Lebanon, Hezbollah, and Gaza

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Israeli assault on Palestinians: Live Coverage


Earlier today, three rockets were launched from Lebanon into northern occupied Palestine by unknown parties. Already one person has been detained by the Lebanese army.

It's worth bring up the question of the possibility of Lebanese resistance groups getting involved in the fight against Israel.

Here is an opinion piece by Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, written back in January 2009 when Israel launched an attack on Gaza. Saad-Ghorayeb tackles the question of the possibility of Hezbollah's intervention then.

She wrote:

Armed action by Hizballah would not only hurt the movement but would also harm Hamas whose status as a nationalist resistance movement, capable of defending its own people, would be greatly undermined and its raison d’etre called into question. Furthermore, since Hamas has thus far managed to withstand the Israeli onslaught on its own without suffering any significant damage to its organizational hierarchy or military infrastructure, Hizballah does not regard an intervention on its part as an exigent need.

The preconditions for Hizballah’s active engagement in the conflict are two. First, if Hamas is left bleeding to death on the battlefield, either due to the decapitation of its leadership ranks or if its military infrastructure suffers a significant blow, drastically impairing its military performance and leading to its eventual collapse, Hizballah would likely step in. Second, if the organization is forced to accept a conditional ceasefire along the lines of the current French-Egyptian proposal that meets all of Israel’s key demands while weakening Hamas militarily and politically, Hizballah would feel compelled to come to its rescue.

Published: Friday, July 11, 2014 - 12:12

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