Hassan al-Eyadi
Less than a week before the elections, Tunisian state agencies are preoccupied with possible terrorist threats despite officials boasting of...
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Cohorts of Tunisia's ousted dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali are planning a political comeback in upcoming elections. The polls, seen as a milestone...
Friday, October 17, 2014
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A Tunisian jailed for two years for posting caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad online has been set free on a second conviction, his lawyer said on...
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
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The first trials of prisoners accused of "terrorism" in Tunisia since the 2011 revolution could open later this month, with 600 defendants facing...
Thursday, October 9, 2014
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Adam al-Sabiri
Political life in Tunisia has often revolved around symbolic personalities. The longtime leader of al-Nahda, Rachid al-Ghannouchi, is currently one...
Monday, September 29, 2014
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Hani Ibrahim
To know the position of a household on any given topic: ask the homeowners, not the guests. In all cases, Hamas will only speak fondly of the...
Saturday, September 27, 2014
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A Tunisian human rights group has urged the country's incoming parliament to abolish capital punishment after a new constitution – endorsed earlier...
Friday, September 26, 2014
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Tunisian troops killed two suspected foreign militants in an overnight firefight, the government said on Wednesday, after it raised its alert level...
Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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The prosecution service said Monday it has opened an inquiry after a frontrunner in Tunisia's presidential poll in November, 87-year-old Beji Caid...
Monday, September 15, 2014
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