tank crashed into the school bus transporting the kindergarten". Just a line after that you say "The bus carrying the children collided with the truck at an intersection in Jaba'a, overturned, and caught on fire." - so what crashed into what? The truck into the bus, or the other way around?
And then, in the end, "journalist Diana Alzeer said the collision was likely an accident due to wet weather, and not politically motivated.". Likely?! Oh, please...
Shame on the Israeli talkbacks expressing joy, but that doesn't justify your mock journalism

which is it? it's both. something1 crashed into something2 is the same as saying something2 collided with something1. In other words no two conflicting stories are being told here. OK. It should be simple with a little bit of imagination. And what's the problem with the word "likely". Why do you want her to confirm with absolute certainty that it was definitely the wet weather. You don't shame us zionist. Ok? You're either linguistically challenged or you're trying to whitewash a despicable act by racist zionists with pure nonsense.

One wonders if the US Congress would give this a standing ovation because it’s those Pavlovian actions that feed the impunity of this sort of ugly thought and action. One could suspect it also demonstrates what the US Congress feels about Palestinians.

People might believe these lies you're telling here. When a Jewish family was slaughtered in their home with the babies we had pictures of Arabs celebrating the death of the babies where are your pictures?

With regards to the family massacre it is awful. The family were racist settlers who were on occupied land. Two children were incriminated just beacuse they were closeby, they are still in prison as weel as another 162 kids. It is easy to blame palestinians for everythng and actually if the zionists had there way they would have blamed the assissiantion of Y. Rabin on palestinians as well. Unfortunately it was a settler and it was on camera so it was not possible. Who is to say that that maybe another zionist did that so that justifies the racist, shameless actions that are going on on a daily basis in the occupied territories. With such a situation justice should be carried out and any crime should be investigated. Unfortunately if you are Palestinian justice doesn't exist and settlers are killing, terrorizing palestinians everyday and often helped by the IDF and if reported settlers get a slap on the wrist. Settlers can batter a child to death and that is fine. Disgusting and shameful. My heart goes out to Palestinians, the world is watching and support grows on a daily basis.

Theres no need for pictures. Look at the hateful comments the damn jews wrote. Im not palistinian but I for sure feel disgusted with jews. These are little children were talking about here. Have a heart you pigs

where are those pictures u are talking about might i ask? and and eye for an eye they say ! you just opened this theme, so please tell me about how the israeli people was acting when children and women in gaza were dying because of the bombs israeli soldiers were standing behind? when it comes to lives, please be a human! we lost so many lives, and in israeli media they were just saying that it was a few? please be a human, and even war have rules children and females must be outside this whole bullshit the military are doing. you are breaking the human rights with ur comment, and unfortunately this comments of "celebrating" the death of those innocent poor children who died have parents too which are now weaping away their tears and seeking hearts and love and mercy from other humans, not ridiculous comments which represents the israel people in facebook! this just proves what you learn in shchool and at israeli homes. i thought jews were better.

Another Lie from the restless Palastinian propaganda machine,
They will never drop to that level in Israel.
When Israeli children are murderd on israels street by palastinians, In gaza and ranallah, they dance in the streets and distribute sweets.
and have a whole festival.

The fact that a few Idiots posted disgusting comments on facebook does not meen they represent israel. its a couple of Idiots who represent themsleves only!

So what makes you think that the Palestinians dancing in the street when something happens like this are the majority?

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