Al-Arabiya Pioneers the "Glaring Omission" Infographic

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Capturing something as elusive as hypocrisy in a simple static infographic may appear daunting.

Not so for al-Arabiya – the Saudi royal family-owned station, which has boldly mapped the region's less than virtuous experiments in Islamic government, while simply omitting any reference to the most obvious of all theocracies.

(Click here for larger image.)

Building on the "history of failures" theme and shit graphics, Boxes & Briefs took the liberty of creating some illuminating "glaring omission" maps on behalf of other states' media outlets.


__title__Government spokesperson position just opened up, btw. (Click here for larger image.)


__title__I am the Israeli Military Censor and I approve this message. (Click here for larger image.)

The good old US of A

__title__Not an official state television, but wishes it could be. (Click here for larger image.)

Thankfully, not all infographics are this bad.... Go ahead and cleanse your palettes with Visualizing Palestine.


w2A In defense of. Our

w2A In defense of. Our GoodPal, KSA, I would suggest that KSA isn't a "failure'.
The royals enjoy higher approval ratings from their subjects than any US president could hope for.

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