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31 October 2014 | Last Updated: 6:33pm(GMT +3)
Updated at 6:37 pm (GMT +2): Israeli forces clashed with Palestinians around the al-Aqsa mosque compound in the occupied East Jerusalem Friday, witnesses said, while hundreds of Gazans staged... 9:29am 9 hours ago
A military explosives expert dismantled five bombs Friday in the northern city of Tripoli , as the army continues its widespread crackdown on suspected militants across north Lebanon. The Lebanese... 4:56pm 1 hour ago
US-led airstrikes hit Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) positions around the Syrian border town of Kobane on Friday in... 4:12pm 2 hours ago
In a statement on Friday, Lebanese MP Ziad Aswad accused the Interior Ministry of indirectly purchasing a security border... 5:26pm 1 hour ago
Foreign jihadists from more than 80 countries have flocked to fight in Iraq and Syria on an "unprecedented scale,” according... 1:39pm 5 hours ago
An Egyptian court on Thursday sentenced a man to 15 years and 12 others to three years in jail after convicting them of... 11:37am 7 hours ago
The humanitarian crisis in Syria is getting worse as all parties to the war, including forces aligned with the government... 11:04am 7 hours ago
Israel recalls its ambassador to Stockholm for "consultations," hours after Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom... 9:43am 9 hours ago

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The situation in Palestine is never monotonous or quiet. The intensity of the events in Palestine leads most news to be... 5:53pm 59 min ago
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