Storming the Israeli Occupation Embassy

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It will be a definitive moment—or one of the definitive moments in the on-going history of the Egyptian uprising. People may be compelled to distinguish between the history before the storming of the Israeli embassy in Cairo and the history after it. The media of the Arab counter-revolution (primarily Saudi and Qatari) were very nervous and awkward in covering the story. It happened on a Friday when all the propaganda outlets should be focused exclusively on Syria (because the rest of the Arab world has become democratic, thanks to efforts of Gulf Cooperatoin Council (GCC) in the region.

Al-Arabiya (the news station of King Fahd’s brother-in-law) posted an odd picture showing barely anybody in Tahrir Squre accompanied by a story about “tens” of protesters attacking the Israeli occupation embassy in Cairo. Aljazeera Arabic was busy talking to Abu Muhammad and other unidentified witnesses in Syria as part of its propaganda show for Friday (which is so crude and sensational that it winds up helping the propaganda efforts of the repressive regime because Aljazeera has now stooped to the level of typical Arab regimes TV stations). Yet, all stations later realized that the story was big and is getting bigger. They were compelled to cover it although Saudi papers did not mind ignoring the story. Aljazeera’s correspondent in Cairo, who is an unabashed propagandist for the Military Council, basically condemned the protesters on the air, while the weak correspondent of Lebanese MTV expressed alarm at the protests because—he said—the “goals of the revolution have been achieved.” Egyptian liberals were very uneasy: the task of Arab liberals is to impress the White Man, and this moment was very embarrassing for them. Arab liberals are embarrassed by Arab popular antipathy toward Israel.

Zionists in Israel and the West were very nervous: Israeli media did what they often do: Propagate lies and fabrications. Israeli media earlier claimed that the Israeli embassy was not stormed. Only when the footage from the inside of the embassy was released by al-Masir al-Yawm, did the media admit the obvious. The New York Times and other Zionist media quickly agreed on the following scenario:
1) That the attack on the wall was a violent act (soon it will be classified as a terrorist act and perpetrators would be added to the US list of most dangerous Arab terrorists);
2) That the attackers were not really protesters but were “football hooligans”. Zionists cannot accept or acknowledge the extent of Arab hatred for Israel and for Israelis. One can never underestimate the extent to which Zionists delude themselves: they wanted to believe that King Abdullah of Jordan spoke for all Palestinians; they wanted to believe that Nasser was not popular; they wanted to believe that the PLO was hated by Palestinians; they wanted to believe that Palestinians would forget their homeland in a decade or two; they wanted to believe that Bashir Gemayel can lead Lebanon towards “peace” with Israel; and they wanted to believe that Mubarak’s regime is immortal.

The showdown at the embassy was revealing. It exposed the delusional character of Zionist commentaries on the Egyptian Uprising. Thomas Friedman and other Zionists—including Arab cheerleaders for Zionists—have insisted for months that the Egyptian Uprising had no foreign policy goals. They wanted to believe that no uprising or even revolution can alter the Camp David reality. Zionists wanted to believe that Israel’s status in the region following Sadat’s ill-cited visit to Jerusalem would never change.

All these misconceptions were put to rest. Arab popular anger at Israel is very real, Israeli wishful thinking notwithstanding. Israel is increasingly being revealed as weak and impotent, regardless of its military superiority. The details of Israeli diplomatic activities during the embassy showdown were very revealing. How Field Marshal Tantawi, not known for his strong personality or defiance, ignored repeated phone calls to his office from top Israeli officials. How Israeli leaders repeatedly called US officials to help them evacuate their staff, terrorists and spies from Egypt. Israel has only the US to rely on, although the US is the best ally to have in this world we live in. But this behavior by Israeli officials during the crisis reveals a serious strategic failure on behalf of Israel. Even US help and rescue won’t save Israel from what will inevitably befall it.


Of course we always need the hand of the kind white man to guide us barbarians even when we are revolting. Attacking the israeli embassy represents an attempt by the Egyptian youth to right all the wrongs that have been done in the past. Dictators and Kings wont be around forever to protect israel from the arab people. I think I am being honest when I say we dont have anything against the jewish people of the world, but israel has got to go, jewish or no jewish you can not come around to a part of the world and commit a million war crimes and expect to be accepted, this simply isnt how it works.
Its not anti-semitic to claim one's rights, its not anti-semitic to condemn war crimes, and it is not anti-semitic to defend your homeland, we dont have anything against jews or anyone else. The israelis always claim that the land belonged to their ancestors, suppose I trace back my ancestry back to any part of the world, can I go there and take it by force and claim it is rightfully mine?
And quite frankly through the example of hezbollah, although I dont quite support their secterian agenda we now understand that no one gives you your rights, YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT!

As'ad AbuKhalil has gone further and further off the rails in recent years. What started out as thoughtful commentary has degenerated into a racist polemic against Jews (oh no, just "Israelis"), journalists, other progressives, and more. We can all clearly see the foaming at the mouth, and hear you constantly beating the drums of war. Only in America could someone like this keep a teaching job. Let you serve as an example of ignorance and hate mongering to the poor kids in Stanislaus who could not get into even a third tier Uni.

I did not see one mention of the word "jew" in this blog until you commented. Strange that only a demagogue like yourself would bring that up huh? Seems that zionists have ran out of propaganda methods. In fact, it can be said that you're the only anti-semite here for even bringing that issue up right? Nobody else did until you came up...

"Zionists cannot accept or acknowledge the extent of Arab hatred for Israel and for Israelis.''

It 's all situational, which means it all depends on their propaganda needs. When it's time to zap American public opinion -- say, to head off some timid half move by an administration to reign in the settlements or advance the "peace process" a millimeter or so -- then the Arabs are bloodthirsty savages who know only one language: that of force, might, beatings.

But right now, the Israelis clearly feel it is in their best interests to cool things down, which means pretending that the embassy occupation was a just a soccer riot gone astray. Or maybe just this once they've decided to throw the Obama White House a bone, since it's CLEARLY in their interests to cool things down.

Either way, it doesn't tell us anything about what Zionists know or don't know about how deeply they are hated by ordinary Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese, etc.

Personally, I think they know it in their bones -- and return it doubled. It's an old story. The difference is, they think YOU are the untermenchen this time around.

It's important to note what prompted the "protests", which were actually riots, in front of the Israeli embassy, an episode that a leader of April 6th movement described as "emotional enthusiasm". Assad conveniently avoided to mention that it happened after the 5 Egyptian soldiers were killed in Sinai, not spontaneously during or after the Egyptian intifada. Needless to say, Arab opinion on Israel is the complete opposite of their governments' but the characterization given here by Assad that the overwhelming majority of Egyptians reject "the reality of Camp David" is simply false. Egypt had two major wars with Israel, independent of Palestine and lost men, women and children against it. It's not only liberals who are in favor of some quiet in the neighborhood.

Liberal "supporters" of Egypt revolution on the West are VERY disappointed. The same people who cheered for NATO bombs on Libya are cursing Egyptian "violence" - all for the good of the Egyptians, you know :)

I suppose the only USA liberal who is not rotten to the core is Gore Vidal - and he is about 90!

I am waiting for the moment when Camp David agreement is unilaterally canceled by Egypt and Israel turn stupid by re annexing Sinai which will spark popular anger across Arab countries, and in turn ignites revolution against corrupt monarch regimes in Middle East.

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