The Arab Summit: who will attend and why?

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The UAE is taking the Arab summit very seriously: it sent the ruler of its Fujayrah emirate to represent the state. It is not clear which Saudi prince will represent the kingdom or whether any prince will be dispatched at all. The Syrian government won’t be permitted to send any representative but the Syrian National Coalition won’t be permitted either: no one will represent Syria, or presumably the sponsors of Syrian armed groups will speak on behalf of the Syrian people. Hamas is now considered a terrorist organization by Egypt (officially) and by Saudi Arabia (unofficially) and Abu Mazen of Fateh will be allowed to represent all the Palestinians of the world (although his term in office had expired and although he had dissolved an elected parliament), although Saudi Arabia, UAE and Israel have decided that Mohammed Dahlan is the sole, undisputed representative of the Palestinian people. Lebanon will be sending a president who now serves as the second ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Lebanon and who (not necessary as a result of receiving large sums of money) as of late has reversed his own positions and who ended one of his speeches recently by cheering for the life of the Saudi Kingdom (literally). Only a segment of the Iraqi population will be represented in the summit, while other Arab countries fund and arm other segments. Israel won’t be invited to the Arab summit but Saudi Arabia has become the legitimate representative of the state of Israel in all Arab fora. Bahrain won’t be represented but its ruling dynasty will. Yemen will be represented by its US ambassador who may or may not dispatch the president of Yemen. The Muslim Brotherhood is now a terrorist organization according to Saudi Arabia and its allies but Israel has not been declared a terrorist state. Egypt won’t be represented by its democratically elected president but its coup leader will speak on behalf of the president who is in jail serving time for accusations that his son had used drugs in the past. The king of Morocco (or Commander of the Faithful) will represent Morocco and God simultaneously. Libya will be represented by only one militia. The Algerian president won’t be able to attend due to medical reasons but his physician may send an encouraging report about the status of his ailing patient. Sudan will be represented by the Western creation, South Sudan (which can’t attend because it is rather busy settling a civil war). As for the Arab people, they never were invited to the summit and they never attended.

Correction: This text had previously stated the UAE had sent the ruler of its Ujman emirate to represent the state. This is incorrect, and has been corrected accordingly to state it sent the ruler of its Fujayrah emirate.

Dr. As’ad AbuKhalil is a professor of Political Science at California State University, Stanislaus, a lecturer and the author of The Angry Arab News Service. He tweets @asadabukhalil.


Yigal the Zionist (i.e. colonizer) cannot read or understand what he read. No wonder, Zionism (i.e. colonialism) is bad for one's brain. '
Everything USA(NATO) and Zionists (i.e. colonizers) put their dirty hands to are in a mess. The ME, Africa, even Ukraine :(
Of course, there is always resistance - in Lebanon, in Palestine, in Syria, in Egypt, in Bahrain, even in SA - just like in other places - and in Ukraine too.
By the way, Zionist colony on Palestinian and others' land is a nice case too - a lot of hungry Jewish (!) children, racism between different kinds of Jews (!) and so on. And full support for Nazis in Ukraine and Al-Qaida in Syria. Never mind - with the end of Zionist colony on Palestinian and others' land all of it will stop (probably even hunger of Jewish children)

Are you saying that the Arab world Is In a mess?

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