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21 April 2014 | Last Updated: 2:59pm(GMT +3)
Updated 2:50 pm: Israeli warplanes bombed several sites in central Gaza Monday, injuring at least one person, officials on both sides said. An officer was wounded after the jets struck a security... 11:26am 3 hours ago
Three more people suspects were killed Monday in a drone strike in southern Yemen, a local official said. The attack was the latest in an intensified air campaign that has killed more than 40 people... 10:55am 4 hours ago
A Jihadist group in Libya released a video on Monday showing a kidnapped hostage from the Tunisian embassy pleading with the... 11:50am 3 hours ago
A Saudi court has sentenced to death five people over deadly 2003 attacks that marked the start of a wave of al-Qaeda... 11:53am 3 hours ago
An oil pipeline carrying crude from Iraq's Kirkuk oil fields to Turkey's Mediterranean port of Ceyhan is unusable because of... 11:39am 3 hours ago
Attacks in Iraq, including a suicide bombing at a university in north Baghdad, killed at least nine people on Sunday,... 1:06pm 1 day ago
A police officer and a conscript were killed after armed attackers opened fire on their patrol car, Egypt's interior... 11:58am 1 day ago

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Qataris truly believe that the old famous slogan, “thank you Qatar,” shall resonate once again on the streets of Lebanon and... 4:48pm 1 day ago

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