Week of Monday January 23, 2012

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The Struggle Continues...

The heart wrenching struggle of the Palestinian refugees in the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp persists 4 and a half years after the battles that destroyed the camp.The story of the grave digger in the camp exemplifies that struggle.

In Egypt, a year of revolution changed many things on paper, but on the ground, more specifically the fertile grounds of the Nile basin, farmers struggle to the reap the benefits of the revolution.

In Palestine, the school year starts with a tuition hike. This prompted struggling students to act in protest starting with a sit-in at the administration building at Birzeit University.

In Syria, protesters continue to struggle to get their demands. The uprising that is entering its eleventh month as Al-Akhbar's Sharmine Narwani paints a picture of life in Damascus.

Farmers Struggle to Reap the Harvest of Revolution

Occupy Birzeit:
Protesting High Tuition
Syrian Snapshot I:
A View From the Capital

Beyond the Struggle...

Interviews with Tahar Labib from Tunisia and Georges Corm from Lebanon explain the one year old revolutions from sociological, economic, and philosophical angles.

Also, this week in Al-Akhbar a three part series on the economic establishment in Lebanon, and more episodes from Walk of Causes, and our always interesting Photoblogs.

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