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The folks of the Syrian National Council (it should be renamed the Syrian National Congress as it increasingly resembles Ahmad Chalabi’s outfit The Iraqi National Congress that served as a tool for the American invasion of Iraq) insisted on Arab League Monitors being sent to Syria. But the Syrian National Council (SNC) has been inconsistent. It started its business by stressing the need for a Syrian solution and it ruled out any outside interference or intervention. It then changed its tune.

It called – nay pleaded – for Arab League intervention while ruling out Western intervention (under the title of UN or “international community” and various other code words that are used to disguise – in theory – the US/Israeli role). The SNC then changed its tune again and started calling for a no-fly zone (as if the war on Iraq and on Libya did not start with “no-fly zone” rhetoric). The council then accepted international intervention but only “to protect civilians.” The folks of the Syrian National Council assumed that we forgot the NATO bombing campaign in Libya (which included the deployment of ground troops and special forces) was undertaken under the UN pretext of “protecting civilians.” So NATO killed Libyan civilians (as The New York Times revealed in an extensive report) in order to protect Libyan civilians. Such are the rules of the US-dominated UN.

Sheikh Adnan al-Arur (the fanatical cleric based in Saudi Arabia who holds sway among at least some of the protesters and whose name is often chanted in some protests – it would be unfair, of course, to characterize the entire Syrian uprising with his fanatical views as propagandists of the Syrian regime do) went further. He threatened this week to cut off the tongues of any member of the SNC who does not call for international intervention in Syria. No one from the SNC protested the words of Arur. The alliance between Ikhwan and their liberal lackeys is too delicate to bother with reactions to the likes of Arur.

But the goal of calling for international intervention is now clear: on the very first day of the Arab League Monitor’s mission, the SNC declared its failure to undertake its mission. Western media (which now are reduced to publishing the pronouncements and claims of the pro-Saudi Syrian Monitor for Human Rights) quickly echoed the opinion of the council.

The criticisms of the SNC are correct but come very late in the game. They should have been raised earlier and those criticisms apply to (potential) Western intervention in Syria. Neither the Arab League nor Western governments care about the Syrian people. The notion that the league of Arab tyrants are in a position to monitor human rights violations in a sister country is ridiculous. To make the exercise of the Arab League mission more absurd, Qatar selected an intelligence commander from the tyrannical regime of Omar al-Bashir of Sudan to head the Arab League monitoring mission. Those representatives of Arab tyrants wouldn’t recognize human rights violations even if they hit them in the face. The exact nature of their mission is not clear. Qatar is implementing a plan on behalf of the US/Israel, but the public has not been informed of the exact features of the plan.

The Syrian people continue to die; the peaceful uprising remains peaceful in some areas, and has degenerated into sectarian killings in some areas. Clearly, Saudi/Turkish/US/Qatari/Jordanian/Israeli/Hariri intervention in Syrian affairs is only increasing the suffering of the Syrian people but the primary responsibility of the suffering should be blamed on the Syrian regime, which is obligated to protect its population. What other element of legitimacy does the regime parade to the people other than security? And how can the regime claim to protect the population when its army and security forces are still killing protesters (who in his/her right mind buys that all the killings in Syria are the work of “terrorist groups”)?

The mission of the Arab League is not serious. It has so far failed to stop the killing and will not stop the killing. It is merely a phase to camouflage another more dangerous phase that Western governments and their clients in the region have in store for Syria.


The only people for whom the Arab League functions are those which have the most at stake in persuading Americans that Arabs need Western/UN/NATO help, which always arrives with a loaded gun. As the Professor says, its monitoring function is absurd and ridiculous on its face. The only people who don't know that are the ignorant citizens of America and their co-cretins in Europe. Even your average Israeli citizen knows that the Arab League is a joke.

I feel bad--a lot of good it does--for the people in the Middle East who have to live out and die for western fantasies of glory and righteousness. Libya is a great example: The arch-zionist BHL, the stupidest French philosopher ever produced, single-handedly started a war! No one should trust a Messiah who arrives with F-16's!

I truly believe that the West in general is jealous of Arabs, of their perceived uncompromising beliefs and rugged, ingenious character.


Interesting that even when the Professor is mistaken in his Angry Arab blog, his interpretations are always correct. I thanked the Big Bang when I discovered it!

Today's Arabs are ruled by Aljazeera-Qatar and right wing Saudi propaganda. Arabs have little regard for truth, little access to it, and little ability to recognize it.
Truth is an unwelcome entity. It is disturbing. It is off limits. Those who speak it run the risk of being branded unpatriotic “Islam” or “Persian collaborative's.” While doing this they have succumbed to the Israeli-American-Saudi-Project". Welcome to another 100 years of Neo-colonialism.

It seems to me that there are at least two contradictions here:
1) The author mocks the #SNC claim on the failure of the Arab League mission on its first day but he does the same at the end: "The mission of the Arab League is not serious"
2) The author aknowledges the presence of armed groups among Syrian protesters and yet criticises the regime both for failing to protect the syrian people and for killing the protesters.

It's hard to comment on Syria these days without having to face these contradictions

About "peaceful protests", see here

So, the very open anti-Assad and pro-NATO armed gangs aka FSA are cited as a part of Syrian "rebellion". I am sorry, but it is just ridiculous. There could be some real protests, but for now the game is clearly the same as in Libya - an imperialist plot with the help of native lackeys. And no regime could be mostly to blame if NATO dirty hands are at work. Where the NATO goes, blame the NATO first.

Hi NATO-lidia. The solution are elections. Not NATO.

Hi NATO/Saudis-do-not-exist kh :)

And who is calling for elections? Assad or SNC? SNC is sure calling for NATO. Tell them your our opinion, because it is NOT me who see NATO as solution.

I don't see NATO as solution as I don`t see Iran secret backing as a solution. The solution is free and fair election. "And who is calling for elections?" Surely not Assad and Iran. Irani puppets insisted on elections in Iraq to Bremer.

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