High-Tech Trickery in Homs?

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What was surely meant to be a clever display of media-friendly visuals to illustrate Syrian regime violence in Homs, has instead raised more questions than answers.

US State Department satellite images of the embattled city were posted on Facebook last Friday by US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, who complains: “A terrible and tragic development in Syria is the use of heavy weaponry by the Assad regime against residential neighborhoods.”

The “satellite photos,” says Ford, “have captured both the carnage and those causing it – the artillery is clearly there, it is clearly bombing entire neighborhoods…We are intent on exposing the regime's brutal tactics for the world to see.”

But within 24 hours, the blog Moon of Alabama had taken a hammer to the ambassador’s claims. A detailed examination of satellite imagery by the bloggers revealed numerous discrepancies in Washington’s allegations. Mainly, their investigations point to the fact that Ford’s satellite images were “of guns training within military barracks or well known training areas and not in active deployment.”

Moon of Alabama posts its own satellite images, graphics and diagrams to bolster its argument – and these are well worth a look.

The US envoy’s questionable claims don’t stop at satellite images, however. In his Facebook post, Ford insists: “There is no evidence that the opposition – even those opposition members who have defected from the military – has access to or has employed such heavy weapons." By this, he means the “artillery” used “to pound civilian apartment buildings and homes from a distance.”

Then why is there satellite photo evidence of destruction in pro-regime Alawi areas?

Fast-forward to CNN’s very own Jonathan King, who broadcast satellite images of Homs on February 9, the day before the State Department loaded their photos on the web. King’s images of Homs are dated February 5, two days after violence erupted in the city, focusing heavily in the Baba Amr neighborhood where opposition gunmen are allegedly present:

King’s presentation of “shelling, fires and damage” to Homs shows destruction of property consistent with the use of heavy weapons: “It’s like a ghost town – with no cars at all, there’s damage in the roads and so much damage on the top of the buildings.”

Zooming in on three different sections of the same Homs neighborhood to show before-and-after images of the destruction, King says: “Now obviously, we’re not there, but this powerful satellite imagery tends to support the accounts from activists that there’s a lot of shelling and fighting going on in the city, and a lot of fires.”

There is only one problem with his account. Most of the alleged fighting, shelling, destruction and killing reported widely in the international media took place in the Baba Amr neighborhood of Homs, southwest of the city, and an anti-regime stronghold.

But all three satellite images shown by King are in al-Zahra neighborhood, a pro-regime area consisting mainly of Alawis, who belong to the same Muslim minority sect as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

That is a stunning revelation. Pro-regime civilians in Homs and other Syrian areas have complained of attacks, kidnappings and killings by armed opposition groups for months now, with little attention received by foreign media.

And it completely undermines Ford’s contention that: “There is no evidence that the opposition…has access to or has employed such heavy weapons.“

Let’s look at some screenshots from CNN’s presentation and compare it to screenshots taken from Google Maps. The first visual is of King pointing to the three highlighted areas of destruction in Homs:

CNN’s satellite images have been turned 90 degrees clockwise in their own presentation of the photos, so in this next screenshot, we have shifted their visuals so that they are north facing – to help with comparison to our pictures in a normal north-south format. This will also make things easier for those readers compelled to rush out and conduct their own web search on the area.

Zooming into one highlighted area of destruction, you can see that the two photos – CNN’s and ours – are an exact match. To the north of the horizontal road is a lot marked by a large tree to its left. South of that same road, buildings are positioned at a distinct diagonal angle. This area is inside Homs’ al-Zahra neighborhood.

This next screenshot zooms out so that you can see the placement of CNN’s three areas of damage – all clearly within al-Zahra, which is marked by a red circle. In the bottom left hand corner of the shot is a circular area that we included as a marker to help readers distinguish al-Zahra’s location in proximity to other areas in Homs. This is where the Citadel of Homs is located.

The final screenshot is of Homs from a distance so that it is possible to view the distance between Baba Amr (circled in blue) to the left of the picture, and al-Zahra, to the right. The Citadel in the previous shot is between the two neighborhoods.

An image is no longer worth a thousand words

Photos and video footage showing scenes of violence have been streaming out of Homs since reports of heavy fighting first broke on February 3. It is hard to glean much from these because there is not enough information in the visuals to confirm the source of gunfire or shelling. The satellite images posted by the State Department on February 6 – according to the Moon of Alabama blog – do not actually show the Syrian army engaged in battle, as suggested by Ambassador Ford when he claims:

“Satellite photos have captured both the carnage and those causing it – the artillery is clearly there, it is clearly bombing entire neighborhoods.”

But his statement about armed opposition groups not having the weaponry to fight from afar is now questionable given the CNN shots of damaged buildings and “burn craters” in the road – yet even this is not conclusive.

If you don’t believe an image any longer, what do you do about this kind of allegation by Ford? One of the few videos I find credible – and that, only because in it we see the death of an actual “known” person that has not been contested – is this footage of Gilles Jacquier (warning: graphic images contained), the France 2 cameraman killed while participating in a government-sponsored tour of Homs. Jacquier was killed in the pro-regime neighborhood of Akrama, home mainly to a mix of Alawis and Christians who originally migrated from rural areas. Pro-opposition journalist Omar Idilbi had once dubbed this area “the castle of the regime.”

When allegations flew left and right about the source of the projectile that killed Jacquier and reportedly eight others that day, the Arab League monitors on the ground in Syria investigated and concluded: “mission reports from Homs indicate that the French journalist was killed by opposition mortar shells.”

Syria has destroyed for me all faith in the images I once trusted. People on both sides of this conflict are manipulating visual media to propagandize toward their political goals. The problem with this is that many genuine documented stories are now disregarded because of the skepticism of readers like myself.

Governments and media should be taken to task for their complicity in the dissemination of false information. There are lives at stake, after all – the very lives that fuel their pitiful “outrage.”

Many thanks to Adel Alsalman for the screenshots in this blog

Sharmine Narwani is a commentary writer and political analyst covering the Middle East. You can follow her on twitter @snarwani.


Ms. Narwani's intelectual dishonesty here is frightening.

While she decries CNN and makes claims about their videos (as if CNN making a mistake verifies anything even if true) the more damning portions is her lack oof analysis and full acceptance of the Alabama Moon's Author's claims.

It is very intellectually dishonest and hypocritical in general to complain of others' "poor journalism" and to fail to scrutinize such a very obviously and poorly made pro-regime slander against the US State Department. In the face of her full acceptance of Mr. Alabama Moon I have taken it upon myself to give a little scrutiny.

1. First I have to ask how the "author" knows SO much about where and what is a military base in Syria unless he is part of the paid Shabiha paid to make up revolution facts...

2. While the Author points out the distances required between equipment in military manuals... he neglects to point out a variety of points to include a reference to such a manual. To assume Assad's goons actually follow rules in manuals is the first mistake. One assumes that the Syrian Army is a professional organization carefully implementing safety rules, but anyone who has ever served in or with a military in the Arab world knows better than this. Of course as it is easy to see here the artillery being used to pound Homs or Baba Amru is in fact sitting in the middle of an area seeming to have craters. An Army concerned with the safety of its Soldiers and equipment would not operate in such an area without cleaning it up first.

2. He is right that "There are many dug out U-type emplacements that shield from the front and the sides and allow to pull out to the back." This is absolutely correct, except for none of them are being used for that purpose here, but rather they are being set up facing directly at Baba Amro to the point where straight line distances are quite obvious, a point neglected by the author for obvious reasons it is very damning.

3. We must ask therefore, why "training" has all the artillery facing a residential area that is well within range of the equipment? Obviously not to fire live rounds for "training purposes"

4. "They point into various directions." The Author is correct: the training dugouts are indeed pointing in various direction in fact in a formation likely useful for training for conventional warfare. As a major road in fact this site is probably seen as a major holding point were any conventional war to occur, except... the author dishonestly points to the direction of the dugouts and not the artillery pieces that are clearly pointed at the city. The dugouts point to large fields: ideal places to fire at. Again the artillery face the city.

5. "There are also blast holes in the ground likely from the earlier use of training ammunition in the area." This proves the lack of concern of authorities for everyone with knowledge in this area knows that unexploded ordinance is a huge risk in using former bombardment sites. Later uses in the page about "manual safety" neglect to point out that the regime is already not adhering to safety standards.

6. "The guns shown are out in the open, not camouflaged" the author makes this point as if it matters. What he forgets or NEGLECTS to mention is the fact that camouflage of positions in such a case are for hiding positions in conventional warfare. That they feel no need to do so to fire on the innocent civilians of Homs who have no air support or ability to use artillery in return speaks volumes.

7. "and with no ammunition stacks or the like visible nearby." We can actually see several trucks that could easily deliver ammunition, we also see near many of the guns small structures that could easily in fact be the very ammunition stacks that this "piece" claims aren't there.

8. His point about the site of the bombardments speaks volumes. This individual assumes that these pieces could not be fired at Homs simply because it is already military ground, and claims a barraks is nearby. That doesn't prove anything... ooops.

9. "So while the State Department says these picture are showing guns "operationally deployed" It is clear that they are in fact "deployed" in such a function despite the authors feigned cry of foul.

10. The rest is at best speculation from an individual who claims the State department chose regular images of a "known military training area" but I have shown this to be false.

11. The Author claims to be a former tank officer: for which army is my question, and what does the set up of tanks have to do with knowledge of detailed knowledge of efficient deployed artillery which relies on very different range, positions, maneuverability, etc. so much for his "expert" opinion.

viva la revolution!

The fact that you used the word "Alawite" on this blog is proof that Israel actually wants the Assad regime and its supporters to stay in control of Syria. The Islamic brotherhood will soon free Jolan heights and Palestine and will be opposed by the free Syrian people if they want to drive christians out.

I cant see what benefits israel or the west could possibly have if Syria was actually a democratic courtry were anyone could actually say what he or she wants.

Excellent work of comparison. Please continue the good job.

All commentators on the fake explanation of innocuous satellite images miss out the best:

"smoke coming out of Homs"

which labels scattered clouds as smoke plumes.

The same formations may be seen over Beirut or, for that matter, Washington, in any live satellite image.

Is it that Mr. Ford has nothing to do after his miserably failed mission to Syria, he now free to mess about with Photoshop, or what?

The best evidence is that NATO/USA via Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is supporting the rebels/insurgents (and, apparently, Libyan mercenaries, who already have experience) in an attempt to overthrow the government of Assad.

Assad is a 'strongman', and, as strong men do, kills political opponents that threaten the regime -- I get that.

But it is the rebels/insurgents that are engaged in large-scale terror, killing of innocents. and mass slaugher to stir up international public opinion to justify outside military intervention in the Libyan model -- it hasn't worked so far, and, given Russian interests, and their knowledge of the facts on the ground, it won't work.

No U. N. Resolution will pass authorizing outside military intervention -- that gambit has failed.

There is evidence that Israel secretly supports the rebels/insurgents.

Why? Because Israel wants to weaken Syria which would happen with a full-scale civil war. Israel uses 'divide & rule' tactics against its Arab neighbors.

Hey, 'free Syrian', how does it feel to know you are supported by Israel?

(I suppose you don't care, either you're getting paid in blood-money, or you think you can turn the tables on Israel later. But I got news for you, Israel's plan is to eventually take over portions of Syria, after, first controlling portions of Syria. Hey, 'free Syrian', how does it feel being a 'cat's paw' for Israel?)

Rebels/insurgents, if they want credibility, must cease fire, and enter into negotiation with the government -- Good faith negotiations by all sides -- otherwise, it becomes evident this is about 'regime change' for the sake of power, and not about 'reform' for the sake of human dignity and justice.

I'm in the West, an American, in fact. The real game is getting out. Many Americans know that the rebels/insurgents are causing mass slaughter of civilians and Syrian soldiers and that they are logistically supported by Western governments, including our own.

It makes me sick to think Christians in Syria (about 10% of the population) will get driven out of the country or slaughtered (or any other group of people), if the Muslim Brotherhood gets its way -- the Muslim Brotherhood has a long-standing complicated secret relationship with the U. S.'s CIA and Israel's Mossad. Each side uses & manipulates the other side, thinking, in the end, they will get the better of the other. Kind of a 'Spy vs. Spy' routine, for you who've read the "Mad Magazine" cartoon, but in this case, it's deadly serious.

All this leads to the 'Clash of Civilizations' that Israel and the neocons in America want. It's bunk. A 'Clash of Civilizations' will only lead to ruination & misery for all of humanity.

We, the 'little people' of America don't approve.

We, the 'little people' of America don't support intervention.

Thank goodness, the Russians and Chinese have stood up to the neocons, Globalists, GCC, and Israel, to stop outside intervention which would only lead to greater slaughter on an even larger scale than what the rebels/insurgents have already caused.

The Globalists want an arc of 'tension' across North Africa/Middle East political region, to sow chaos, then, they will form an order ('Order out of Chaos') favorable to their selfish interests -- the rebels/insurgents are getting used, played by the West -- most of the rebels/insurgents will get nothing, while a few, the cynical leaders, will get the gold & some power -- not near as much power as they think -- that would stay in the hands of the West, GCC, and Israel.

I got news: The new order won't benefit the common Arab People. The Globalists have no use for independent & sovereign Nation-States.

Peace among nations. Peace among peoples. Peace among neighbors, I swear it's not too late!

Someone has to watch the media and its propaganda, thankfully we have people like Sharmine to do it. Thank you and keep up the great work.

THANK YOU A LOT for this great article...

Ah .. one additional thing, please please, when you want to lie, pick a good one! How can you say that the Free Syrian Army - who is against the Assad regime- will kill the people of Homs and BabaAmr who are also against the regime!!! very stupid! How can you accuse the revolutionaries of killing their own children!! stupid!!! One part of the problem that you are talking to us as if we are not living in Syria and don't know the truth! You are dealing as if we are from Mars or Jupitar! You always deny the facts and react very late! At the beginning all what the people needed were some slight modifications, freedom and reform! you kept saying "there is nothing, they are only 2 or 3 people no more", you reacted with a lot of violence! After 11 months, and after a lot of crimes now you seek dialog and not only that, under your own conditions!! you drove the country for what we are experiencing now! Now, the revolution is in everywhere + the majority of the people who are silent are with the revolution and are tired of Assad crimes! It's no wonder, coz in Syria, we don't only have animals and beasts like Assad and his thugs and supporters, we also have humans that care for the innocent people who are being killed and tortured! and I repeat it for the second time! Put a CAMERA there and let the world see the truth! maybe you are really victims of a cosmic conspiracy LOL

In Homs there are sectarian murders by FSA, so they murder OTHER's children. FSA "proof" of Assad bombardment were pictures of people with bond hands - sure, the bombardment is letting bodies mostly intact but somehow bonds victims' hands.

YES, when YOU and yours FSA ("Syrian", but on payroll of such "free" foreign forces as GCC) are lying, lie better, and at least untie hands of your victims before showing them as victims of Assad!

And if the majority of Syrians are with you, why "you" are against dialog? Why are "you" terrorize the population of the cities which is NOT openly support you? Might be that they do NOT support "you" at all, "you" being a sectarian murderers on the payroll of such great friends of Syrians and freedom as NATO and GCC? maybe they just NOT want to repeat the fate of Libya - a paragon of democracy, brought to you by the same NATO/GCC?

Greate article. Keep posting such kind of information on your site.
Im really impressed by it.
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From a Syrian inside Syria
"I want to share with all of you: "Why is it that only one side of the story is being shown to the world. What about our side? The side of the Syrians who were already free, free from extremism and free from religious intolerance.

Why is it that when we come out in Syria in MILLIONS, supporting the President there is no media coverage but when they have 50 or 60 men screaming free free Syria in their backyards, the world is in up...roar?

Why do we come out in THOUSANDS in Sydney Australia and not get news coverage and the opposition come out maximum 150 and the world listens?

Why are we being treated with this injustice?
Why do we hear about Hamza Khatib and Zainab Hosni who supposedly got tortured by the Syrian army but we have never heard about Saria or Sandra, two children under the age of 12 murdered by "freedom fighters".

Why did Zainab Hosni's supposed torture make international headlines but when it was proved that she was in fact ALIVE and had ran away from home, only a brief apology was mentioned on news channels?

Why did the blogger/blog "Gay Girl in Damascus" receive so media attention when she was claiming that she was being tortured and kidnapped by the Syrian army, but when the truth of the identity came out, there was no coverage. This "Gay Girl in Damascus" was a actually a man named Tom who wasnt even in Syria.

We understand that it is easy to play on people's emotions when you have footage of children in pain and people dying, but we are not getting our fair share of our footage either. We have enough footage to turn anyone's view around yet they are constantly being deleted off YouTube and our Facebook pages also get closed.

They are trying to destroy us. They will not succeed.
Syria is standing strong because this is not a people's revolution. It is a twisted Saudi Arabian government backed by the USA and the rest of the "Free World". A plan to topple the president of Syria and replace him with a puppet government which will make way for their agenda of further dividing the middle east.
They chose the wrong country and wrong people. Syria will not fall."

It is quite simple.
There has not been a single pro-regime protest numbering in the millions:
We have seen videos of the camera angles of the presidents speech which have been dwarfed... we have seen the Mukhbarat sponsored protests where students, government workers and professors were forced to leave a day of productive work and look around to see if anyone is watching them when they stop chanting with fright.

There is not religious freedom in Syria for the majority of Syrians, and Christians can't aspire to anything more than second class citizens according to the constitution, by this Shia Islamist aligned regime who has ties to the most extreme religious fanatics in the world :Iran, Hezbollah, Jaish al Mahdi.

So much for making any kind of reasonable point.

This is a very important point!

It seems we are not to even think that there are people in Syria who support the Syrian regime, while the overwhelming majority of the population stopped their protests the moment the Muslim Brothers showed up with their weapons, back in April, 2011!

More to the point, the evil and terrorizing slander of anyone who demands that the silent majority not be taken for granted, that their voice be heard not through the propaganda machinery of the Muslim Brothers or the National Coordination Committee, but through their own demonstrations and their own slogans and yearnings, has so far been totally ignored - in a very boring and mundane mechanical form: "yesterday tens of thousands demonstrated in this or that city in this or that location in support of the Syrian regime." period. What did they say, what were their concerns, where do they think Syria is heading... nothing doing... That, despite the ever resonating attack of these two outfits that the Syrian regime is unpopular... Right?

To that, one must add evil and most terrorizing attack one reads of Muslim Brothers against those who stand up to them in their comments everywhere: "If you don't support us, you are with Al-Assad." In fact, there has been very little ground for supporting the Muslim Brothers, and a great deal to stand firmly against them, particularly when the accusation that they consists of armed gangs who terrorize the population seems to be a valid one - just as it is valid to stand with the Syrian people, and not with Al-Assad or his regime, either.

How difficult is that to comprehend?

I am really sorry about how you think and I would like to think you are not a Syrian -otherwise it would be really a shame not to care for the Syrian blood- but YES, for me a video which show some satellite photos (confirmed or not confirmed, fake - assuming of course- or true) brought by an american who did nothing except talking!!!! a video which show Assad tanks is a MINOR ISSUE COMPARED with HUNDREDS of dead bodies and hundreds of videos showing the bombing itself and its damage.! You talk as if we ever cared about this video !! this is the mos ridiculous evidence that we can ever use! we have many many more, hundreds thousands of evidences that show crimes of Assad and his thugs and militia! And you know what, you think you are the honest one, I am the lier.. you are the one who say the truth, the revolutionaries are lier... nothing is going down there and Syria is alright and everything is fake bla bla bla .. OK, good... prove to me and to the world that by letting every single media in the world put ONLY THEIR CAMERAS - no commentary, no subjective analysis, nothing- only cameras NOW in BabaAmr or Khaldya or Insha'at in Homs, or in Daraa, in Idleb, in Zabadani in every city where the "We say OR we lie" that the Assad thugs are killing and bombing! But you know what, you will also run away from the answer and you will always say bla bla bla and in the end you won't let the cameras and media go in there because you are damn sure and aware about the crimes that are being done every single day there!!! One last thing, Assad will go down, so always keep this in your mind my friend.

This drivel is borderline "something" which If were to say then Al-Akhbar would not publish.

It is very interesting to read not only this analysis, but the reaction by "Free Syrian", who dismisses this as "minor". The media was in Homs, but the "opposition" killing of French journalist Gilles Jacquier probably would answer the question of "Free Syrian" as to the interest of militants in the opposition about the truth. It doesn't matter if the lie is repeated on CNN and BBC 500 times. It will stay a lie, except for the uninformed and weak. The thugs who are fighting the Syrian army are the ones conducting the massacres, such as the one the night before the UNSC vote, where they killed 50 civilians (evidence of close range wounds, not shrapnel wounds) so they can influence world opinion.

It is really sad to see the people concentrating on minor issues instead of the main one! e.g. on such a video - it was not even provided by the activists- while neglecting all the crimes that are done on a daily basis by Assad's thugs!!! It's really sad when you devote a corner to talk about this, but not about the killed children and women and the injured people because of the bombing of the cities and bullets of the snipers! I really tried to find what is the point from this article?! the revolutionaries are exaggerating? What we hear is not the truth? be aware of believing what you hear and watch about Assad crimes? - as if the world is doing anything at all except watching us dying!!!!-, I will tell you what: let the camera enter and broadcast everything LIVE! how is that? is this not fair? then neither I nor you or anyone else can deny what our eyes will see! and all the destruction and dead bodies! and guess what, It's Assad who prevent the cameras from being there not us, and one must not be very clever to know why! At the end, be sure that what is happening on the ground is much more bloody and ugly than what we hear and see on Youtube video -filmed by the Syrians who risk/give their lives for it- and when the Assad will run away and his regime fall down, ALL the world will see the real misery and then believe me, you will be very ashamed of your self, of course if you have a conscious !!!!

Repeating the same lines once and again is hardly a way to convince anybody. One of the strategic errors that your friends have committed was to allow their 'artists' to devalue truth. Fake stills, fake videos, fake news, fake incidents, etc. This immunized many against their propaganda output.

What made it worse is that they never wizened up. This is still their 'marketing' style, and the only stock in trade - and obviously, still receives the same annoyed reaction from viewers and readers.

Ironically, this is the gist of what you write as well. List of incidents that no one can find out if they were true or false. One has to take your word, but no! One cannot, because of the authenticity and other shady qualities of your 'marketing' material I described above!

If you were in my place, thousands of miles away from Syria, would you not feel the same about this garbage? I am sure you would.

But the more important point, the one that should be occupying all your imagination and political senses now is the apparently new horizon that opened for settling the crisis in your country peaceably. The new Constitution plebiscite, the forthcoming elections, the elected government that will take office in a couple of months. These are exactly the demands made by the Syrian people, which the Opposition espoused. I hope your group did not walk away from those important demands, and this historic moment in the life of Syria and the Middle East!

For people who believe in democracy, it is time to canvass people, share their vision, and discuss their program for a future Syria. I am aware that you do not have a program after 40 years of trying to topple the Syrian regime and take over Syria! But even a draft one would be acceptable by the people of Syria. Or may be you think a program is not necessary? Explaining where you would be leading them is irrelevant? Addressing their aspirations is pointless? Outlining their future is a waste of time?

If you do, you would be back to Bonn, Paris and London for another 40 years. If you do not, read the new Constitution, and go and vote for it or against it! After that, begin to learn ways of governance different from the ones in your organization, or one that imitates what the Syrian people revolted against.

Except we have seen time and time again that attempts to "debunk" the videos, reports, pictures are all for not...
Take the attempts to "debunk" State department photos.

All the artillery pieces are pointing directly at Baba Amru, as I lay out at my website, http://tidesofspring.blogspot.com/

Time and time again we see the crows cackle as some poor tortured souls father is hurried onto state TV to declare his son wasn't tortured only due to threats to rape and kill his daughter and wife.

The regime must go... and those who make up lies to convince themselves that acts of regime never happened need to wake up.

I have yet to see a "fake" resistance video actually debunked. I am still waiting for proof of the lies. I am still waiting to explain why bags of meet were placed on the scenes of "al qaeda" explosions prior to their occurance... or international investigators... or reports actually getting videos of armed protesters in say Mezzah, where the regime shot several individuals without provocation.

I am glad I found this, it was a good article, and a good read. Thank you.

GREAT ARTICLE..... Thanks Sharmine... this is amazing..

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