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It is abundantly clear that Israel has been involved in every Arab (and several non-Arab) civil and inter-state wars over the decades. There is hardly a civil war in which Israel was not criminally involved on the side of the most reactionary party. From Yemen to Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan, Western Sahara, Oman and Iraq, Israel has consistently involved itself – usually on the side of a repressive regime, or a repressive army or militia. Israel has been involved in the affairs of Lebanon since the 1950s, at least.

Israel has also been involved in Syrian affairs for decades. The story of Elie Cohen has been told too many times, and the failure of Cohen – it is rarely mentioned in the Western heroic portrayal of him that he was after all caught, which is not the ultimate prize for any spy – has been covered up in all those pro-Israeli movies and books. Cohen basically opened a brothel in Damascus on behalf of the Mossad, and hoped that drunken officers and low-level government clerks would open up late into the night. It has never been established that Cohen really obtained crucial secrets as was claimed. And Arab enemies of Amin Hafiz [leader of the 1963 coup that brought the Baath party to power in Syria and subsequent president] and Israeli propagandists both promoted the false story about links between Hafiz and Cohen.

Israel, of course, regards the eruption of civil war in any Arab country as a golden opportunity to enter the scene, usually with the assistance of one of the two sides of the conflict. Syria has not been as safe as Lebanon has been for Israeli espionage, but this may soon change. There are already Western media reports about the arrival of Mossad terrorists in Syria, through the entrances that are run by Turkey and their client, the Free Syrian Army. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood has had direct and indirect relations with Israel for years. They have been allies of the Jordanian King Hussein (by his own admission in a famous televised speech that Hafez al-Assad compelled him to make) and of the pro-Israeli right-wing militias in Lebanon during the civil war. Israeli weapons reached the Muslim Brotherhood militias through the Phalanges in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

It is too early to write about the Israeli role in the Syrian conflict but American officials – for purely domestic reasons – are quite transparent that Israel is consulted on every Western decision concerning Syria. In fact, the Israeli factor may be behind the American preference for the preservation of the Syrian regime, but without Bashar al-Assad. Israel remains unclear whether it wants a change of regime or not, although the proliferation of radical Islamist groups in Syria may have made Israel nervous, and Israel may have pressured the US to abstain from delivering shipments of arms to Syria. Israel, however, may be supporting certain elements of the armed opposition groups in order to gain a foothold among them.

The recent Israeli attack on Syria is not its first, and it came on the heels of the Israeli bombings of Sudan, and Gaza and the West Bank in Palestine. The objective of the Israeli bombing is not clear and the Syrian regime is typically circumspect about the Israeli target or targets. The Syrian regime typically resorted to its language about waiting to pinpoint the “time and place” of Syria and said – yet again – that it reserves the right to respond to Israeli aggression. There was little condemnation from the side of the exile Syrian opposition, despite whispered mumblings here and there and some effortful words by a few individuals who claimed that they are not happy about the Israeli bombing (the lip service that the Syrian March 14 movement pays to the cause of enmity towards Israel is a replica of the Lebanese March 14 version).

And the Syrian regime, despite its pathetic lack of a response to past acts of Israeli aggression against Syria, is now in a more difficult position. If it does not act in response to Israeli aggression, it will be quite embarrassing for the regime to justify the use of fighter jets and helicopter gunships in its internal conflict (for purposes of regime preservation), but not for defending Syrian territory against Israeli attacks. The Syrian army, which has by and large remained loyal to the regime, could face major defections in protest against this regime reluctance. But if the regime responds to Israeli attacks, Israel can inflict severe damage to the military power of the regime which is needed to protect the regime. Either way, the regime could suffer, although it would change the contours of the conflict if it were to respond against Israel in a major way.

Israel must be nervous as the earth all around it shakes vigorously. The region today is quite different from the quiet environment that Israel has been accustomed to since the US and Sadat removed the Egyptian army from the Arab-Israeli conflict. But the changes in the region are not complete and the earth will continue to shake until some form of political or maybe revolutionary transformation takes shape. It is not easy to predict the final outcome, but it is possible to predict that the region will increasingly look unsafe for Israeli occupation and aggression. That in itself is good news.


With his usual enthusiasm for it, AbuKhalil whips up a fluffy anti-Zionist omlet out of one tiny little egg. :: the ègg? Israel is willing to pull the trigger on weapons transfers to Hizbo ; only a military calculus is revealed.
What IS Isràel's Syria policy. ??? I can only hope that the " Mossad terrorists " can see the benefits of thhe complete destruction of the Assad regime.

year, the fan of the most dumb prez in USA history (no mean feat) is smart as usually. CIA mass murderers, kidnappers and tortures sure could "see the benefits of the complete destruction of the Qaddafi regime." Some of them have been already "thanked" by grateful Libyans they had helped to do it - "ambassador" was one of them. Maybe Mossad mass murderers, kidnappers and tortures are a bit less dumb than their CIA pals, and thus - than the fan of the most dumb prez in USA history

I don't think the zionists are concerned about the "proliferation of radical islamists in Syria". These have always been there and those among them brandishing weapons and fighting the regime and cutting throats of those who oppose them can be neatly tucked away when the GCC turn off their money tap. And Saudi Arabia will do that for the zionists. I mean why didn't the "Free" Syrian Army (emphasis on free) respond to the zionist attack. They would have scored major points against the regime by underlining the regime's impotence and cowardice and at the same time demonstrating their valor and courage (which cleary they also only reserve to show against their own people).
This attack was either meant to be the spark of a bigger conflict or at the very least a show of support by the zionists to their friends the gulfies and the turks. It was most likely a gesture to the turks. It probably served as an apology to the boat incident of 2009 as well as a revenge for the downing of a turkish plane by the Syrian regime..

Amal, Hezbollah, and the Iranian regime were totally silent on their buddies who rode to power on American tanks and you have the audacity to continue your hypocritical takhween?! If the Syrian conflict was wholly about the Palestinian cause, than why did the Assadi regime and Amal wage war on the Palestinian resistance in Lebanon instead of applying "Assad aw nahruq al-balad".
I forgot Hamas is more treacherous than your buddies like Chalabi, Karzai and Maliki.

I suppose sectarian AU is too busy defending his buddies from the "right" sect, doing the bidding of GCC, NATO and Zionists in Syria. So AU has no spare time to even invent something new, and still has to use "rode to power on American tanks"

So, according to this guy, either:
* Israelis are so brilliant that they can manipulate the entire Arab world, involving themselves in Arab civil wars without fear of retribution due to their military strength, political pull in the West and overall toughness.
* Arabs are so weak, corrupt, stupid and hobbled socially, politically and militarily that they can be pushed and pulled by a nation of 7 million (albeit, a nation with a space program, nuclear program, massive air force, unrivaled regional armed forces, robust democracy and booming economy).
It could not be the unfounded ravings of conspiracy and deflection. The blame for the backwardness and medievalism of the Arab world must be blamed on microscopic Israel.
Now I get it.
Either way, I would say that the Arab world should just call it a day and start learning Hebrew like that they do in Gaza. They can pretend it is for "knowing thy enemy." We in the Real World know that it is for "knowing thy future trading partner and employer."

What a scandle ! every word is purely truth...

Barry, it's over, you cannot withstand the Palestinian demographic tsunami, it's time for you Zionists to book your one-way ticket out of Palestine for a permanent aliyah, go make the desert bloom somewhere else.

You may not like what Barry says, but don't cling to the eternal "get out of Palestine" rubbish. It'll never happen.More likely you'll all kill one another before you get to resolve the "Palestinian Issue".
Just read today's Al Akbar head lines- scores dead In Syria, unrest In Oman,Tunisia,riots In Egypt, bomb In Baghdad,fighting In Mali,massacre In S.Sudan,etc. Your brothers are too busy killing one another, let alone unite for a common purpose. Unless you consider killing your fellow, neighbor, constructive. Sadly, your enemies grin and wish you "good luck to all sides" on their murderous agenda.
Get off your high Ideology horse and put your efforts to clean house.

Yes, sure, the aparteid Zionism in Palestine is forever, dream on. And "divide and rule" by Zionism and other imperialist forces is not something new as well. Still, where is Rhodesia now?

Please tell us more about how "backwards" and "medieval" it is to oppose apartheid states

So Syria, now that they are finally getting the up hand clearing out the Israeli run mercs terrorizing their country, should drop all that, and go fight Israel.

Hey, brilliant.

The main reason Israel struck was to get that exact Syrian response. Then they run to sugar daddy USA and NATO and have their full scale war against Syria. And as a bonus, maybe against Iran, too. The terrorist campaign against Syria has been an Israeli covert war against Syria from the beginning.

Anybody who isn't a total idiot or an Israeli tool knows that now.

Nice excuse. So what about the 40 years before 2011? What was your justification for Syrian cowardice in the battle against israel during that time period?

Btw if a small bunch of fanatics are able to take a Syrian airbase, I would say the regime is far from getting the "up hand" as you call it.

A phantastic article and analysis of the crimes of Israel all over the world.

You may recall the FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. She has been issuing remarkable analyses of the US's undercover networks for the last 12 years, presumably following the advice of her lawyer very closely, because she is under all kinds of injunctions preventing her from doing just that. Anyway, last week she gave an absolutely epochal interview to a certain James Corbett, in which she explained that (a) Gladio was worldwide and proactive; (b) Gladio Mk 1 was rolled up after the Susurluk catastrophe of 1996; and (c) Gladio Mark 2 which replaced it used Islamist networks instead of ultra-nationalist ones. I recommend finding this interview, because it puts al-Qaeda firmly in a Gladio context.

Well, I would like to point to some news articles bringing a bit more light to Israeli and Israel firsters involvement in the Syrian conflict.

1st) Conflict initialization: David Ignatius is a good friend of Israel. He wrote about Obamas secret "Presidential Study Directive 11" - the basis for the start of the arab spring - signed in August 2010:

"Obama is placing a big bet that democratic governments will be more stable and secure, and thereby enhance U.S. interests in the region. My own instinct, as someone who has been visiting the Arab world for more than 30 years, is that Obama is right."

Source: David Ignatius: "Obama's calculated gamble" - Washington Post Writers Group, March 06, 2011

So, if David Ignatius knew Obamas "arab spring" plan and supported it, it's highly likely that Israel knew & supported it, too.

2nd) Israeli objectives in Syria: Efraim Halevy, director of the Mossad from 1998 to 2002, explained them in February 2012 as the following:

"Iran’s foothold in Syria enables the mullahs in Tehran to pursue their reckless and violent regional policies — and its presence there must be ended. ... Iran is intent on assuring its hold over the country regardless of what happens to Mr. Assad — and Israel and the West must prevent this at all costs. ... Getting Iran booted out of Syria is essential for Israel’s security. And if Mr. Assad goes, Iranian hegemony over Syria must go with him. Anything less would rob Mr. Assad’s departure of any significance."

Source: Efraim Halevy: "Iran’s Achilles’ Heel" - February 7, 2012, NYTimes

3rd) Which group Israel supports in Syria? Quote from above: "There is hardly a civil war in which Israel was not criminally involved on the side of the most reactionary party." Which group is the "most reactionary party" in Syria? See which group in Syria the Washington Post (an extremist zionist paper that gave a column to Jennifer Rubin) praised. Quote:

"Jabhat al-Nusra is the only Syrian rebel group that posts on a Web forum that is used by al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri and known affiliates of the terrorist network. ... “We are together,” he said. “There is good coordination.” And although many in the Free Syrian Army say they reject the ideology of Islamist extremism, the fighters of Jabhat al-Nusra are regarded “as heroes” in Aleppo, said Abu Feras, a spokesman for the Aleppo Revolutionary Council. “They fight without fear or hesitation,” he said. ... “To be honest, we have received some support, but I don’t know from where,” he said, adding that the assistance was in the form of cash couriered in from Turkey."

Source: Justin Vela and Liz Sly: "In Syria, group suspected of al-Qaeda links gaining prominence in war to topple Assad" - August 19, 2012, Washington Post

So, the zionist Washington Post laudes the Nusra Front, which is argueably the most reactionary party in Syria, in the highest tunes. This group is organized by an anonymous "Al Qaeda" web forum - which is - as I understand it hosted in London, and paid by anonymous cash couriers in Turkey.

So, if I add two and two together, I can imagine, which is one of the groups acting as a covert front of the Israelis in Syria.

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