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Radwan Mortada
The fatal injury suffered by ISIS’ emir in Qalamoun, Abu Hassan al-Filastini, tipped the balance and the situation in Ersal became unstable. ISIS...
Tuesday, August 5, 2014
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The Lebanese army is fighting the war to prevent the establishment of an emirate belonging to the Islamic State in Ersal. However, until yesterday,...
Monday, August 4, 2014
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Radwan Mortada
Ersal is in jihadi hands. In a matter of hours, radical jihadi militants were able to seize this Bekaa Valley town. Militants affiliated to the...
Monday, August 4, 2014
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Jean Aziz
Information obtained from Western intelligence sources revealed an armed takfiri group is undergoing training in North Lebanon in preparation for an...
Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Chloé Benoist
Lebanon has witnessed the emergence of several new anti-corruption initiatives in recent months, raising awareness about the magnitude of the issue...
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Rameh Hamieh
Ersal is living in a state of total lawlessness, complete with executions against both locals and refugees, armed robberies, and assassinations and...
Tuesday, July 15, 2014
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Radwan Mortada
Is Hussein Atwi a hero or a daredevil? What would drive a man like Atwi, a college professor, a religious cleric, a mosque preacher, and the public...
Monday, July 14, 2014
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Suhaib Anjarini
It has been revealed that the emir of al-Nusra Front Abu Mohammed al-Joulani is leading efforts, with direct support from Saudi cleric Sheikh...
Saturday, July 12, 2014
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Hussein Mahdi
The sectarian quota system is more important than public interest. The Phalange Party wants to appoint two deans at the Lebanese University. The...
Friday, July 11, 2014
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