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21 August 2014 | Last Updated: 6:16pm(GMT +3)
Updated at 4:53 pm (GMT+3): Fighting in the Gaza Strip continued for a second day after the collapse of truce talks, as Israeli forces killed the wife and baby son of a Hamas military leader in an... 10:39am 20 hours ago
Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi accused Israel on Wednesday of "blocking" all attempts to end the Gaza conflict, a day after the collapse of a ceasefire in the Palestinian territory. "Israel is... 4:21pm 15 hours ago
Four beheaded corpses were found by residents of a town in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula on Wednesday, security sources said,... 3:09pm 16 hours ago
Updated at 6:10 pm (GMT+3): Germany and Italy joined Britain and France on Wednesday in saying they would arm Iraqi Kurdish... 11:41am 19 hours ago
Nine people suspected of intending to join Islamic militants fighting the government in Syria have been arrested in Austria... 6:16pm 13 hours ago
One Turkish soldier was killed and another wounded in a suspected attack by Kurdish rebels in eastern Turkey where tensions... 5:14pm 14 hours ago
Thousands of armed rebels in Yemen strengthened their positions in the capital Sanaa on Wednesday as they pressed their... 4:07pm 15 hours ago
A Pakistani national was beheaded by sword in the south west of Saudi Arabia on Wednesday for the murder of an Afghan, the... 12:46pm 18 hours ago

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Before the latest war, Fatah and Hamas achieved a political reconciliation that almost fractured due to the salary crisis in... 12:47pm 1 day ago
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