In Homage to the Struggle

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You can’t - and won’t - erase our Nakba from your “independence”

The sounds of celebration have filled the air as the only “democracy” in the Middle East celebrates its so-called independence day. Elsewhere in occupied Palestine there is no such display of festivities. Instead of barbecues and aerial displays you will be met with a funeral cortège — a solemn procession of mourners bringing attention to what some have called Israel’s Columbus Day.

On legitimacy: BDS proponents vs “peace” talkers

It all began with a handshake on the White House lawn — a ‘historic’ American-led inauguration delivered in front of journalists readying mealy-mouthed press releases, and the watchful eye of US President Bill Clinton who was publicly inducting a misguided strategy which began to be known as the “peace process.” Before Clinton’s ‘Declaration of Principles’ there was Jimmy Carter's Camp David Agreement, George H.W. Bush's Madrid peace conference, then came Clinton’s Oslo Accords, George W. Bush's Road Map, and now President Obama's just as stagnant and almost desperate attempts to make something, anything, out of US peace efforts.

Diasporic longings

The diaspora was my mother's water breaking —
It was a surgeon's clamp and my father's hands
nervously guiding a pair of scissors.

Doctors waded through and dissected every syllable of name,
as my head rested in my mother’s arms
while my father whispered surah al-Fatiha* in my ear.

My parents fed me stories of al-Dahiyeh,
they clothed me in south Lebanon
and lulled me to sleep with the perfume of my grandmother's garden
while she hummed songs on the balcony —
the sun dancing across her tongue.

My childhood is written across every line in my mother’s face

Rebranding cultural appropriation

Culinary cultural appropriation is part and parcel of bourgeois methodology — it is one component which contributes to the sustainment of complex economic and political domination of one social class over another. The power of such domination has proven destructive as it willfully facilitates the erasure of entire communities. In the case of Palestine, we find that subjugation of Palestinian society is strengthened by neocolonialism, and by the circulation of slick disinformation which accuses Palestinians of being “an invented people” with one hand, while it steals from indigenous cuisine with the other.

The day after the end of patriarchy

This story was inspired by #ImagineAFeministInternet

The sunlight gently danced across her face until it rested around her eyes, slowly wrestling them open. She roughly turned over, unwilling to yield to the call of the resplendent sun. As soon as sleep began to paralyze and her consciousness began to wane the birds inaugurated their morning performance with back-and-forth screeching. What time is it? She groaned as her hands blindly rode up and down the sides of her bed, searching for her phone — this instrument of subtle madness. 7:02AM, fuck. It was too late to take refuge in sleep now, she had her 40 winks and the luster of the sandman’s grit had long paled. And so she pulled away the bed-sheets and began the arduous task of greeting the morning. Soon the pungent fragrance of coffee pervades the entire house as she fills up her cup with one hand, cellphone held tightly in the other.

#RHD: Resisting Hegemonic Discourses

History is often composed of ignored stories etched out in the stillness, bellowed through fits of madness and confidently whispered behind closed doors — it is an arrangement of words that have fallen between the cracks of hands and lips; patches sewn together, holding narratives tightly in their seams. The media has a hand to play in not only how we come across these narratives but the way in which we view those distributing them. Take for example women of color, who are routinely left stranded on the outskirts watching from afar as they are dissected, analyzed, and their identities methodically wiped away by those in positions of power.

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