Palestinian Authority media: Israel’s lackey in times of crisis

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Palestinian youths hold up pictures of al-Aqsa Mosque and Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal, during a rally in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip November 18, 2014. AFP/Said Khatib

By: Orouba Othman

Published Wednesday, November 19, 2014

When young Palestinian Yousef al-Ramouni was lynched by Israeli settlers, the Palestinian Authority remained silent. However, it rushed to condemn the [resistance] operation in Jerusalem yesterday. The Palestinian news agency, WAFA, and Palestine TV followed suit in their coverage of events.

Gaza – As usual, the Palestinian Authority (PA) was not perturbed by the lynching of Ramouni in Jerusalem at the hands of [Israeli] settlers [on Sunday]. However, a flood of reactions were expressed over the five Zionists killed in the attack by martyrs Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal in a synagogue in occupied Jerusalem on Monday.

These sentiments were taken up by the PA's media, as the official news agency WAFA repudiated the martyrs and only gave them a cursory mention. "Five Israelis were killed in a stabbing in Jerusalem and the assailants are dead," it reported.

The martyrs were further marginalized when WAFA declared itself a “peace-dove,” implying that it could moralize on what is right and what is wrong. "The Presidency condemned the killing of civilians regardless of the party committing the attacks," it continued. "It also condemned the killing of Israeli civilians in the West Jerusalem synagogue attack."

WAFA presented pre-packaged Zionist talking points to legitimize the killing of Palestinians after the "aggression" by the two martyrs against "innocent worshippers, armed only with their Torahs," terms used in line with the agency's editorial policy.

On the other hand, WAFA mentioned the reasons behind the attack to be on the safe side. "[The Presidency] called for the immediate cessation of the storming of the al-Aqsa Mosque compound by extremist Jewish settler groups as well as an end to provocations of settlers and incitement of some Israeli ministers," it said.

A striking gesture, however, was in WAFA's adoption of the Zionist division of Jerusalem into East and West. It made up a new justification to condemn the operation, saying it took place in "West Jerusalem," which is on the Israeli side and hence prohibited to Palestinians.

Palestine Television, on the other hand, is still in a stupor. Despite the tensions in Jerusalem, it preferred to showcase the heroics of PA President Mahmoud Abbas. A few hours after the resistance operation, it broadcast a live program on the president's “quixotic” victories against the enemy, alluding to the future of the "two-state solution." Meanwhile, Jerusalem simmers with anger.

Local media flocked to transform the images of the two martyrs into lucrative commercial material, rebroadcasting pictures of their undressed bodies used in Israeli media. Local station Dunia al-Watan provided a free service to the Zionist enemy by promoting degrading nude images of the martyrs. Several social media users were infuriated by the transmission of such images, and digitally covered bodies of the two martyrs with the Palestinian flag.

The most flagrant offense was by one of the most popular local newspapers, named after al-Quds [Jerusalem]. It allowed Israeli narratives to infiltrate its front page, publishing a malignant "plea" by a Zionist called Moshe Simkhovitch.

"I address you hoping you would put a limit to the intensity of conflict in Jerusalem and allow wise Palestinians and Israelis a chance to say their word. I warn you from falling into the trap of the conspiracy against you," he wrote.

Amid this exasperating coverage of the Jerusalem events, it seems most Palestinian media organizations are nothing but an additional obstacle to Jerusalem’s liberation.


This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


The picture above and the first paragraph of this story are just about all that are needed to understand the writer (and much of Gazan public opinion). Since this is a Leb paper, I imagine that the author is Lebanese. Perhaps of Pal origin, but Lebanese.
He is calling for war from the (relative) safety of Beirut or Paris or Dubai. He wants to see death of Jews, even if it means the death of the people he claims to pine for - the Palestinians.
Two intifadahs and for what? Thousands of dead Arabs and a thousand dead Jews. And Israel is still there.
The war this past summer - Hamas calls it a victory bc a missile fell off the coast of Haifa. Meanwhile, 2000+ Arabs dead. For what? Israel is still there.
I am always fascinated by those around the world who call for wars in places they will never see nor ever suffer. They have obviously never served in a military and seen death.
The author (and the commentators) most likely fall into that category.

We should not be surprised at the Palestinian Authority media. After all they get their salary from an Israeli stooge and a Palestinian traitor called Abbas.

Is it true that ALL SYNAGOGUES & prominent places have extensive & comprehensive cc capacity (?)

alakhbar: November. 18. 2014
2 Palestinians / Tuesday / 4 Israelis killed....In the wake of the attack Israeli authority are to ease control on Israelis carrying weapons.

Further to that -

MONDOWEISS: November. 19. 2914
All our friends in Israel have our sympathies in the aftermath of this atrocity.

"am I good at this or what - how did I know to look for this"

AMERICA IS A DISINTERESTED BYSTANDER IN THIS BATTLE..................this is a call for the US to come & fight with Israel / a cry for help from Israel.

1) are we sure that the 2 men were actually Palestinian ?
2) are we sure that the 4 rabbis were not killed by Israelis ?
3) just like the 3 teenagers were killed by Israelis so as to attack Gaza.
Can you see where this is leading to ?

The 6 Day war - The Arab nations had the capacity to wipe Israel off the face of the earth & they did not.
The United States would have wept in public & sighed with relief behind closed doors.
And now the whole world has this rabid feral dog which is totally out of control...& like the cowards that everyone is they do nothing.

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