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The progress made by the Syrian army in the Damascus countryside is “peacefully” bearing fruit. After liberating a number of towns around the capital...
Monday, November 11, 2013
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Damascus – Syrian authorities have released Youssef Abdelke from prison after one month and three days. No one knows the exact charge against this...
Friday, August 23, 2013
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Damascus – Near Damascus’ Marjeh Square and Thawra Bridge, a market has emerged where vendors peddle the detritus of war. Stalls with worn-out wooden...
Sunday, June 16, 2013
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Over the past two years, Syrians have been tested daily in their ability to withstand fear and sudden death. Now, thousands of Syrian students are...
Monday, June 3, 2013
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Damascus – The Syrian conflict has not spared Bab Touma. The scourge of shelling and explosions has hit the heart of this gorgeous historical...
Tuesday, February 26, 2013
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