3-year-old arrested, leftist writer interrogated -- another day in the "Jewish and democratic" state

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Left: Portrait of a criminal

3-year-old Geraldine Blingoai was born to non-Jewish migrants. That was her crime.

Yesterday, Blingoai was arrested at her birthday party by officers from the Israel Oz Unit, a division of the police created to target non-Jewish migrants and other violators of Israeli immigration policy (link is to Hebrew article; pardon any translation errors). When Ilan Gilon, a member of Knesset from the left-of-center Meretz Party, attempted to visit Blingoai at a holding facility, his assistant was arrested too.

While Blingoai and her mother await deportation to the Philippines, their friends have "gone underground," according to the Israel daily Yedioth Aharanot.

In other news, left-wing Israeli blogger Yossi Gurvitz said in a Facebook post (also in Hebrew) that he was interrogated by Israeli police after a right-wing legal foundation complained about his writing. Gurvitz wrote:

Two weeks ago I was questioned on suspicion of incitement. This investigation was politically inspired by a complaint of a political organization, the Legal Forum for Israel, aimed at silencing me. I have not committed a crime and I am convinced that the case [will] be closed. So far, I was not able to report it and I am prevented from expanding on the subject because of police guidelines.

In 2010, I interviewed Legal Forum for the Land of Israel founder Nachi Eyal after his group attempted to pressure Israel's Attorney General to prosecute another dissident writer, Ilana Hammerman, for bringing Palestinian girls living under occupation to play at Israeli beaches. “Israel will not allow these kinds of things to continue,” Eyal told me.


This is just crazy. Why could a 3 year old be arrested? This is just abysmal, and it is absolutely disgusting!

Take note of just how fearfulness grabs Israel's command wen it is not combating towards badly led Middle easterns, reliant Palestinians or perhaps geriatric Zionists who else still keep for the historic belief which Israel can be a "light on to the particular countries. inch We have been now viewing faith based zealotry, data corruption and also totalitarianism merging to be able to destroy the first belief with variety within the Judaism condition. The particular Arabic Springtime is actually switching the particular Arabic Globe however Israel has become increasingly more the actual used to be. Fearfulness and also uneven feeling with victimhood (eg. anxiety about getting discovered and also punished) prospects the newest Soviet/Haredi parti to be able to fearfulness a conclusion as to what they will the majority of wish: limitless ALL OF US well being inspections through the criminals towards the top who else go away on their own away since faith based and also Zionist frontrunners. Regarding pity which what a lot of Israelis passed away regarding has been took on manure.

totally WHACK! Israel has been training US cops to be just as evil.

Note how fear grips Israel's leadership wen it is not fighting against poorly led Arabs, helpless Palestinians or geriatric Zionists who still hold to the ancient notion that Israel should be a "light onto the nations." We are now seeing religious zealotry, corruption and totalitarianism combining to destroy the original notion of diversity in the Jewish state. The Arab Spring is changing the Arab World but Israel is becoming more and more what they used to be. Fear and crooked sense of victimhood (eg. fear of being found out and punished) leads the new Soviet/Haredi coalition to fear an end to what they most desire: unlimited US welfare checks from the crooks at the top who pass themselves off as religious and Zionist leaders. For shame that what so many Israelis died for is being turned to manure.

Really now?

É preciso dar um basta nesta politica nefasta ppara o mundo. Nós não merecemos isto. Ver todos os dias serem feridos direitos fundamentais do ser humano. Onde está a civilizaçãop que alardeamos tger alcançado?

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