Western standards of Palestinian resistance

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Yet again another Israeli assault on an Arab country exposes the biases and racism of Western governments, media, and human rights organizations. Human rights organizations, particularly Human Rights Watch, have become the most culpable because they now serve as a media/propaganda arm of the Israeli terrorist army. We know how those things work, as soon as a Western NGO with a Middle East scope is formed, pro-Israeli groups (openly and not conspiratorially) rush in with their funds to control the agenda of the organization. Internal memos that I had revealed on my blog before show that the director of Human Rights Watch was mightily concerned about not offending pro-Israel sources of funding. Thus, think tanks, media groups, and human rights organization fall under the spell of pro-Israeli agendas and money.

The recent ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza is no different. In fact, Zionist groups only become more brazen. But they suffer from a major new disadvantage: no matter how much they control or influence Western governments, establishment media and human rights organizations, they in no way are capable of controlling the agendas of millions of free uncontrollable people on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. The New York Times had to grudginlgy admit (as of July 21) the obvious: Theodore Herzl never imagined the power of social media, and the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack was used in “nearly four million Twitter posts, compared with 170,000 for #IsraelUnderFire.” But The New York Times did not mention that many pro-Palestinian activists also use the latter hashtag to transmit their message through different avenues.

The loss of free space to enemies of the state of Israel and its continuous terrorism only increase the intensity and feverishness of Israeli propaganda and the efforts by the friends and supporters of Zionism in establishment media, academia, and NGOs.

The agenda of Western governments and media become very clear: they want nothing short of complete surrender by the Palestinian people. They all but said that categorically. The Western agenda (governmental, media, and NGO) is unabashed in its hostility toward the interests and aspirations of the Palestinian people. In Europe there is a dichotomy: public opinion is in opposition – by different percentages and to different degrees – to the stances of the government. In the US, the government and the public are united in their racist endorsement of Israel and its record of war crimes – it sure helps that the American public is the least informed on foreign policy among peoples of the world.

Basically the Palestinians are expected, nay required, to refrain from any kind of resistance to Israeli occupation. The American government and its subservient governments in Europe (and they all stand in line regardless of whether they are conservative or socialist – like in France) want the Palestinians to appreciate their good fortune that their occupier is Israel. Israel is not like other occupiers, by US standards. Yes, it commits war crimes and it bombs various cities around the region at will, and it is based on institutionalized racism and discriminatory policies, and it is founded on the very principle of ethnic cleansing and land theft, but it is a good ally to the US and its leaders remind Americans of their own people (especially when you take into account that Israel keeps its Jews from Arab and African countries largely invisible from US media).

Palestinians can’t engage in armed struggle and can’t engage in non-violent struggle. Palestinians, as is known, foolishly engaged in non-violent struggle from the 1950s to the 1960s and it got them nowhere and the word Palestinian was not even mentionable. UNSCR 242, which used to be the basis of all regional settlement, did not utter the obscenity – to American ears. Even in the 1980s, the Palestinian people engaged in a large-scale non-violent uprising and I remember hearing US officials and media pundits morally judging the Palestinians and hectoring them about the evil of rock throwing against the brutal Israeli terrorist army. One American-Palestinian Quaker also foolishly believed that Israel would welcome his new center for non-violence in Jerusalem but it was soon closed and he was unceremoniously kicked out of Palestine. There was not a single American protest.

People in Africa and Asia were only able to rid themselves of colonialism through the use of different forms of armed struggle. Armed struggle is never clean and Europe fought the Nazis in the most dirty of ways but the West never cast judgment on itself. Acts of resistance against Nazi occupation in Europe is remembered with fondness and admiration and no one questions the methods even when innocent civilians were killed. Even in the struggle against apartheid South Africa, Americans refrain from questioning the methods in which collaborators were dealt with (necklacing, for those who remember).

Yet, the Palestinians are asked by Human Rights Watch to achieve the impossible: to adhere to standards of combat that no armies and no liberation movements have ever adhered to. Human Rights Watch quickly accused Hamas of war crimes while it has been equivocating for years on whether Israel commits war crimes. Its recent ploy was to castigate the Palestinians for not possessing advanced weaponry, presumably like Israel. But the advanced weaponry of Israel – theoretically the more precise ones – have caused far more civilian casualties than the weapons of the Palestinians. They are also expected to live away from their strugglers as if the fighters of the resistance in Gaza hail from another planet. This is like asking the members of the French resistance in WWII to live away from population centers and to concentrate in an open field to facilitate their elimination by German air force. That is how absurd the arguments of American media and human rights organizations are.

Furthermore, the Palestinians are blamed for not warning the Israelis – one by one – about their impending attacks. Yet, Palestinians are considered terrorists regardless of whether they aim their fire at Israeli terrorists or civilians ( or does the principle of collateral damage only apply to the armies of US and Israel?) Fatah was a terrorist organization until it became a tool of the occupation. Then it became qualified to receive US funding and its past “terrorist” deeds were forgiven by the American divinity.

Palestinians, of course, should not pay attention to what their chief enemy, the US government, has to say in terms of its instructions to them. The notion that the US has the best interest of the Palestinians at heart in dispensing advice to them is absurd and not believable to any Palestinian. Palestinians should be able to listen to advice and help from quarters that have records of help and support for the Palestinians. The US hardly qualifies in that category.

Dr. As’ad AbuKhalil is a professor of Political Science at California State University, Stanislaus, a lecturer and the author of The Angry Arab News Service. He tweets @asadabukhalil.


there are many ways to skin a cat professor.

The US and other white settler colonies recognise that when the Palestinian cause is vindicated, the question of their own neo-zionist policies, ethnic cleansing, land theft, phony treaty making and concerted, continuing attempts at cultural genocide will become live questions both domestically and internationally.

They also recall that it was largely their refusal to grant refuge to Jewish refugees from Naziism, in the 1930s and 1940s which drove so many unfortunate Jews to seek shelter in a Palestine which was ill equipped to receive large numbers of outsiders.

By giving Israel their unconditional support, countries like Canada, where the doctrine "One is too many" guided policy towards families fleeing from european fascism, attempt to obscure their past failings and establish their own -self awarded- 'right' to dispose of the property, lives and culture of indigenous populations.

IF you want to know why Mr Harper and Mr Abbott applaud Israeli crimes in Gaza, look at the treatment meted out to the aboriginals in their own countries, shunting them off lands to make way for mining (including the tar sands) in the 21st century just as they have been for centuries past.

Israel was to be a jewel in the crown - instead it grew into a bur on the bum of everyone including themselves.
An Ian Flemming/Biggles success story.

Out with the old & in with the new.......to many, who, for reasons of security of mind, body & money, these words strike terror in their hearts. They hold on for dear life to what is today, in fact it is yesteryear - the days of yore with modern trim, they are holding on to. Cartels of nepotism.
Israel was a good idea at the time - that never came to fruition. Israel serves no purpose in 2014: they may as well shut it down.
It costs a bloody fortune to run.
Thwarts progress & business.
And, I know that it is believed that WAR IS PROFITS GALORE....alas this is not true.
Oh, the House of Rothschild has made their fortunes from war after war.
IT IS THE BIGGEST LIE...............ONLY !
Why does no one ever challenge the rubbish spewed forth in bravado form....because it is about /form the Rothschild's themselves - ?
"God in Heaven, save me please from ignorance & the mediocrity & mandatory that it brings."
How to get rid of the burden that is Israel ?
Is that why Israel is playing the cliffhanger scenario over & over ?
Sensing that they are doomed.

Hello Professor As'ad,
Look !
You have comments....wow....yes ?
I agree it is more to read...but hey...they read your stuff too.
I have not read this article yet.
Yesterday I was on several websites regarding the E.U, U.N. & Europe in general. We the people of this planet seem to be scathing of their performance or lack of it.
So, did you realize that in less than 30 years they will all be in a coffin, 6 foot under & hopefully with a wooden stake driven deep into their self absorbed hearts.
Professor As'ad, some of the persons sitting at the U.N. & the E.U. must be afflicted with Alzheimer or neurologically demented to some degree.
Therefore it is 'bums on seats' & "do you see the red button in front of you dear?" - "when you see the red button come on dear, raise your hand," - " yes, that's right dear, when the red button before you goes on, that's when you have to put up your hand."
Musical Chairs in the nursing home with the living room full of geriatric ambiance & we dare not look out the window, or we will be put out like the cat."
Of course it will mean a new global mindset, for you can't put an old head on a new body.
Things are looking up, everyday a bit more !

Very good analysis!
The USA, UK, NATO and other allies are for the control of world for bigger and bigger share of the profits from the arms sell and plundering the oil reservoir!
American mass is not uninformed as far as the foreign policy is concerned but are content with a petty share of the plunder mentioned above, though there are people, in millions, who are homeless, hungry! There is anger against the exploiters, visible by "Occupy the Banks" movement, yet due lack of revolutionary ideas and a party to lead them, movements fizzle out, we saw in most of the EU.
Longest recession on the Earth, did force people to rise, but has failed so far in fruitful outcome, except few changes of government, that too in some case more anti people, like India!!

This is one of the most accurate analysis of this frustrating, 66-year hegemony that puzzles the pragmatic mindset.

It has always confounded my sense of right and wrong that a world body of presumably smart and empathic people would create a "state for Jews" (not a Jewish state - there is a HUGE difference) in a land where Palestinians were the overwhelming majority. Makes no sense. Why would anyone mandate the displacement of an entire people, only to placate another people because of something that happened to them (the latter) by Nazis.

Transfer that logic to the recent, tragic past and the UN might be mandating a "home" for the Hutus in Rwanda because the Tutsis had been harmed and they constituted 20 percent of the population of that area. Then the Tutsis seize upon that UN mandate, find a powerful ally, proceed to arm themselves to the teeth, then begin expanding and occupying territory.

The 'democratic' Hutu government would create "settlements". In reality, it is brazen land stealing. What was yours is now mine. Thank you and goodbye. Sadly, the United Nations has no power, no teeth.

Excellent and liberating article, thanks to wikileaks for pointing the way here. Namaste.

Great analysis. Thank you.

What about the rockets?

According to all data Hamas rockets are practically harmless. They either they are neutralized by iron dome or they fall away from people. While Israeli bombs always kills people without failure as they are precisely designed to kill.

What about Dresden?
And, unlike in Dresden, there are practically no casualties. No wonder Zionist media is crying about 30 cows!
Not mentioning that the rockets of resistance are fired against military targets - who is to blame that the military targets in Palestine occupied in 1947 are near civilian places?

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