Background of the Saudi-Israeli Alliance

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The history of Saudi-Israeli relations is not recent. There is now much attention paid to the close relationship (still not fully officially declared or publicly celebrated by the House of Saud) between the Israeli state and the state that derives its legitimacy (according to its rulers) from its ostensible protection of the Muslim holy sites. That the House of Saud and the Israeli state should be this close on the political front should not be surprising at all. In fact, Israel has always enjoyed the closest relationships with right-wing dictators around the world: from apartheid South Africa to the Shah of Iran, to Mobuto in Zaire, to the various right-wing dictatorships in Latin America, which Israel provided with security and military expertise and assistance to kill their leftist dissidents. Similarly, one should be surprised if the House of Saud and the Jewish state were not close.

From the very beginning of the Zionist movement, the Saudi royal family (in the person of the founder to his sons-successors) took a practically indifferent, if not outright sympathetic, look at the project of the Jewish state. King Abdul-Aziz was after all a mere puppet of the British colonial powers, and he did not lose time to prove his credentials (as an obedient puppet) to his masters. Once oil revenues started rolling in (much to the coffers of the American and British oil companies), the Saudi king used his financial wherewithal to influence Arab politics in a manner that suited the interests of his Western sponsors. In the Palestinian revolt of 1936-1939, the king was one of the Arab leaders who exerted much pressures on Hajj Amin Husayni to end the revolt and to allow the British government to prove its good will. The truce that ended the first phase of the revolt in 1937 was crucial in allowing the Zionists and the British to gain momentum and to put an end to Palestinian aspirations by instigating intra-Palestinian feuds: the revolt quickly degenerated into a mini-Palestinian civil war. The role of the Hashemites and of the Nashshashibi family (both of whom were on the payroll of the Zionists) was crucial in those schemes.

And then there is the suspicious and hitherto unrevealed role of St. John Philby, the adviser of King Abdul-Aziz who had extensive dealings with Zionist leaders. His biographer talked about a plan to bribe the Saudi king on behalf of the Zionists. Not much is known about the plan, and whether negotiations conducted to that effect by Philby had the approval or the authorization of the Saudi king.

The Saudi king did not spend much time worrying about the plight of the Palestinians. He was more interested in cementing his relations, first with the British and then with the American government, which he did with the FDR administration, thus establishing one of the longest “strategic” relationship between the US and a foreign country (an extreme dictatorship at that, but that has never been an anomaly for US foreign policy).

A few years after Israel was founded (and not with any role for the Saudi royal family and the token support that all pro-British Arab potentates provided to the Palestinian cause), Gamal Abdel-Nasser emerged as the pan-Arab leader and rival to the House of Saud. The Arab Cold War began, and the House of Saud were from the very beginning in the same camp with Israel and Western powers. It will be a long time before Western powers (who are obsessed with the protection of Gulf dictatorships) release the relevant documents relating to the role of House of Saud in Western Middle East plots and conspiracies.

The eruption of the Yemeni civil war only made the coordination between Israel and Saudi Arabia more plausible and imperative. Again, we don't have much by way of the declassified archives in Western (or Israeli) capitals, but there is a sense (and some evidence) that Israel supplied the Yemeni monarchist rebels. (Israel always takes the side of the monarchies against republican, progressive dissidents, and that has not changed). In the following years, Israel and Saudi Arabia were on the side of Jordanian and Moroccan rulers against their people (and against the Palestinians in the case of Jordan). And both were fiercely opposed to the first Arab Marxist republic in South Yemen.

Yet, the relationship between the two governments was propelled to a much higher level after Sept. 11. The Saudi royal family came under pressure from the public, media, and Congress for their role in funding fanatical movements around the world (as if the US was not a partner in that endeavor – at least until the 1990s). The Saudi royal family made the decision to elevate their covert and semi-overt relationship with Israel in order to win back American congressional approval. The plot worked: The Saudi King vomited his peace plan, and Thomas Friedman and congressional Zionists were impressed.

But the level of Israeli-Saudi coordination increased yet again after the eruption of Arab uprisings: Saudi and Israeli foreign policy have mirrored one another on Egypt and Iran. The two may not have seen eye-to-eye on Syria, but they seem to have put their trust in the Free Syrian Army. Nevertheless, this unusual closeness between the two countries can’t come without a heavy price to be paid now or later by the Saudi royal family.

The relationship between Israel and the Saudi government was also facilitated by the US. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia were on the side of the US not only against communists and leftists around the world but also against liberation movements from Latin America to Vietnam. We don't know, of course, the extent to which Israel and Saudi Arabia coordinated directly, but it would be foolish to assume that the anti-Semitism of King Faysal, for example, prevented him from appeasing Zionists in the US and Israel. His relationship with Henry Kissinger are quite telling. The Saudi royal family and the Wahhabi clerics never saw a contradiction between their anti-Semitism and their coordination with the Israeli state, especially when the coordination bolstered the Saudi place in US foreign policy plans.

When Anwar Sadat visited Israel, a new rupture hit Arab politics. While Sadat established an alliance with Israel (an alliance to be continued and expanded under Hosni Mubarak), with US blessing and sponsorship, it is wrongly assumed that the whole Arab world was united against him. We know now that King Husayn and King Fahd maintained a close relationship with Sadat, and may have encouraged him in his liquidationist plans. And after Sadat's assassination, it was the Saudi government that helped to reintegrate the Egyptian regime into the "Arab fold" and without any changes to the Camp David Accords and the Egyptian-Israeli treaty.

The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait took the relationship to another level, and the extent to which Saudi Arabia helped in "restraining" Israel, as its reluctant agreement to not respond to Saddam Hussein's missiles is called. But it was Sept. 11 that took the relationship between the two regimes to a much higher level altogether.


Israel's is secret allies with Hezbollah and Hamas too. Why don't you disclose that? The secret friendship between them is based on their mutual desire to rule the world. Israelis can be seen often in Cairo tring to overthrow the governments of Nigeria, Malysia, Egypt and Iraq. They have no interest in Tunisia. It is well known in our world that Obama is really Jewish

Man you are so utterly deluded if you believe what you are saying. And if you do not believe in what you are saying you are naive to believe that your hocus locus can convince anybody.

You are not convinced of because you have determined long ago that you will never allow yourself to be convinced by any fact and/or truth that you perceive to be in yourself interest. But your underlying assumption that no one will be convinced by the facts and arguments presented in this article by the academic About Khalil, whose intellectual integrity is beyond any reproach even by his academic colleagues zionists like you or zionist sympathizers like you, will not convince the except the already convinced and converted to your zionist ideology.

Last time I checked Obama was a Muslim, a Liberation Theology Christian and a socialist. Now he is a Jewish too. Really, Obama is something, but with Hezballah the ally of Zionists nothing is impossible LOL

As we call it in Russia, a city's madman got a PC with internet, I guess :(

And who opposed the treachery of King Abd al-Ingleez at the time and the subsequent treacheries of Aal-Su'ood, who are in the Saudi dungeons by the tens of thousands, whose hundreds of ulama and shuyookh inside and outside of Saudi, condemned Saudi treachery and their donkey ulama, unlike the dregs of the mumana'a az-za'ifah which sanctifies their traitors, why the hypocrisy? Why didn't your ilk condemn their traitors?

Has anyone noticed how the English of the indefatigable Abu Umar improved over the years. Being a fan of this under-rated genius, I have. :)

In the list of right wing friends of the Zionists you gracefully forgot to mention the local militias - Sabra and Shatila....

dear As'ad,
you might have noted that the Secret Pals are currently feeling quite lonesome, with Pres Obama's betrayal of the Syrian revolution.
I'm not the only one who misses Pres GW Bush!

The fan of the stupidest prez in USA history (no mean feat) still whining about human-heart-eating sectarian mass-murderers (mostly non-Syrians) aka "rebels" are being not so eagerly supported by Obama the mass murderer as the fan of the stupidest prez in USA history (no mean feat) would like. In this fan of the stupidest prez in USA history (no mean feat) is in good company with Saudi royals and Zionists - the most backward and undemocratic specimens of the ME.

"human-heart-eating sectarian mass-murderers"

One act by one fighter means all the Syrian rebels(who no doubt have criminals and thugs) are as such while this know-nothing Jewish Jezebel whitewashes the sectarian scorched-earth policy of the Neo-Qarmati Assadi and Safawi forces. The Americans backed Iran's thuwar Nato ten-fold to anything to they did in Syria with absolute silence from the Iranian regime and Hezbollah.

Re: "One act by one fighter means"

It has not been, as you claim, "one act by one fighter". What we have witnessed and continue to witness is a Takfiri-Wahhabi ideology adopted by the Islamist Jihadi terrorists from all countries who intend to ethnic cleanse all those who believe in reason and tolerance in Syria. It is not one act by one fighter. It is the destruction of the nonsectarian character of the Syrian State that these Takfiris and terrorists are trying to achieve by terror and the eating of human hearts.

The sectarian and proud AU is so right - after all, not every al-Qaida type was proudly shown himself eating human body parts, most of them are only shown themselves beheading, murdering children for "insulting" Muhammad or just for being of the "wrong" sect.
And sure, Syrian army is very "sectarian" - while consisting of members of all sects of Syria and while not asking for the sectarian affiliation. As a matter of fact, the majority of Syrian Army soldiers could be sunni.
But sectarian and proud AU still prefer "his" sectarian fighters, who are on payroll of Saudi royals and CIA and with whom Zionists are more then happy - after all, they murder Hezballah fighters, who otherwise could be of danger to Zionists.

I wish Dr. abu Khalil would name any contacts between Israelis and Saudis. There's very little in this post that I'd feel comfortable quoting to a third party. The paragraph that begins with, "Both Israel and Saudi Arabia were on the side of the US not only against communists and leftists around the world..." doesn't satisfy as a source of information. It's like saying there was an alliance between the US and Soviet Union because they both supplied Iraq during 1980's Gulf war.

On the other hand, I'm surprised he doesn't mention Israel's tacit approval of the 60bn arms package to Saudi.

Re: "I wish Dr. abu Khalil would name any contacts…".

It is not clear what thesis you want to defend. You wish from About Khalil to do your homework for you! If you do not agree with him, you can try to refute his argument with facts and logic. But since you have failed to do that, we can assume that you find yourself incapable of refuting him.

Huge US military sales to KSA have little effect on Israel or IRAN. It is a price to pay by the KSA for the US to protect the hated Saudi regime.

Are you suggesting that the contents of the article are false?

No. I'm just thinking Saudi Arabia appeasing Israel might be a better title, if there's no evidence of direct coordination available.

Asaad... something missing up in your comment, could you finish it please?

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