Excuse Me, But Israel Has No Right To Exist

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The phrase “right to exist” entered my consciousness in the 1990s just as the concept of the two-state solution became part of our collective lexicon. In any debate at university, when a Zionist was out of arguments, those three magic words were invoked to shut down the conversation with an outraged, “are you saying Israel doesn’t have the right to exist??”

Of course you couldn’t challenge Israel’s right to exist – that was like saying you were negating a fundamental Jewish right to have…rights, with all manner of Holocaust guilt thrown in for effect.

Except of course the Holocaust is not my fault – or that of Palestinians. The cold-blooded program of ethnically cleansing Europe of its Jewish population has been so callously and opportunistically utilized to justify the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian Arab nation, that it leaves me utterly unmoved. I have even caught myself – shock - rolling my eyes when I hear Holocaust and Israel in the same sentence.

What moves me instead in this post-two-state era, is the sheer audacity of Israel even existing.

What a fantastical idea, this notion that a bunch of rank outsiders from another continent could appropriate an existing, populated nation for themselves – and convince the “global community” that it was the moral thing to do. I’d laugh at the chutzpah if this wasn’t so serious.

Even more brazen is the mass ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian population by persecuted Jews, newly arrived from their own experience of being ethnically cleansed.

But what is truly frightening is the psychological manipulation of the masses into believing that Palestinians are somehow dangerous – “terrorists” intent on “driving Jews into the sea.” As someone who makes a living through words, I find the use of language in creating perceptions to be intriguing. This practice – often termed “public diplomacy” has become an essential tool in the world of geopolitics. Words, after all, are the building blocks of our psychology.

Take, for example, the way we have come to view the Palestinian-Israeli “dispute” and any resolution of this enduring conflict. And here I borrow liberally from a previous article of mine…

The United States and Israel have created the global discourse on this issue, setting stringent parameters that grow increasingly narrow regarding the content and direction of this debate. Anything discussed outside the set parameters has, until recently, widely been viewed as unrealistic, unproductive and even subversive.

Participation in the debate is limited only to those who prescribe to its main tenets: the acceptance of Israel, its regional hegemony and its qualitative military edge; acceptance of the shaky logic upon which the Jewish state's claim to Palestine is based; and acceptance of the inclusion and exclusion of certain regional parties, movements and governments in any solution to the conflict.

Words like dove, hawk, militant, extremist, moderates, terrorists, Islamo-fascists, rejectionists, existential threat, holocaust-denier, mad mullah determine the participation of solution partners -- and are capable of instantly excluding others.

Then there is the language that preserves "Israel's Right To Exist" unquestioningly: anything that invokes the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and the myths about historic Jewish rights to the land bequeathed to them by the Almighty – as though God was in the real-estate business. This language seeks not only to ensure that a Jewish connection to Palestine remains unquestioned, but importantly, seeks to punish and marginalize those who tackle the legitimacy of this modern colonial-settler experiment.

But this group-think has led us nowhere. It has obfuscated, distracted, deflected, ducked, and diminished, and we are no closer to a satisfactory conclusion…because the premise is wrong.

There is no fixing this problem. This is the kind of crisis in which you cut your losses, realize the error of your ways and reverse course. Israel is the problem. It is the last modern-day colonial-settler experiment, conducted at a time when these projects were being unraveled globally.

There is no “Palestinian-Israeli conflict” – that suggests some sort of equality in power, suffering, and negotiable tangibles, and there is no symmetry whatsoever in this equation. Israel is the Occupier and Oppressor; Palestinians are the Occupied and Oppressed. What is there to negotiate? Israel holds all the chips. They can give back some land, property, rights, but even that is an absurdity – what about everything else? What about ALL the land, property and rights? Why do they get to keep anything – how is the appropriation of land and property prior to 1948 fundamentally different from the appropriation of land and property on this arbitrary 1967 date?

Why are the colonial-settlers prior to 1948 any different from those who colonized and settled after 1967?

Let me correct myself. Palestinians do hold one chip that Israel salivates over – the one big demand at the negotiating table that seems to hold up everything else. Israel craves recognition of its “right to exist.”

But you do exist - don’t you, Israel?

Israel fears “delegitimization” more than anything else. Behind the velvet curtain lies a state built on myths and narratives, protected only by a military behemoth, billions of dollars in US assistance and a lone UN Security Council veto. Nothing else stands between the state and its dismantlement. Without these three things, Israelis would not live in an entity that has come to be known as the “least safe place for Jews in the world.”

Strip away the spin and the gloss, and you quickly realize that Israel doesn’t even have the basics of a normal state. After 64 years, it doesn’t have borders. After six decades, it has never been more isolated. Over half a century later, and it needs a gargantuan military just to stop Palestinians from walking home.

Israel is a failed experiment. It is on life-support – pull those three plugs and it is a cadaver, living only in the minds of some seriously deluded foreigners who thought they could pull off the heist of the century.

The most important thing we can do as we hover on the horizon of One State is to shed the old language rapidly. None of it was real anyway – it was just the parlance of that particular “game.” Grow a new vocabulary of possibilities – the new state will be the dawn of humanity’s great reconciliation. Muslims, Christians and Jews living together in Palestine as they once did.

Naysayers can take a hike. Our patience is wearing thinner than the walls of the hovels that Palestinian refugees have called “home” for three generations in their purgatory camps.

These universally exploited refugees are entitled to the nice apartments – the ones that have pools downstairs and a grove of palm trees outside the lobby. Because the kind of compensation owed for this failed western experiment will never be enough.

And no, nobody hates Jews. That is the fallback argument screeched in our ears – the one “firewall” remaining to protect this Israeli Frankenstein. I don’t even care enough to insert the caveats that are supposed to prove I don’t hate Jews. It is not a provable point, and frankly, it is a straw man of an argument. If Jews who didn’t live through the Holocaust still feel the pain of it, then take that up with the Germans. Demand a sizeable plot of land in Germany – and good luck to you.

For anti-Semites salivating over an article that slams Israel, ply your trade elsewhere – you are part of the reason this problem exists.

Israelis who don’t want to share Palestine as equal citizens with the indigenous Palestinian population – the ones who don’t want to relinquish that which they demanded Palestinians relinquish 64 years ago - can take their second passports and go back home. Those remaining had better find a positive attitude – Palestinians have shown themselves to be a forgiving lot. The amount of carnage they have experienced at the hands of their oppressors – without proportional response – shows remarkable restraint and faith.

This is less the death of a Jewish state than it is the demise of the last remnants of modern-day colonialism. It is a rite of passage – we will get through it just fine. At this particular precipice in the 21st century, we are all, universally, Palestinian – undoing this wrong is a test of our collective humanity, and nobody has the right to sit this one out.

Israel has no right to exist. Break that mental barrier and just say it: “Israel has no right to exist.” Roll it around your tongue, tweet it, post it as your Facebook status update – do it before you think twice. Delegitimization is here – have no fear. Palestine will be less painful than Israel ever was.

Sharmine Narwani is a commentary writer and political analyst covering the Middle East. You can follow Sharmine on twitter @snarwani.


you said; " still democratic"

I dont think you know what that word means.
Isreal is not democratic.

Israel is democratic. Dumb.

Basic questions about "palestine":

When was it founded and by whom?

What were its borders?

What was its capital?

What were its major cities?

What constituted the basis of its economy?

What was its form of government?

Can you name at least one "palestinian" leader
before Arafat?

Was "palestine" ever recognized by a country whose
existence, at that time or now, leaves no room for interpretation?

What was the language of the country of "palestine"?

What was the prevalent religion of the country of

What was the name of its currency? Choose any date in history and tell what was the approximate exchange rate of the Palestinian monetary unit against the US dollar, German mark, GB pound, Japanese yen, or Chinese yuan on that date.

Have they left any artifacts behind?

Do you know of a library where one could find a
work of "palestinian" literature produced before 1967?

And, finally, since there is no such country
today, what caused its demise and when did it occur?

Palestine is a geographical area, not a nation. Therefore it does not mean it doesnt belong to anyone. Its still someones country, peoples land. And you cant just drive in and start killing people and taking theyre homes from them. Fucking thieves. All your questions are irelevant, you have made people to refugees in their own country. Thieves.

"Palestine is a geographical area, not a nation"

Whose historical borders also include what is now Jordan. When are you going to stage protests and decry the occupation of that 75% of historic Palestine by the Hashemites?

Good day, Mr. "FuckIsraelAndJudaism"

yes well christians jews and muslims just aint gonna happen in our day and age. the muslims are way too wild as are the aurthodox jews. christians would be ok but even they would get attacked sooner or later. reality is this. isreal will have a war this will lead to a all out middleeastern war. they will not retreat like them or not. yes they have no legitimacy but what can be done otherthen just saying it. they wont be beaten in war so they should just accept they are there and call it a day. expantion however should be stopped

Israel is built and ocupied by those who believe they are "gods chosen race" and their right is superior to all lesser/inferior races/people who are gods second choice. This arrogance along with thousands of years of experience in killing prophets and achieving their own satisfaction regardless of the cost to others is what makes
Israel and its Jews the scums that they are. Polish it as much as you like, the fact remains that you/Jews have been persecuted throughout history for your selfish and evil actions/plans, yet you still have not learnt. That is why I believe you are indeed the "chosen race".... Chosen to be hated and despised by all of humanity because of your selfish and manipulative natures. Palestinians are no real threat to you... Your own despicable greed, arrogance will see you to your predestined fate. Good luck!

Jews don't think they are superior to others. What a fucking generalization. Don't take your anger out on all Jews or all Israelis. What about Muslims and Cristians? They believe that they are superior to Jews. Well some at least. I'm not even Jewish. I'm roman orthodox.

So not even one Jewish state has the right to exist, but 20 Arab, Muslim states DO? Sounds very racist to me!!!!!

Consider that only 3% of Palestine´s population was Jewish; it did NOT ´´always belong to us´´, and NO, your silly biblical prophesies and fairytales do not mean a thing.

No need, there's no such thing as a right to exist' anyway

Having your homes, shops, and churches burend, can't get a job-if there were any- because muslims won't hire Christians, children kidnapped and raped all with the police refusing to do anything is not a conspiracy by Christians. Their reaction is about survival. 100,000 left? That leaves 8 million who can't leave. Read your history of islam. Christians are worried about dying at the hands of state sanctioned mobs.

Aterrific article but a perspective that is generally regarded as anti-semitic in the west. Of course there can never be any discussion over Israel's right to exist without addressing the question of Palestine's right to exist. Presumably since the US support the Israeli ancestral and religious claim that this is the homeland for the jews then they would equally support an uprising of the plains indians in their own country ?

You make a fantastic point here. I work for a Jewish man who is pro- Israel. In 2012 Palestine was given recognition as a state. When I had to present him with a document of every place on the globe to sell our products to, he saw Palestine on my list and went crazy. He tends to be a shouter everyday anyway. He also likes calling a local clamping company to clamp anyone parking in the private block of offices who looks remotely Arab and uses the term 'rag head'. I am handing in my notice on Monday. He loves his trips to America of course.

All this discussion about "I was here First!"

It's not about who was whever first. If that were true we would have committees re-arranging people all over the planet Earth as we re-align the "Rightful heirs" to a piece of dirt.

People have historical documents, biblical references, and antropological documentation to prove a multiple of points.

Israel is here and that's the way it is. Get used to it and the arab world needs to quit acting as the terrorists they claim not to be.

By the way, Muslims are derived from the family of Abraham anyway and so are actually jews..whats that all about?

You've just made the best point ever AGAINST Israel's existence and you haven't even realised it, have you? 'I was here first' is precisely the argument used to justify its very creation and apparent 'right to exist'. From human beings with consciences everywhere, thank you! #freegaza

An excellent article and I agree with every point made. I think it is helpful to question Israel's right to exist from a moral perspective as healthy debate on such a thorny issue can guide a solution. Whereas debating thousands of years old myths and stories (the bible after all is only an interpretation of history and not meant to be taken literally as it is full of fantastical tales that are completely implausible. Noah's Ark for instance. In reality all the animals would have eaten each other. Quite frankly, it seems lunacy that anyone would believe any of it) leads to circular and competing narratives that have little resemblance to the current issue - that of two peoples occupying the same land but with one group having power over the other to the detriment of the other. I believe the only just solution is a state for all of it's citizens. This means Israel gives up the notion of a Jewish only state but shares power with the other inhabitants, who also have a right to shape their own destiny. I genuinely cannot understand why Israeli Jews would reject such a morally just compromise.

All I have to say about this subject is if the few hundred thousand original Arabs and now their descendents who were denied citizenship and had to accept living the life of a permanent refugee in their fellow Arab nations want the land that Israel occupies then take it back by force oh wait you and your kind have tried many times and failed miserably so quit blaming the Jews you need to blame your forefathers for being worthless cowards that failed to kill an enemy who was always outnumbered and strategically on the ropes since they always had their backs to the sea.

So much argument for nothing...Jews occupied the land…the Palestinians angry... so be it. The Jewish people liberated what was belong to them from the Palestinians who invaded the land from Arab countries and even if you all disagree...bad luck. Israel there and none of you can change it with emails or wars. Same as the treatment you gave to Jewish people in Arab countries which you my fellow Arabs expelled from their homes. Do you care about it? NO. Do I care about your winging? NO.

Simply great!!!! Keep up the good work sis, May Allah (swt) be with you!!!!!

I agree with one of the comments submitted below. I do not support Israel, and would even agree that it has no right to exist. But we have to realize that this approach leads to a slippery-slope. Virtually all states (there might, of course, be some exceptions) are founded upon violence and conquest. They are created, and their borders determined, through years of violence, war, genocide, etc. If we are to maintain that Israel has no right to exist, we must also maintain that the US (founded upon genocide and the conquest of half of Mexico), Turkey, China, Russia, etc, have no right to exist. The mere fact that these countries have existed for a significant period of time in no way justifies their right to exist. In short, Israel is no exception when compared to the way in which the majority of states have come into being.

Come on though, this has covered the 20th and 21st century, post WW2 and all the horror that went with it. The sort of fascist, self-entitled, religiously deluded colonisation crap that 'Israel' is pulling makes me feel like we're in the Dark Ages. I thought we were past all that? ESPECIALLY after WW2, with all the international laws we have in place etc. I am 100% with the author of the article as well, and could have written it myself lol! The land has been called Palestine since 1150BC, the Hebrews have never truly conquered or held sovereignty over much in that land of note for any length of time, being mostly ruled by someone else (Assyrians, Romans etc.) or kicked out altogether (Romans, 70AD). While there may have been Jews living there after 70AD, they were vastly outnumbered by Arabs right up to 1948. Christians lived there too, and don't forget the Essenes from the death of Christ onwards - should they create a state too? No matter what the history says though, nobody had the right to forcibly plonk a new country after thousands of years of majority absence, on already populated land, without the permission of that population, and justify it by the frankly psychotic religious reasoning that they are God's special little snowflakes and they can murder, ethnically cleanse, displace and destroy with impunity. If you think that is ok, you are barely qualified to be human. ISRAEL HAS NO RIGHT TO EXIST!

It is not about "violence" and even "conquest". It is about colonialism. Had Rhodesia 'right to exist"?

"Jewish rights to the land bequeathed to them by the Almighty – as though God was in the real-estate business."
LMAO. Nice 1. Yes God's chosen people have a bit of an entitlement complex wouldn't you say, albeit absurd and delusional. Germany should have been annexed into three parts way back when, as they are the true culprits, or so the story goes...
Great Article Sharmine!
Wonder what storming Norman Finkelstein would say....

Israel DOES have a right to exist. Despite you biased views:- RICHARD J. GOLDSTONE. Today Israel suffers from unjustified assaults that aim to isolate, demonize & delegitimize it. However until there is a two-state peace, or at least as long as Israel’s citizens remain under constant attacks from the West Bank & Gaza, Israel will see roadblocks & similar measures as necessary for self-defense, because the security barrier was built to stop unrelenting TERRORIST attacks. However there is no apartheid & No definition of apartheid under the 1998 Rome Statute: As equal rights for all citizens is enshrined in Israels statutes & Laws. Further Khaleel Mohammed, Professor of Department of Religious Studies at San Diego University. States that the Koran proves Israel belongs to the Jews. Chapter 5: 20-21 states quite clearly: Moses said to his people: O my people! Enter the Holy Land which God has written for you, do not turn tail, otherwise you will be losers." In both Jewish & Islamic understandings of the term "written", the meaning is of finality, decisiveness & immutability. Moreover There were over 1 Million Jews living in British Palestine right up to 1948, which was the Absolute Majority. And when Israel declared statehood a further 850,000 Jews were immediately forcefully expelled from surrounding Arab States which had previously been the remains of the Original anciant land of Israel. Which had consisted of All of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon & Part of Iran & Iraq. Although Rome conquered & renamed it Palestinia in 136AD, the NATIVE Jews remained & have UNBROKEN ownership for over 3500 years.

the verses continue...
They said, "O Moses, indeed we will not enter it, ever, as long as they are within it; so go, you and your Lord, and fight. Indeed, we are remaining right here."[Moses] said, "My Lord, indeed I do not possess except myself and my brother, so part us from the defiantly disobedient people."[5:24-25]
they refuse to enter the Holy Land, then it is forbidden for them to enter the land and they will wander for 40 years...

did the ottomans have the "right" to rule the area for 400 years and modify its demographics? did the Muslims have the "right" to kick the Jews out of Mecca?

the concept of "rights" is great for persons, but for geopolitics it's just very weak. here's the point: regardless of how they were formed, the Jewish state has EARNED the right to exist by respecting the human rights of its Jewish citizens, but the Arab states have LOST the right to exist by not respecting the human rights of their Arab citizens.

How did the Ottomans modify the demographics of Palestine? Was there a Jewish population in Makkah? Did the Zionists have a right to expel hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland, confiscating their land, and did they expect the Palestinians to smile at them when you made them refugees from their own land which they lived on for hundreds of years?

actually the jewish refugees kicked out from arab countries outnumber the palestinian refugees (for your information), and the palestinians only became refugees because the arabs declared war while israel accepted the partition plan. so israel chose peace but the arabs chose war. BUT you avoided my main point: israel respects the rights of its citizens. that's very important. your historical argument may not be 100% wrong or 100% right but there is something really wrong with destroying a state that respects its citizens in a region where the human being is persecuted. it's just against common sense. in syria 12000 have been murdered. in iraq saddam gassed 5000 kurds and killed 200,000 shiites in 1991-92. in egypt they murder the christians. in iraq and iran today they persecute the sunnis. in lebanon they tried to exterminate the christians. so open your eyes. israel is not the problem in the middle east.

So why have your ilk been peddling the line, "a land without a people for a people without a land", for decades in their propaganda and the bogus "partition" plan was a ruse admitted by Ben-Gurion, and it was the Zionists who chose war when they expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, killed thousands of them and razed hundred of their villages, and they have the temerity to wonder why the Palestinians are outraged and to this day, the Zionists are outraged that the Palestinians refused to go quietly into the wind and millions of them clamor to return to their homeland. Also, it was the Zionists who begun with the expulsion, not the Arabs, and the Sephardic Jews aren't interested in returning to those countries, but millions of Palestinians will return to their homeland, because they still have a strong demograpic presence in Palestine and very soon, they will outnumber the Zionists, stewing in their rage like yourself from this bitter reality. Also, your mention of the violence and persecution in the Arab world is a red herring, and Israel has a long history in backing the most brutal regimes for decades in Latin America and Africa like the apartheid regime with nary a word from the same Zionist right-wingers on this point.

Do you have the faintest "knowledge" of Ottoman or Islamic history? Can you name me 1 jew that the Muslims ever kicked out of Mecca?

So your justification of israeli ethnic cleansing and apartheid is the idea that they're "nice" to their jewish citizens? So by that logic, if Israelis invade lebanon and exterminate Maronites out of their neighborhoods, they have a right to whatever authority they establish there, because they're "nice" to their own people right? Obviously the others don't matter... Great argument Mark, as always

I have no problem with the author declaring that israel doesn't have a right to exist as a zionist state. but i will note that the author has lived in studied in the UK and the US. the UK is of course one of the most brutal colonizing states in human history and the US is the product of the most successful genocide in human history, both of which the author has benefited from even if she had not directly participated in these actions. surely both the US and british states also have forfeited their rights to exist because of the millions they have murdered and the tens of millions they've oppressed and horribly exploited. perhaps the author might also spend some energy helping us figure out how successfully to dismantle them while we're dismantling the racist israeli state?

I am so proud to be an Iranian! A citizen of a country whose President boldy says what Ms. Sharwani has said and more - much more. I am proud that my country does not accept this two State crap being peddled by fools as if they're doing a jedi mind-trick on us. We are not being fooled. This is EXACTLY what Dr. Ahmadinejad meant when he said "Israel will be wiped from the pages of time". No one really needs to do it. They are doing it themselves.

Yes, proud citizen of a country where Islam expelled Zoroastrians. see this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution_of_Zoroastrians#Islamic_Jihad

I wish I could be a Jew. Even thought I was born in 1971, I could spend all my time bitching about the Holocaust. I could also blame all my problems on "anti-semitism." It certainly would make my life a lot easier.

Who said you had to be Jewish to bitch about the Holocaust? It's a free world. Bitch away.

Strange how you conveniently start the history clock from ticking at your point of interest. Did you forget that the Jews have lived in this land long before the word Palestine ever existed? Strange how you forget about the Balfour Declaration which was approved by the League of Nations long before the holocaust. What convenient memory!!! Get to it. Dream all you want. Israel is there to stay and the Palestinians have their area (which by the way is Jordan or previously known as Transjordan until the KING threw them out). Why didn't the other Arab states create a land for the "Palestinians" before 1948 - because nobody wanted them around.


I am not sure I can even count the number of broken promises countries like Britain made during the first world war - many of which led to causes of the second world war.
If you can simply hold up a letter (which is essentially what the Balfour Declaration was - you want the mandate for Palestine) and say 'it was planned here so therefore it must be alright', you are essentially legitimising countries like Italy and Japan's colonisation before and during the second world war.
Did you also forget, that before the second world war, the jews were the 'scapegoats' of europe, persecuted by all countries until Hitler went overboard in policies amounting to what was latter recognised as genocide?
And that is a pretty rude and racist comment you are making at the end 'because nobody wanted them around'. The situation of the Palestinians is tragic. I am not saying that the situation of the jews is any less tragic, but I guess the saying that 'the victim becomes the bully' fits perfectly here.

And you blame the jews that Hamas, and privately Iran via Hezbollah, USE the palestinians to wage war on Israel? Forgive me if I miss seeing the clear arab love for their brethren when innocent palestinians are used as human shields. This is humanitarian? Rather sick don't you think. The israelis put up walls to defend their people (arab israelis and jew israelis alike), and the palestinians moan that they are in a walled prison? I genuinely feel for the Palestinian plight but when they stop allowing themselves to be used I will respect them more.

Lots of different people lived in the region before it was called Palestine. They later became known as Palestinians -- Get used to it. Did the Balfour Declaration confer the right to expel the Palestinians by force? There is no norm in int'l law which permits forced removal of an unwanted population. The Palestinians who were forced out by Zionist armed groups during 1947-49 did not come from Transjordan; they came from what's now Israel.

I applaud this article. Thank you, sir, for not tiptoeing around the reality or trying to sugarcoat the truth in attempts to somehow pacify the opposition. More people need the chutzpah to articulate their views as you do. Bold and thorough pieces such as these give me hope that we will one day have one state and no longer have to face the insufferable reality that is occupied Palestine.
In solidarity,

Sister Narwani,
I salute You.

I applaud this article. Thank you, sir, for not tiptoeing around the reality or trying to sugarcoat the truth in attempts to somehow pacify the opposition. More people need the chutzpah to articulate their views as you do. Bold and thorough pieces such as these give me hope that we will one day have one state and no longer have to face the insufferable reality that is occupied Palestine.
In solidarity,

This needs to be said!

Dear Sharmine,
Before you write anything about Israel, please, please learn some history. Learn about the 3 year siege which the Roman army put on Jerusalem between 67 and 70 CE, learn about the two Jewish-Israeli temples in Jerusalem, and learn about the Palestinian history which started no earlier than 1920: There ia not even ONE SINGLE book which was published prior to 1920 CE and mentions the Palestinian-Arab nation. Also not even ONE SINGLE newspaper.
So learn something about history before you show how ignorant you are.
All the best,

Not to mention 'names change'. For example, Myanmar:Burma, Yugoslavia and it's long history of ethnic confusion, Ceylon:Sri Lanka...
And what about countries with very different names in english etc. than in their native language: German:Deutschland:Njemačka, Croatia:Hrvatska, China:Zhongguo, Japan:Nippon...
Those are not disputed as meaning the same thing.
You seem to be arguing that these 'Palestinians' in the year 1920 all of a sudden appeared out of thin air and then started complaining that their homes and rights to land (which had also just appeared in the year 1920) were being taken away.
Being conceited is never a good trait.

Modechai,You helped the author make her point. The people of the world are tired of Jews wailing about things that may have happened 10,000 years ago
and the thousands of alleged injustices since . Do you people ever wonder why you have been so despised by one country after another throughout
history ? Because of the internet and other means of modern day communication the world will not be safe for you as everyone will soon see through your deceit ,lies, treachery and endless greedy ambitions. The establishment of Israel and the theft of Palestine is the worst thing that could have happened to Jews throughout the world.

"learn about the Palestinian history which started no earlier than 1920"

Really!? Is it what the Torah is saying? I know that is what Newt Gingrich and Western Zionist are saying. "Palestinians are an “invented” people?"

So, are you interested in "real" history, not literal one.


"As early as the 10 millennium B.C.E., Palestinians engaged in plant and animal domestication that sprung forth from the transition of shepherding to agriculture. It would highlight the ‘Neolithic Revolution’ (9000 – 4500 BCE) and the antecedents for the name began to emerge.

The ancient Palestinians were known as the al-Natoofieh. They occupied caves north of Jerusalem, and had a long history as a civilized state.

The al-Natoofieh established the City of Jericho (Tell es-Sultan). It was (and is) the oldest continuously inhabited city in existence, being founded in 8000 BCE. It flourished for one thousand years."

References are provided in the article.

Perhaps, there is no significance in your mind between 1920 and 9000 BCE. Merely, how many: 11.000 years of Palestinian's PROVEN EXISTENCE!? I hate using this "BCE", it is meaningless as how the world is measuring the time, just as meaningless as your comment is.

More questions?


"Authors argue no compelling archaeological evidence exists for many biblical stories."

Great article.

Excellent piece - spot on.

...it is imperative to dissolve the Jewish state of Israel. Such a state, which has no basis other than a fascistic narrative constructed out of paranoia and mythology, has
no legitimacy in our world. It embodies all of the characteristics that humanity has resoundingly rejected in the last century - settler colonialism, racism, ethnic cleansing,
apartheid and genocide. The dehumanization and destruction of a people, along with the dispossession of their land and property, is utterly intolerable. The only feasible
alternative is its replacement by a pluralistic, democratic state that includes the Palestinians as equals. There is no other viable solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
~ Us vs Them: On the Meaning of Fascism, by Roger Tucker

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