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Mr. Lieberman goes to Washington -- and everybody hides

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is reportedly scheduled to visit Washington next week. But no one in the Obama administration seems particularly excited about meeting him.

3-year-old arrested, leftist writer interrogated -- another day in the "Jewish and democratic" state

Left: Portrait of a criminal

3-year-old Geraldine Blingoai was born to non-Jewish migrants. That was her crime.

Santorum warns of "Eurabia," issues call to "evangelize and eradicate" Muslims

For the past two weeks, the entire mainstream American media homed in on newsletters published by Republican Rep. Ron Paul, an anti-imperialist, conservative libertarian who finished third in last night's Iowa caucuses.

Rick Santorum was against bombing Iran... Then he ran for president

Left: Rick Santorum calls Reza Pahlavi an "enthusiastic advocate of the principles of freedom"

Obama campaigns with rabbi who doesn't want "too many Arabs" in Israel

On December 16, President Barack Obama delivered a major address to the Union for Reform Judaism, the national umbrella for America's largest liberal Jewish denomination. Obama's speech was a naked appeal for campaign donations and re-election votes, with the standard cant about America's "unshakeable" bond with Israel and the requisite omission of any mention of the Palestinian un-people.

The "New Anti-Semitism" Smear Is Getting Old

Last week began with former AIPAC flack Josh Block accusing writers at two progressive think tanks in Washington of advancing the "new" anti-Semitism, conflating their criticisms of Israeli policies with straightforward Jew-hatred.

A Response to Cpl, Jeffrey Goldberg on Greenberg, Israel and Torture

Update: The Exiled has more on Goldberg's sleaze campaign, and notes that Greenberg has offered two somewhat contradictory stories to two different bloggers.

Israel to receive nuclear missile-capable sub from Germany at deep discount

Just as it pulled its diplomatic corps from Iran, Germany approved the sale of a Dolphin attack submarine to the Israeli navy. The submarine, which Israel will receive at a steep discount subsidized by German taxpayers, will be able to carry several tactical nuclear cruise missiles.

CNN hands over Republican foreign policy debate to neocon cabal

When Republican primary candidates debate foreign policy issues tonight, CNN's Wolf Blitzer (a former researcher for AIPAC) will mouth questions provided to him by the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). While the Heritage Foundation is well known as the outsourced brain of Republicans in Congress and serves as a hothouse for right-wing GOP domestic policies, AEI's participation in the debate is even more problematic.

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