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For all intents and purposes, Bahrain is forgotten. The people of Bahrain and their struggle will never get the attention and admiration of people and governments in the West.

This week, it was rather ironic to watch and listen to BBC coverage of Bahrain in comparison to their coverage of Syria. Activists who were interviewed were treated like criminals, while Syrian activists are allowed to make all sorts of claims, even claims that are not substantiated. The BBC sneered at the use of fire bombs by some protesters in Bahrain, while Syrian activist are permitted to call for the use of arms on the air. Hillary Clinton called on the Syrian people to keep their arms and “logistical” help that has been provided to the Free Syrian Army (which is a collection of bands and gangs operating under names derived from Islamic history and from rulers of gas and oil kingdoms). Yet, the spokesperson of the US Department of State called on the protesters of Bahrain to show “restraint.” If she called on the protesters in Syria to show restraint she would have been fired.

The struggle of the people of Bahrain is as old as the history of modern Bahrain. The political dynamics in Bahrain can not be reduced to the sectarian framework that is now being imposed by the Bahraini royal family and by the Saudi and Qatari media. Western media simply follows suit, and they unfailingly refer to the protests and opposition in Bahrain in sectarian terms.

They have refrained from attaching sectarian labels to the blatantly sectarian gangs and organizations in Syria. Secular and Arab nationalist movements dominated the struggle of the people in Bahrain during the Arab cold war, and the Bahraini labor movement has been one of the most vibrant movements in the region.

But the people of Bahrain are doomed. The majority of the people of Bahrain happen to be Shia and that is sufficient to demonize the entire population of Bahrain. All their protests and all their complaints and grievances are reduced to Shia sectarian agenda, tied to Iran, of course.

It is rather amusing to watch Western governments subscribe to the agenda and rhetoric of GCC countries, which are subcontractors – mere implementers – of US/Israeli policies in the Middle East. The word Shia has to appear in every sentence in every commentary on Bahrain. Western media may not be as blatantly sectarian as mouthpices of Saudi princes, like the notorious Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat, but they reflect the same bias.

The Bahraini royal family is quite fortunate. The presence of the Fifth Fleet sends a message in the region and the world that the little island is “vital” to US national security interests. Its proximity to Saudi Arabia adds to its umbrella of repressive regional and international protection.

News of an imminent unity between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia could not come at a better time for the House of Khalifah. The two ruling families would enjoy having a larger kingdom with double the repression. The House of Khalifah knows that they have lost support with the bulk of the Bahraini population. Only force can keep them in power – some form of power, because the Saudi military intervention basically put the House of Saud in charge of Bahrain.

But the Bahraini youth won’t take it sitting down. They have courageously kept up the pressure and have been transcending the waffling Wifaq, which is never sure what it wants, and which is too timid to even criticize Saudi Arabia and its intervention in Bahrain. Bahraini youth are likely to press on, but they won’t be portrayed as heroes in the Western press.

Western media and governments don’t even bother with the story of Bahrain. David Cameron came up this week with the standard Western response to a threat to a client of the US. He said Bahrain is not Syria. He should have added that Saudi Arabia is Sweden.


sectarian trolls such as "Douri of The South"/Michal are amusing me. They opposed Iraqi Shiites such as Ahmad Chalabi, Maliki and Allawi but support their Sunni versions in Syria (Ghalioun, Mahomoud al-Homsi, Radwan Ziadeh and Kodami).

Chalabi hanged out with zionist neocons like Lieberman just like Radwan Ziadeh who is working in a anti-Palestinian pro-israeli neocon think thank in Washington. al-Homsi has pictures with Lieberman and zionist right-wingers in the US and Italy.

Thanks to the Arab spring at one thing which exposing the sectarian hypocrites while differentiating them from real principlist such as As'ad AbuKhalil. As'ad abuKhalil oppose sectarian/neocon/zionist stooges no matter they are Iraqi Shia or Syrian Sunnis. The same supporters of the sectarian Syrian oppositions (SNC/FSA and other Islamists) used to love when As'ad AbuKhalil expose the Iraqi opposition.

And by the way how did an article on Bahrain became a discussion about Syria?

Gamal Abdul Nasser said: to liberate Al-Quds, we have to liberate Riyadh first. the only way the Arab world can get rid of dictatorship, backwardness, sectarianism, gulf and US/Israeli imperialism, sexism, tribalism and conservatism is by destroying the roots of evil aka Saudi Arabia/Qatar/Jordan.

Wow your name is Omar and that says you're not sectarian.

An Excerpt.

The House of [Assads] knows that they have lost support with the bulk of the [Syrian] population. Only force can keep them in power – some form of power!

More Accurate but Never Mentioned!

Douri of the South,

BintJbail, Lebanon

Douri of the south is an imposter. He's none other than the sectarian shia hating Karim Hari.
Proof is in the comments section here. In one comment he forgot to erase his name in the text box and signed with Douri of the South.
2al min Bint Jbail 2al.

To the so-called (hezbeleb):

I checked your claim about my the confusion you try to make about my identity-
I went back to the link.(Submitted by Karim Hari (not verified) on Sat, 2012-03-10 02:19.
"About Iran: How Many Persians Died for Palestine?).

Indeed, there is mistake there! The editorial mistakenly attributed that particular article to
the so-called (Karim Hari). Indeed it does not belong to him/her.

You should be confident now that you’re aiming your anger at (Douri of the South) who is an Arab (Muslim of Shii’a stock)
from the town of BintJbail in the heart of Southern Lebanon. Yippee!!!!!!

Douri of the South,

BintJbail, Lebanon

Oh, ok. Forgiveness please!! That put that matter to rest.
This is like the zionists when they self-investigate and give a verdict absolving them of all wrong doing. Keep at it Karim Hari or Douri.

To the so-called (hezbeleb):

When a person becomes unreasonable, no medication could reclaim his/her sanity.

When I requested the editorial of Al-Akhbar correct its mistake of the aforementioned articles-that should have been enough to any sound person.

Only online Shabbiha like you are interested of our identities to cause us harm emulating
the great butchers in Damascus(Father and Son.) Here we go!

Douri of the South,

BintJbail, Lebanon

It should be enough, for impressionable people. But if you have a shred of intelligence you'd know that it proves not that you're not Karim Hari. You've been found out and I will be on your case pasting that article everytime you write Karim or AbuUmar or Douri. Ok. Are people in Bint jbeil calling other people who don't agree with them shabbiha now as well. Amazing how it spreads, huh. Salam Karim.

Why have Hezbollah and Amal making nonstop takhween for months of all of the Syrian opposition on Al-Manar and NBN, when they didn't utter a single word of takhween against their Afghan and Iraqi allies who came to power on American tanks? Why the hypocrisy except the sectarian cowardice and double standards?

It is rather amusing to watch Al Akhbar subscribe to the agenda and rhetoric of Syrian government, which is a subcontractor – mere implementer – of Iranian policies in the Middle East. The word Sunni has to appear in every sentence in every commentary on Syria. Al Akhbar may not be as blatantly sectarian as mouthpieces of Iranian clerics, like the notorious Press TV, but they reflect the same bias.

It's hard not to admire Dr. As'ad audacity.

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