Tolerable Savagery: Israeli Killing of Palestinians

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The carnage continues. Israel, or more accurately the Zionist movement, has not stopped its brutality and repression of Palestinians since the advent of the Zionist movement in Palestine in the late 19th century. Lately, we have been able to watch with disgust. Western hypocrisy knows no bounds in the Middle East.

Western governments are just aghast at the Syrian regime’s repression and brutality. Of course, Western governments could not care less about the Syrian people. They were able to “do business” with the Assad ruling dynasty for decades. Their criteria for political judgment in the Middle East are divorced from considerations of justice and democracy. The criteria are set in Washington, DC and Western governments just follow. The criteria are based on the regime’s services to Israel and its subservience to US interests. This criteria allowed the US to shift its attitude to Qaddafi in a manner of months: from a pariah, Qaddafi became the darling of Western governments while US senators and officials flocked to his tent (just as they flock to the palaces of Gulf kings and princes).

Western governments never expressed sympathy for the Syrian people: as victims of the Assad regime and as victims of Israeli occupation and brutality. Yet, Western governments were quick to call for arming the Syrian people only months after the uprising began.

The Palestinians, however, have never been treated with such permissiveness. No matter how much massive violence is inflicted on them, and no matter how many massacres they suffer, Western governments insist that the Palestinian people (and any other people living under Israeli occupation) have no right to resort to arm to liberate their lands and to “protect their civilians.” The last phrase is now the convenient Orwellian expression that allows NATO to bomb civilians in the name of protecting civilians. Protecting civilians is the new UN mandate for a select few (formerly colonialist) countries to rule over and determine the destiny of some countries that are not in the US camp. Saudi, Bahraini, and Jordanian civilians don’t enter into this formula, of course.

But the Palestinians have been brutalized for over a century. No liberation movement in the world has a better argument against peaceful resistance than the Palestinian national movement. Worse, Western governments want to deny the Palestinians even the right to peaceful resistance. Peaceful BDS struggle is now discredited in the West, and is in fact illegal under US law.

Zionists in Congress were able since the 1970s to pass laws that allow for the prosecution of any US company that would respect prevailing rules of the Arab League boycott of Israel. In other words, the US expects the Palestinians to refrain from peaceful and violent struggle against their occupiers, in return for US “peace efforts.” This idea would be laughable if even uttered in Arabic and yet it is the conventional wisdom among people of both parties in the US.

Israel has been killing Palestinians all week but this time the US government reacted. It condemned Palestinian violence, literally. News of dead Palestinians doesn’t matter to US editors at daily newspapers or TV news shows. There is of course more than a ting of racism to the way Palestinian dead are treated in the US. They simply are not as valuable as human beings as Israeli dead.

Israel, accustomed to the practices of lies, fabrications, exaggerations, distortion, and obfuscation in its propaganda, immediately poses as a victim. This is a state that posed as a victim when it attacked three countries in 1967, and invented a Hitlerian concept of murder and war that allowed it to kill anyone and to attack any state under the pretext that the state or the person may harm Israel in the future. One can only imagine if Iran were to practice such a concept in the world today.

So Israeli propaganda covers up the victimization of Palestinians by typically inflating the damage from missile attacks (advanced forms of firearms really): even people who trip in a shelter are listed as “injured” and people who are “shocked” from the noise are also listed as “victims.” In an election years, those people may get sympathy calls from Obama and his Republican rival.

But this US racist disregard of Palestinian lives should not lead to despair. The sands of the Middle East are shifting fast. Mubarak, the corner stone of US-Israeli strategy in the Arab world is lying on a stretcher. Those sands will continue to move and when the picture settles a bit more, in a matter of months or even years, it will become apparent that the Zionist occupying entity can’t survive in a sea of popular (and democratic) hostility. At that time, AIPAC will only remember with nostalgia its past achievements.


You lost the war of extermination in 1948 and every one since. Stop killing Jews and they will stop killing you. This isn't rocket science.


Zionist colony on Palestinian land is doomed to the fate of Rhodesia. Zionists are NOT going to stop making Palestine "100% Jewish" no matter what. Zionists want ALL Palestine and more for themselves ONLY and are quite open about it, even regarding Palestinian "citizens" of Zionist Arian state - those Palestinians are OFFICIALLY "demographic threat", NOT humans to Zionists. So, there could be NO "truce" with Zionism. Only the end of Zionism will bring just peace to the ME, including to non-Zionists Jews.

To Dave above. I refer you to the writings of Ahad Ha`am from the late 19th century. He talks about that.

well said As'ad, the arc of justice is why only Mubarak on the list, why is not Asad added to the shifting sand too? do you believe that the forgein policy objectives by the winning party in Egypt will be different that the winning party in Syria, if/when the regime falls?

same old same old. "days if not years..." indeed. keep dreaming

I bet the South African regime said the same thing in the 80's =) Just zip it and watch

Coming from a country that was itself under the control of an imperial power it is very easy to see the hypocritical manouvres of the US and Israel. I feel for victims of violence on both sides, but when the victim (in this case lets define the victim as the weaker party) tries to establish themselves as a nation - Palestines attempt to achieve recognition by the UN, is told they will be veto'd? And Americans stand by awestruck that many of the worlds inhabitants despise what America stands for.
America and Israel in taking the moral high ground for decades are seen openly to be the liars and doubletalkers they really are...but what can anyone do about it? There is too much money , power and pride to be lost if the sands shift too much.
Dont even get me started on the Zionist conspiritorial aspects of Israel, a country that didnt exist for 1900 years and then suddenly they have a middle east version of the U.S.s 'manifest destiny'. But not all are savage, not everyone is without their humanity. I remember a quote from a young Israeli who asked the question "What does my God think of my nation when they take the position of Goliath fighting David."
To the oppresed of the world I would just say to hold on a little longer, your justice is coming.

There is the Religious Right in America that believes in a Theological Imperative for the success of Israel.

There is the Religious Right in Israel that believes in the Superiority of the Jewish Right to the Entirety of their "Homeland".

There is the Religious Right in the Muslim World that believes in the Superiority of Islam, and supports Jihad.

If we looked to see which side is more responsible for this mess we would have to go back to at least Abraham for listening to God in the first place.

Maybe if we could just get the Religious Zealots out of the discussion and figure this out like adults? Why don't we concentrate on that as our starting point.

Lidia beat me to it. But blaming it only one the religious fanatics is inaccurate and naive. It's American Policy in the middle east that's responsible for all the carnage. It supports a zionist agenda that's expansionist and racist. The religious right in the US are mere cheerleaders to a varying degree.

1) There are Western imperialism and Zionism - both religious and not, but the same murderous
2) There are their Islamic and non-Islamic local lackeys
3) There are NOT lackeys of 1 and 2 - both Muslim and not - who resist 1 and 2.

All else is not so important.

"The carnage continues. Israel, or more accurately the Zionist movement, has not stopped its brutality and repression of Palestinians since the advent of the Zionist movement in Palestine in the late 19th century."

Can you provide some examples Zionist "brutality and repression" in the period between 1878, which was the year Petach Tikvah was founded, and 1929, the year of the Massacre in Hebron, and other communities? I choose the foundation of Petach Tikvah because that is the site of the first known Arab/Jew confrontation in 1886.

I have read several accounts of this period, which were marked by a larger absolute increase in Arab population than Jewish, by a tremendous improvement in the Arab standard of living, and by occaisional Arab/Jew violence, with very little the other way around.

I'm sure you have more accurate sources that will correct any gaps in my historical knowledge of the period.

Colonizers ALWAYS claim that their robbery of natives is for natives' own good. "Several accounts"? Sure, by Zionists apologists.

1) Jadotinski in 1923(!)

"Every reader has some idea of the early history of other countries which have been settled. I suggest that he recall all known instances. If he should attempt to seek but one instance of a country settled with the consent of those born there he will not succeed. The inhabitants (no matter whether they are civilized or savages) have always put up a stubborn fight. Furthermore, how the settler acted had no effect whatsoever. The Spaniards who conquered Mexico and Peru, or our own ancestors in the days of Joshua ben Nun behaved, one might say, like plunderers. But those “great explorers,” the English, Scots and Dutch who were the first real pioneers of North America were people possessed of a very high ethical standard; people who not only wished to leave the redskins at peace but could also pity a fly; people who in all sincerity and innocence believed that in those virgin forests and vast plains ample space was available for both the white and red man. But the native resisted both barbarian and civilized settler with the same degree of cruelty."

Note J' lies about English, Scots and Dutch being "good" for natives as well. So, J was openly equating Zionism with colonialism, and in this he was right.
2) Zionist racist "hebrew labor" slogan meant disposessing native workers in favor of colonizers from Europe, and thus a lot of fellahs who were traditional tenants were forced (by dubious "buying" of land) out of their livelihood.

Of course, all of it is NOT for Dave the hasbara man, but for some who is really interested.

Please give citation for illegality of BDS under U.S. law. I believe your assertion is in error.

I hate most of all the words like "killing their own people" - as if it is OK to kill "other" people. Colonialists usually use such words as a pretext to murder and rob "others" and then prize themselves for their superior humanity.

Zionists AT THE SAME TIME are daily murdering Palestinians and condemning Syrian regime for murders. USA is mass-murdering non-stop for years and at the same time is posturing as defender of "human rights".

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