The Madness of America’s Arabs

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Palestinian boys and girls hold containers as they wait to fill-up with fresh water from the desalination station in Deir al-Balah refugee camp in the center of the Gaza Strip on 26 March 2013. (Photo: AFP - Mahmud Hams)

By: Ibrahim al-Amin

Published Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Suddenly, the Arabs became men. They awoke to the fact that they possess military capabilities ready for use. But where? In an Arab land. And against whom? An Arab people.

Their rationale is that there are killings and death in Syria. They decided that the culprit is a segment of the Syrian population, and it must be fought with every means at their disposal.

Suddenly, the Arabs became men. But instead of feeling disgraced by the constant sight of death in Palestine, they decided to kick up as much dust as possible in the name of Palestinian reconciliation. They resolved to hold summits to ensure Palestinian reconciliation. They hope the dust-cloud will be thick enough to conceal their big crime in Syria.

Suddenly, the Arabs have all been exposed. There are no major countries left in the Arab world.

In Egypt, the government is busy ingratiating itself with the whole world in search of loans to exchange for what is left of the public sector. Algeria faces daily threats of it being added to the list of Arab countries in urgent need of an Arab Spring.

There is no need to even mention Tunisia, Libya, or Yemen. They have become centers for the production of terrorist groups to fight beyond their borders, while takfiris terrorize the folks back home.

In Lebanon, all contracted services are being delivered on demand. The government resigns, and courts chaos and civil war, to keep the plunderers of Arab wealth happy.

In Jordan, meanwhile, they are told they have two choices: civil war, or signing up for the global alliance against the Syrian regime.

As for Palestine, it can continue to be ignored, as there’s no tragedy there that merits action.

This has left the institution of the Arab League under the control of the madmen of the Gulf, and transformed Qatar, from one moment to the next, into a megalomaniac that thinks it is the leader of the Arab nation.

Thus, without shame, Qatar wants to persuade the world that the cause of Syria is top priority. They want to persuade us that they are qualified to champion a people, while they shackle their own peoples, and their wretched ruling families indulge in the theft of an entire nation’s resources.

America’s Gulf clients found that Palestine warrants no more than a few million dollars and some reconciliation efforts. They have never heard of a popular uprising going on in Bahrain for the past two years. And they certainly face no protests at home for a fair distribution of wealth. All that really troubles them is Syria.

Once again, these people seem confident that they are all-powerful. They are equally confident that American and Western armies will forever protect them..

The one thing that preoccupies them is an obsession that has become very personal. What they worry about the most is being caught vulnerable as they stand transfixed before their TV screens, waiting for just one item of news: the announcement that Bashar al-Assad has fallen.

Ibrahim al-Amin is editor-in-chief of Al-Akhbar.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


Great article!

Real Men like you are so manly. You can rage against the brutality of Israel while turning a blind eye to the brutality of the regimes in Syria and Iran. You call for Justice in Palestine and sabatoge justice in your own country by naming the potential witnesses in the murder of 22 of your countymen. Short-sighted nationalism under a fake banner--You are hypocrites who suck up to murderers for blood money.

The Madness of Hezbollah's Minions

Rage about the struggle for Palestine (against Israel) every day. Have more than 70,000 people died in Palestine last year? The culprit in Syria is not "a segment of the Syrian population" as you suggest but the ruthless Assad regime and the brutal polices which have been going on for decades to keep them in power. What planet are you living on? Or are you just blinded by your paymasters?

What world do you live in Abu Umar?

Didn't you mean America's "A'raab"?! Even in their shu'oobi insults, the mumana'a were hypocrites and their thuwar Nato were never insulted with that shu'oobi insult and your article is as believable as the insincere takhween from the mumana'a hypocrites from day one of the Syrian uprising, while Iran, Hezbollah, and the Syrian regimes were totally silent on their allies who rode to power on American tanks and the treacheries of the Assadi regimes. The wars that the Syrian regime and its allies waged against the Palestinian resistance in Lebanon prove that their biggest propaganda card(the Palestinian cause) is a sham designed to hedge the Assadi and Iranian agenda to the Palestinian cause.

Could not have expressed the sentiments of the real arab street better!

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