62654_ME1 INSIGHT - trouble in Hezbollah ranks?

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Date 2007-09-19 23:08:28
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My source says HZ officials are genuinely concerned about the possibility
of a political deal between Syria and Israel. HZ officials, in a dramatic
departure from standard operating procedures, have disclosed their
concerns to some of their junior staff. It is believed that Naeem Qassem,
Hasan Nasrallah's hardline deputy, is disseminating this information.
Qassem is openly stating, within his circle of HZ contacts, that he
worries about Nasrallah's life from the Syrians, not the Israelis.

COMMENT: Relations between Nasrallah and Qassem have never been easy. The
latter is opposed to any form of acommodation of the Syrians, whom he
deeply distrusts, whereas the former is of the opinion that Syria cannot
be overlooked since it controls HZ's lifeline to Iran.


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