The Syrian Revolutionary Left Movement on Gaza

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Israeli assault on Palestinians: Live Coverage


The Syrian Revolutionary Left Movement, a little known organization that is opposed to the Bashar government, has released a press release in Arabic regarding the events in Gaza.

The following is a rough translation of the first two paragraphs:

Once again, the Zionist state wages a savage war against the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza, which has been exposed to bombing for the last few days, and in other areas where Palestinians are exposed to repression and arbitrary arrests.

Again, not a finger or condemnation rises from the regimes of the ruling classes in [Arab] countries to condemn these atrocities committed by the Israeli forces against the Palestinian people. And why would there be a response when these are regimes that surrender under imperialist interests. They have indeed proven for decades that they ally themselves with the Zionist state, their peoples' worst enemy.

And the concluding paragraphs:

The only real solution to the Palestinian issue is through the destruction of the Zionist state which is based on colonization, occupation and apartheid, which, despite its claims, did not bring a safe and peaceful world even to the Jews. And on its ruins, a democratic, socialist, and secular state must be established on the entirety of the Palestinian territories, including Arabs and Jews without any kind of distinction between citizens while also ensuring the right of return to Palestinian refugees in Gaza, Occupied Palestinian Territories or all over the world.

Therefore, the liberation of Palestine rests upon the triumph of revolutions across countries of the region, which not only include Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon but also Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Gulf states and Iran.

We stand firmly with the resistance and the struggle of the Palestinian people in order to restore its complete rights and territories as we stand with the struggle of our [Syrian] people to restore the Golan Heights and its national sovereignty as well as confront the imperialist interventions of the East and West.

Our struggle is one, as call for the triumph of popular revolutions in our countries for freedom, equality and social justice.

Published: Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 17:14

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