SANA: Don't let a bit of rain ruin the festivities

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The world didn't end on December 21. But SANA is tweeting from a different planet.

Here, the five most recent Tweets by the Syrian National News Agency:

Damn holiday disruptions. Santa couldn't find the chimney, put a crater hole in my apartment bloc.

It ain't over until the meteorology department defects.

More weather updates.

Ah, phew. Things are finally looking up.

Wow. I bet Aguilera/Pitbull didn't realize how poignant and popular that song was going to be with Syrians. Maybe they can perform it live at the Aleppo ca... oh, never mind.

Don't let the less than optimal party weather keep you home!


Thanks to Al-Akhbar. This is

Thanks to Al-Akhbar. This is hilarious.

Maybe if Al-Akhbar and their

Maybe if Al-Akhbar and their team of mis-informed 'journalists' (lets face it anyone can be a journalist these day and by the looks of this post a no-body from the streets was used to write this) took the situation in Syria a bit more seriously rather than make up parody accounts of news agency then maybe your brand of churnalism would be taken a bit more seriously.
I see no posts about the crisis in Aleppo, no posts about the lack of bread or fuel, no posts about the massacres in the infantry school in Aleppo. Instead you're using your time on the news desk to get some laughs.
Maybe we would take you seriously and you would be considered a group of credible journalists doing a half-decent job at telling the truth.
Instead you're taking calls from Iran and spit shining the image of the Brotherhood in Egypt to save yourselves.
Well done for wasting our time.

I thought this was Lidya but

I thought this was Lidya but then there's no GCC slash NATO slash Zionist [fill in the space.]

It's not a parody

It's not a parody.... It's SANA's real account.

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