Muslim Brotherhood in Power: Foreign Policies of Mubarak

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We have seen enough of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood: primarily in Egypt, and even in Libya and Tunisia through variants. We can also see the features of the rule of the Muslims Brotherhood in Syria through the political vehicle that it controls. The era of the Muslim Brotherhood has begun to end as soon as it started.

The evaluation of the Muslim Brotherhood has been harsh, but only because the movement has tossed too many slogans, made too many promises and declared too many intentions over the years. It not only declared Jihad against Israel, but it has vomited blatantly sectarian anti-Jewish rhetoric in its discourse on the Arab-Israeli question. The Brotherhood was adamant about the need for the abrogation of Camp David and for the need for solidarity with the Palestinians. Yet, the Brothers rule Egypt and are rearranging the chairs according to their own views and plans. They are making appointments to increase their control over the affairs of government and society, but there are no signs of deviations from the foreign policies of Hosni Mubarak.

Gaza still suffers from a cruel siege. The Brothers used to send delegations to show solidarity with the people of Gaza and they often yelled and fulminated about the need for lifting the siege on Gaza, but they remain committed to the siege of Gaza as engineered by Israel and implemented by Mubarak. The plight of the Palestinians in Gaza has deteriorated as Mursi’s government has destroyed more vital tunnels between Gaza and Egypt, all to prop up the credentials of the Brothers in the eyes of US and Israel.

Worse, Mursi indicated to Hillary Clinton that Egypt desires to cooperate with Israel in the war on “terrorism.” Indeed, the Sinai military campaign was undertaken on behalf of Israel. It was intended to pave the ground for the visit by Mursi to the US. Mursi requested a meeting with Obama, but Obama did not wish to grant him a meeting so close before the election, because it would have been exploited by his political enemies here. The Muslim Brotherhood not only does not call for the cancellation of the Camp David Accords and the peace treaty with Israel: it now sometimes timidly talks about revision to the treaty, when they only mean that they wish Israel would permit the Egyptian armed forces to undertake more military operations in Sinai for the protection of Israel.

Concerning the Arab world, Mursi has basically preserved the foreign policies of his predecessors. The Muslim Brotherhood clamped down on youthful protests against Saudi tyranny, which persecutes thousands of Egyptians in Saudi Arabia. The Muslim Brotherhood silenced voices of criticism of Saudi Arabia in the Egyptian media. Mursi made a point of making Saudi Arabia his first destination and ignored the Saudi sponsorship of the Hosni Mubarak dictatorship.

In financial matters, the Muslim Brotherhood still wishes to tie Egyptian economy to the dictates of Western lending institutions. Even the so-called moral vision of the Brotherhood is now sacrificed to attract tourists to Egypt. But the leadership of the Brotherhood forget that people will judge their days in power through their own promises and their own visions.

It did not take long for us to see the true colors of the Brotherhood. They waited for a long time to reach power and once they sat on the throne, so to say, they merely put men in beards in positions and posts created by the Mubarak regime that serviced the US and Israel. Public opinion surveys already indicate that the people are already disenchanted with the movement that speaks two or three languages: one in Arabic and one in English; one before reaching power, and one after reaching power. Maybe the path to the demise of the Ikhwan had to pass through the ballot box.


"We have seen enough of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood"

And I've had enough of your lies, your hypocritical and sectarian takhween, and your claimed monopolization of the Palestinian cause as if it justs belong to you and the Palestinian people don't need you to confront their traitors nor do Sunnis, go clean your house and ask your buddies in Hezbollah and the Iranian regime why they were totally silent on their thuwar Nato while they have "khawano al-akhdar wal-yaabis" against all of the Syrian opposition, in which there is traitors, no doubt. How can the "Resistance" demand the support of Bashar, no matter what because of their support of the Palestinian cause, when many of them waged many wars against the Palestinian resistance in Lebanon?

"Sinai military campaign was undertaken on behalf of Israel"
for you information it all happened because some takfiris killed egyptian soldiers in Ramadan at the time of iftar
would the Gov even if its MD like you claim stay silent and send the takfiris maloukhia ?
you know that takfiris are more dangerous than salafis they not only see all muslims as kafirs they also see it as their duty to kill all of them including you!
and you claim that MB is busy taking control instead of fulfuling his promises of solidarity with Palestinians
for you information the gov is still full of old regime pawns
and will sabotage any effort made by the gov to change its foreign policy
and there many foullous that are still chanting the mantra "Palestinians are a threat to Egypt interest"
Moris have yet to clean the apparatus from the Folloul
and the Justice supreme court controversy is to show how these encroaching serpents are ready to bit if anyone try to root them out of their holes
but sadly the new-opposition (including leftist) is more busy with political calculations (sabotaging MB reputation to win the next election) while its still too early for that and the enemy is among them (inside the Executive, Judiciary and the Media)

"We have seen enough of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood". That`s funny. 3 Months is enough for you after 60 Years of Dictatorship and 30 Years of sheer corruption and cronyism. You still hope the left take over egypt. I just wondering.

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