Middle East News

28 February 2015 | Last Updated: 2:54pm(GMT +3)
Supporters of the Houthi movement and those of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi staged rival rallies across Yemen on Friday, while the US drone strikes continued in the country. Thousands of Houthi... 12:29pm 6 hours ago
An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced four Muslim Brotherhood members to death and 14 leading members to life in prison, over charges of inciting violence that led to the killing of protesters... 2:51pm 4 hours ago
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) suicide bombers and fighters struck targets on Saturday in the northern Iraqi city of... 1:09pm 6 hours ago
Romania's coast guard rescued 70 migrants — mostly Syrians and Iraqis — packed on to a small fishing boat that was in danger... 2:27pm 4 hours ago
The Pentagon has scrapped a rule that required US military judges overseeing tribunals at Guantanamo Bay to stay permanently... 1:45pm 5 hours ago
A UN inquiry concluded that a Russian helicopter was probably hit by anti-aircraft fire when it crashed in South Sudan last... 1:29pm 5 hours ago
Libya's internationally-recognized premier threatened new airstrikes with Egypt against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria... 5:42pm 1 day ago
At least eight people were killed by bombs and rocket fire in Baghdad on Friday, police and medical sources said. They said... 4:51pm 1 day ago
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