Israeli Media: Apartheiding From the Truth

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Zionist-friendly media has been up in arms this week over a “deceitful and malicious...hatefest” against the Jewish state: Israel Apartheid Week.

Israeli Apartheid Week is an international movement, usually staged on college campuses that seeks to raise awareness of Israel’s alleged discriminatory policies against Palestinians, which routinely include innocent mistakes like the distribution of fake eviction notices.

Naturally, many supporters of Israel are seething at the sheer injustice of bringing Israel’s racist practices out in the open.

The Jerusalem Post is on it, albeit with a hint of skepticism:

Israel Apartheid Week kicked off this year in Europe on February 25 and runs through March 17 in South Africa. Events include mock checkpoints, replicas of the security barrier, the screening of documentary films critical of Israel and meetings with the “victims” of the “occupation.”

Nice use of scare-quotes. Who dares call what happens in the West Bank and East Jerusalem an occupation? International law, you say? Well... let’s move along, shall we?

American weekly The Jewish Press tries to unearth the major flaws of Israeli Apartheid Week, beginning with its name – quoting the preeminent source on human rights: the dictionary.

Many of the young anti-Israel activists who claim that Israel is an apartheid state don’t understand what the definition of apartheid truly is. According to Merriam Webster’s English dictionary, apartheid is “racial segregation: specifically, a former policy of segregation and political and economic discrimination against non-European groups in the Republic of South Africa.”

The word “apartheid” is used to define a segregation policy in South Africa; Israel is not South Africa; ergo, there can be no apartheid in Israel! It really is that simple, as long as you ignore certain small, inconvenient facts.

An op-ed on Israel National News goes further, choosing to ignore the fate of West Bank and Gaza residents in favor of focusing on the enchanted lives of Palestinian citizens of Israel:

The Arab-Muslim world and its left-wing allies accuse Israel of apartheid despite the absence of any Israeli laws or policies creating such a system. Israeli Jews and Arabs generally live where they choose and benefit from the same health, welfare and infrastructure policies and programs. The only difference is that Israeli Arabs are exempt from military service, whereas all other Israelis, including Jews, Druze and Circassians, are not. Thus, Arab citizens receive the same governmental benefits as other Israelis without being required to bear any of the national cost.

So, because Israel does not discriminate against all Palestinians in the same way, and exempts them from joining an army whose main occupation is targeting Palestinians, it cannot be an apartheid state. In fact, these Arabs are shamelessly freeloading off the great nation of Israel, leading a leisurely life of disillusionment and enjoying the fruits of racial hate crimes, while other Israeli citizens are sacrificing their youths to make the existences of West Bank Palestinians a living hell.

Logic is a truly beautiful, implacable thing when disassociated from reality.

In a similar opinion piece for Ynet, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Dore Gold shudders at the possibly dramatic outcome of IAW’s awareness-raising:

With this ominous name and programs that thrive on ignorance and blind disregard for the facts, tens of thousands of college students are urged to rise up against Israel.

He is right! We must nip this dangerous global student uprising against Israel in the bud, lest a bunch of 18-year-olds cancel their Birthright trips and miss out on Tel Aviv’s fabulous party scene.

It would be nice if all these people spent less time being outraged by accusations of racism and discrimination, and more time being outraged by Israel’s racist and discriminatory policies. If they bothered to look at the news, they would realize that Israel celebrates Apartheid Week year round.


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