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The Ugly Face of the Muslim Brotherhood

It is the season of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are now everywhere. Their rise is not spontaneous, of course.

Qatar is now officially sponsoring the emergence and promotion of the Muslim Brotherhood around the world. Qatar seems to have abandoned its Arab nationalist pretensions and settled instead on various trends and currents of Islamism (even the Taliban now has a base in Doha, Qatar).

Santorum warns of "Eurabia," issues call to "evangelize and eradicate" Muslims

For the past two weeks, the entire mainstream American media homed in on newsletters published by Republican Rep. Ron Paul, an anti-imperialist, conservative libertarian who finished third in last night's Iowa caucuses.

Rick Santorum was against bombing Iran... Then he ran for president

Left: Rick Santorum calls Reza Pahlavi an "enthusiastic advocate of the principles of freedom"

Syrian Propaganda and Arab Uprisings

It has now become official. Propagandists of the Syrian regime (most of whom are Lebanese and are awarded hours of airtime on Syrian regime TV and its sister Dunya TV) have declared war on Arab uprisings – all Arab uprisings. Syrian regime propaganda now peddles the silly New York Times theory that Americans (Gene Sharp or Freedom House or some other outfit) plotted and orchestrated the Arab uprisings to benefit Israel.

Arab League Monitors

The folks of the Syrian National Council (it should be renamed the Syrian National Congress as it increasingly resembles Ahmad Chalabi’s outfit The Iraqi National Congress that served as a tool for the American invasion of Iraq) insisted on Arab League Monitors being sent to Syria. But the Syrian National Council (SNC) has been inconsistent. It started its business by stressing the need for a Syrian solution and it ruled out any outside interference or intervention. It then changed its tune.

The Arab World's Only Respected President — Thus Far

All eyes are on Moncef Marzouki, the newly elected president of Tunisia. He can be considered the only freely elected president or “leader” of an Arab country. To be sure, parliamentary elections do take place in Lebanon but the selection of the president there is done neither by the people nor by the members of parliament, who ostensibly and officially select the president. Foreign embassies have been “electing” Lebanese presidents for decades — long before the eruption of the Lebanese civil war.

After Iraq

US media coverage of US withdrawal from Iraq could not be more distasteful. One can easily imagine press coverage of the waning of the British Empire. US commentators and columnists are vomiting classical colonial arguments and doubts: can the savages rule-themselves by themselves. One reporter in The Washington Post noted casually that sectarian conflict erupted in Iraq in “the middle of the last decade.” This foreign correspondent did not bother to find out why sectarian conflict just erupted in the “middle of the last decade.”

Republican Presidential Candidates and Foreign Policy

It is quite a show. When you watch debates by Republican presidential candidates you feel that you don’t inhabit the same planet as them. Of course, American presidential debates are not real debates. They are staged events where even jokes and quips are pre-rehearsed and scripted in advance.

Obama campaigns with rabbi who doesn't want "too many Arabs" in Israel

On December 16, President Barack Obama delivered a major address to the Union for Reform Judaism, the national umbrella for America's largest liberal Jewish denomination. Obama's speech was a naked appeal for campaign donations and re-election votes, with the standard cant about America's "unshakeable" bond with Israel and the requisite omission of any mention of the Palestinian un-people.

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