If #KhaderAdnan was a Jewish terrorist, he might be free

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As I write this, Khader Adnan is near death, on the 63rd day of a hunger strike to protest his detention without charges by Israeli occupation authorities. Having been seized on December 17 in the middle of the night by Israeli soldiers, jailed without trial, humiliated and abused, Adnan is waging one of the longest hunger strikes in Palestinian history. A 33-year-old baker, Adnan has been an activist in the popular resistance faction Palestinian Islamic Jihad for several years, but has never been implicated in any act of violence. As with the more than 300 Palestinians held by Israel in administrative detention, Israeli military authorities refuse to say why Adnan was imprisoned. Human Rights Watch has demanded that Israel "immediately charge or release" Adnan, as has Amnesty International. But the Israeli authorities continue to ignore the pleas of human rights groups.

Unfortunately for Adnan, he was not a Jewish terror suspect.

In July 2010, Jerusalem police arrested a Jewish extremist named Chaim Pearlman. Pearlman was the prime suspect in a cold-blooded settler stabbing spree that left four Palestinians dead. Pearlman had previously engaged in acts of random violence against Palestinians, while maintaining an active role in the Kach terrorist organization. For ten days, the Shin Bet intelligence service subjected him to harsh interrogations while denying him access to legal counsel. Finally, Israeli High Court Justice Edmund Levy admonished the Shin Bet for refusing to produce evidence of Pearlman's guilt. "Never in my life have I seen such behavior," Levy claimed, despite having presided over numerous cases of Palestinian Israelis detained in a similarly lawless fashion.

Haaretz, the liberal Israeli daily, reacted with shock to Pearlman's treatment, proclaiming in an editorial that "the Shin Bet must mend its ways." The editors declared that while prosecuting Jewish terrorism is important, "the ends do not justify the means." "Even the war against terror must be conducted using legal means," the Haaretz editors harumphed. After Justice Levy refused to extend Pearlman's detention by 8 days, Pearlman was set free and greeted by a cheering crowd of Jewish extremists.

The Israeli High Court has yet to demand evidence of Adnan's guilt. Nor have any voices in the mainstream of Israeli opinion expressed their indignation at his treatment. Instead, a military appeals court has ruled that Adnan must stay in detention until at least May. One of Adnan's hands and both of his feet are shackled to a bed at a hospital in Safed. His wife keeps a poster in the family's living room that features his image above a caption. It reads, "My honor is more important than my food."


Oh, the factophobic Lidia. who calls everyone she disagree with "troll" because she doesn't like seeing facts and wants to suppress free speech. Instead of disputing what people write with facts, she calls people names. Calling her childish is offensive for children. "Sicilian anon", who is she scared of? She think there's a mafia for people concerned with matters affecting them "trolling" the internet? She doesn't want people to confront matters concerning everyone?. "Sicilian anon", maybe it's someone who knows Juliano Mer-Khamis was named after sicilian Salvatore Giuliano, and maybe it's someone who knows Vittorio Arrigoni's heroes were sicilians, Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone. Juliano and Vik were murdered by Palestinians fighting other Palestinians over power struggle.

Can she defend Max, who with few other jews got Move Over AIPAC to disinvite Helen Thomas because they were offended by her few off the cuff words? She wants him, who went on Birthright in 2002, knowing Israel was murdering Palestinians and stealing land, to speak for Palestinians. He majored in history in college, he was 25 when he went, his father and mother worked for the Clinton administration, he knew and did not care. He waited until over 1000 Palestinians were murdered in war on Gaza before he cared enough to say something. He said the 2009 war on Gaza broke something in "him". Hundreds of children got broken dead, and he waited until he was over 30 to care. Go on factophobic Lidia defend Max Blumenthal, you make a great dishonest couple.

it seems that our resident troll aka anon t-shirtphobic cannot decide how to sign his posts. never mind his 3d option - he is too difficult not to tell :)

Max could or not be guilty in some things a-t-s-p accuse his of, but it is not here not there.

Given my status of a humble comments-writer, just as a-t-s-p himself, I just dunno how could I suppress free speech? By being tied of his odd posts? - I was so naive that I have answered to his first posts, but it soon became clear he is NOT one to reason with.

Israel must charge or free Khader Adnan and all detainees immediately. Israel must stop kidnapping children, forcing false confessions, obtaining false information, abusing and traumatizing children.

Mr. Blumenthal:

Khader Adnan has been on hunger strike for 63 days, why did you wait too long to work on this one matter? Why do you not call close friend of your father Sidney Blumenthal, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to intervene?

Why did you objected to Lebanese-American Helen Thomas speaking at Move Over AIPAC 2011? She is a highly respected, knowledgable, courageous world renowned journalist, but you think you can speak better for Palestinian? She was humiliated and silenced because you, Jewish Voice for Peace and few other jewish participants of Move Over AIPAC 2011 didn't want her to speak against Israel's crimes.

Last year you harmed Palestinians with your objection to Helen Thomas, now you wait more than two months, when he is near dead, to write on one detained Palestinian.

I don't see how you are considered a good journalist or good advocate for Palestinians.

Not surprised at such behavior. This is just one extreme example of greed and corruption on this Earth. There will be no Peace or Justice as long as Men are full of arrogance, greed, and lust for this world of false and temporary treasures and pleasures. Pray for the innocent victims, God is merciful and compassionate "sees and hears all things" Reward will be in the hereafter for the pain and suffering they endured on Earth Ameen Thumma Ameen.
Muslimah for Justice from God

thank you max. thank you thank you thank you.

This is very enlightening and further highlights how Israel is an apartheid state. The laws that govern treatment of Jews do not apply to gentiles. Khader Adnan is fighting an enormous battle; this is not just about his arrest, it's not just about administrative detention either. He is fighting the entire unjust system of policies Israel enforces against the people it occupies. He is calling international attention, through non-violence that cannot be ignored, to Israeli violations of human rights and basic civil liberties that true democracies are built on. He has also taught Palestinians an important lesson about dignity, will-power, and perseverance.

Thank you for helping us see this from another perspective.

Max, you are in fraud nonviolence group "Existence is Resistance" who condone, defend, promote international terrorism. EIR currently sells t-shirts of hijacker Leila Khaled holding an AK47, wearing a ring she made out of bullet and grenade pin, stating "resistance is not terrorism". Khaled is a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine who pioneered international hijackings over 40 years ago. On September 6. 1970 PFLP hijacked four planes from European countries destined for the US, diverted planes to Jordan desert where they kept hostages, including children in deadly conditions. On September 11 they began releasing most women and children, except Jewish women and children.

Leila Khaled is free because other terrorists threatened to kill innocents, she was released to spare the lives of innocents.

Max you call EIR "warriors for justice" while they continue to promote PFLP terrorism, not resistance, not nonviolence.

I condemn Israel's human rights violations, you condone Palestinian human rights violations. You have no moral ground to make your case because you support EIR promoting human rights violations. HIjackings planes, endangering the lives of innocents is committing human rights violations.

For $20 you can promote international terrorism (or do you get the t-shirts for free)

Your "warriors for justice" openly defend hijackings on OWS Facebook wall, threaten to smack and spit on people who oppose terrorism, making palestinians look worse to New Yorkers, Americans, World. EIR is not promoting nonviolence as they falsely claim, they are promoting terrorism.

Hah, the former "Sicilian anon" aka t-shirtphobic is trolling here as well?

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