US Chutzpah on Bahrain

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The State Department held a meeting with Bahraini activists in Washington, DC. During the meeting, the activists were lectured and hectored by a US official. They kept being told over and over again that the government can’t reform while the “youth are resorting to violence”.

The activists, of course, retorted that the US has no qualms in supporting an opposition in Syria, including elements that resort to car bombs, shelling, kidnapping, ransom kidnapping, and various kinds of shooting.

When I received an account of the meeting, I was most outraged. The US government really thinks that Arabs are dumb.

Jeffrey Feltman has been going around Arab media for a year now and offering what he thinks is the most shrewd and sharp observation on foreign policy. He keeps mentioning that Iran supported Arab uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia but not in Syria.

Feltman—not known for his intellect or knowledge—did not even notice that Arab viewers and readers would apply the same accusation of hypocrisy to the US position on Arab uprisings.

The notion that the Bahraini people don’t have the right to resort to violent methods (when they are directed solely at security forces) while the Syrian people and the Libyan people have that right (even if directed against civilians) is a manifestation of the hypocritical standards of the US government and its propaganda apparatus.

Of course, all Arab regimes rule through violent means and Arabs have the right to self-defense. But the right of self-defense does not—should not—include the right to resort to the terrorist methods of car bombs, ransom kidnappings, and shelling.

In its policies in Bahrain, the US government slams the Arabs in the face many times. First, it assumes that Arabs are idiots and that they won’t notice that the US is applying different standards for oppression in Syria and Bahrain.
Secondly, it tries to insult the intelligence of the Bahraini people by rationalizing its arms sales to Bahrain under the pretext that it wants to empower the “reformist” crown prince.

Thirdly, the US government basically reveals that not only does it not support democracy in the region – and it never will. It also shows that it will fight democracy tooth and nail when any of its clients face a direct threat, especially if the threatened client possesses gas or oil.

People forget that the official spokesperson of the US Department of State rebuked Egyptian protests for being “violent” before Mubarak’s fall. The US gave Mubarak every chance to stay in power, and permitted him to kill at least 1000 Egyptians and to torture and injure thousands more.

The Arab Uprisings did not teach anything new about US foreign policies in the Middle East. They merely confirmed our worst assumptions about US motives in the region.


Also 'Fit to Print'

The below clause is also 'fit to print' with a minor switch between the two chief culprits meddling in Arab affairs, namely (the US and Iran.) This is how it goes:

{" In its policies in Bahrain, the [Iranian] government slams the Arabs in the face many times. First, it assumes that Arabs are idiots and that they won’t notice that [Iran] is applying different standards for oppression in Syria and Bahrain.
Secondly, it tries to insult the intelligence of the [Syrian] people by rationalizing its arms [deliveries] to [Syria] under the pretext that it wants to empower the “reformist” [Bashar.]"}

Douri of The South,
BintJbail, Lebanon

Really? The Iran is one of the "two chief culprits meddling in Arab affairs?" Not Israel? How about Saudi Arabia? Why always focus on Iran (as you do in your posts) and not mention the Saudis? Their backwardness (the government, not the people) has done far more to harm the Arab world than Iran. FAR MORE.

The truth is the Iranian government is an easy target to mock and criticize outside Iran (and we should mock and criticize them), while talking about Saudi Arabia is taboo. Several points:

1. I hope you realize that your racist double-standards have helped the Middle East to be conquered imperially and for repressive puppet governments to remain in control.

2. The idea that Iran has done more harm to the Arab world than Saudi Arabia is idiotic. (I know I already said this, but it needs to be said again)

3. Please link to a single statement showing the Saudi government in support of the (justifiable) Bahrain uprising. A SINGLE statement.

Just like the pro-Iran axis focuses on the quisling Gulf countries ignoring Iran and it's allies who helped the Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq and rode their tanks into power. This is swept under the rug by Iran's allies like Hezbollah who love to engage in sectarian takhween, even Hamas are traitors according to many of them because it refused to stand by Bashar while Chalabi and Ja'fari are feted by Hezbollah in Beirut. Secondly, Saudi treachery has been condemned and confronted by its own people long before the pro-Iran sectarians started hypocritically using their treachery in their propaganda and it is this blatant double-standard which led to Iran and its allies riding American tanks to power in Afghanistan and Iraq. Please link to a single statement from Hezbollah in support of the Syrian uprising or a single word of takhween directed towards their allies who rode American tanks into power while constantly declaring all of the Syrian opposition traitors?

They Share One Core Character:Occupation.

Indeed, the "House of Saud," as called by Mr. Abu Khalil is at the
root of all evils in modern Arab lives and history. They are
behind all awkward ideas and ideologies that spread across
Arab land since the days of Nasser.

More than anyone else, the House of Saud helped defeat Arab
nationalism and subjugated Iraq to the US Occupation, so your
friends in Iran could swallow Iraq and wreck sectarian havoc in the area.

Indeed, they(the Saudis) financed and sponsored The Assads(Father and Son)
for 40 years to defeat the PLO, the Lebanese Leftists, and to paralyze Iraq!
The Saudi rulers always have nightmares from any popular revolt
in the Arab land, albeit peaceful.

In addition, Iran shares Israel its most basic character: Occupation of Arab Land.
(Palestine, Golan Heights, Sinai, Ahwaz, Abu Mousa Islands, etc…). And that
is a good indicator of Iran's true behavior, its rhetoric notwithstanding.

Douri of The South,
BintJabil, Lebanon

how very lame. The two uprisings don't compare. Bahrain started out peaceful and stayed that way and is being repressed by the US and its allies whereas Syria started out peaceful and was soon hijacked by armed elements supported and funded by the US and its allies (Saudi/Qatar/Turkey/M14 in Leb). It's also lame because the author is the most vocal anti syrian-regime and has been consistent in his opposition long before there was such a thing as an arab spring. But no matter, I am only here to do my duty to alert about the imposter Douri of the south. He's none other than the sectarian Karim Hari. Proof in the comments section of this article here. He posted as Douri and forgot to delete his name as Karim Hari. :)

How did your allies in Afghanistan and Iraq come to power and why did they take billions from the Americans?! All of a sudden, there is no takhween!

I believe the answer is "they rode to power on American Tanks".
And I believe takhween only applies to syrian opposition.

I hope I answered correctly.

Stop posting or else hezbeleb will say you're not douri of the south.

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