Israeli General: We Cannot Defeat Hezbollah

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Israeli soldiers patrol on 9 October 2013 along the Israel-Syria border after mortar fire from inside war-torn Syria hit the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.(Photo: AFP - Jalaa Marey)

By: Yahya Dbouk

Published Thursday, October 10, 2013

In a lecture at Bar-Ilan University in occupied Palestine, former head of Israel’s National Security Council Giora Eiland drew a grim picture of any future confrontation with Hezbollah, warning that the result will be much like 2006, if not worse.

The Israeli military strategist attributed this to the fact that the Lebanese Resistance has greatly improved its tactical fighting abilities, while the Israeli military has done little to change its overall approach to warfare.

“After the Yom Kippur [October 1973] war,” the former general explained, “most wars are waged between countries and organizations, and they are no longer comprehensive wars between nations,” thus requiring a break with the traditional way of engaging in military confrontations.

“In conventional warfare, the military commander would ask intelligence officers about the location of the enemy,” Eiland continued, “but in confrontations with non-state groups, as is the case in Lebanon, the commander asks who is the enemy, for this enemy does not behave like a regular military.”

He added that fighting a force like Hezbollah can be very difficult, due to the fact that real-time intelligence is next to impossible, given their constant movement, rendering information about targets useless if action is not taken immediately.

Eiland concluded, saying, “The number one lesson of the second Lebanese war is Israel’s inability to respond appropriately. We have to declare that all of Lebanon – from Hezbollah, to the government, to civilian citizens, to the Lebanese army – will be targeted.”

He stressed that Israel declaring its intent to target the whole of Lebanon, making it pay a heavy price if war does break out, will serve as a strong deterrent from our side, thus guaranteeing that the next war “will end after three days, and not 33,” as was the case with the July 2006 War.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


Khazar Israelis are just like the Dutch in South Africa against the true Africans, the Whites of America against the Indian people, and all European invaders of other lands! Israelis are from Europe, not Semitic !read Revalations 2:9 and 3:9 . STOP LYING !!!!

It is true, it is very hard to fight a non-state group thats why next time'f Hezbollah will try something like sending rockets or to abduct a soldier, Israel will carpet bomb the whole of Lebanon.
Do yourselves a favour and disarm Hezbollah before it will ruin Lebanon

Lol! Why should we do something that will benefit Israel and allow them to attack and occupy us? I like the fact that Israel and its supporters are reduced to impotent begging to get their way.

"Do yourselves a favour and disarm Hezbollah before it will ruin Lebanon".

First you used to advise the Phalangistes ( Bashir and his militia) to get rid of the Palestinians and their sympathisers before Israel is forced to destroy Lebanon. The destruction did occur and the Palestinians were slaughtered by Sharon and his phalangistes allies. Lebanon was occupied by the heroic Israeli forces. However, your honeymoon was very short lived . For your of Lebanon gave birth to the more truly heroic Hizballah and other Resistence Forces thanks to whom you were forced abandon you rallies and flee Lebanon. Now you are reverting to the same tried and failed tactic of rousing some Lebanese against Hizballah. But no one is responding to your call except some Salafi Takfiri paid by your strtegic ally, The Wahhabis in the Gulf, where you use the tactic of frightening them with Iran. In other words now you are using the Sunni Shi'i sectarian difference to incite the Sunni against the Shi'i . This you did not do when the Shah of Iran was your ally ad was making the oil of the people available to you for almost nothing.
I advise you to realize that thanks to your deception the Arabs know your Zionist ambititions more profoundly than you can imagine.

You give Israel way too much credit. The Sunni-Shiite wars have nothing to do with Israel. it is like blaming your next door neighbor for two cousins who hate each other.
Israel is doing the best thing ever in this crazy war: staying out of it. You might imagine a Zionist behind every Cedar of Lebanon, but in your heart you know that other than the occasional warplane flyover or encroachment by commandos, Israel has nothing to do with you anymore.

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