An analysis of the events in Gaza: everyone deserves criticism

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Palestinian mourners carry the body of 20-year-old Hamas militant, Bashir Abdel Aal during his funeral in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah on July 17, 2014, after he was killed by tank shells minutes before a five-hour truce went into effect. (Photo: AFP-Said Khatib)

By: Ibrahim al-Amin

Published Thursday, July 17, 2014

It is not wise to delay the discussion any longer. The clamoring being heard from opportunists on all sides gives us reason to believe that madness inhabits the minds of many rulers and politicians who are trying to exploit the blood of Gaza’s heroes. This is the first time that concern is justified in this matter, because the issue here is not just about the calculation of Resistance fighters on the battlefield, but also about the calculation of those who can influence them, and those who are trying to hijack their achievements to use them as bargaining chips.

Because the issues are rather clear and unambiguous, it is necessary to abandon the preliminaries and deal with the major points:

- Concerning the Resistance forces, we have to acknowledge, with admiration, pride, reassurance, and hope, that what the Resistance fighters are doing in Gaza today is a qualitative leap in the performance of the Palestinian Resistance. Their conduct on the battlefield as well as on the political level portends good things of the kind we saw in Lebanon before.

Regardless of the nature of the decision to kidnap the three settlers in the West Bank, subsequent events indicate that the Resistance understood well the nature of the enemy and its measures. The Resistance was quick to take precautionary measures and others to increase its readiness, thwarting the enemy’s traditional plans in hitting the Resistance cadres and assets.

While there are some among us who like to visit the past to warn, emphasize lessons, or attempt to get credit even if after the fact, the reality is that there are in Gaza Resistance heroes leading the most difficult battle with a most difficult and brutal enemy. These heroes have excelled not only at bringing in as many weapons and equipment as possible, but also at finding ways to develop their own weapons to haunt the enemy. While Hezbollah may have rockets that can destroy entire buildings at any location in historic Palestine, the Resistance fighters in Palestine can now force the residents of these buildings to evacuate, which is a psychological victory no less important than physical destruction.

Furthermore, the performance of the Resistance in the past few days underscores why it needs all the support it can get. Those who believe in the importance of shoring up the abilities of the Resistance must seek ways to support it with funds, equipment, and additional skills. The Resistance does not lack personnel, nor bright and innovative minds, and it does not need advice or lessons. It needs the wherewithal to manufacture weapons that can deter the enemy.

In addition, the measures of the Resistance in Gaza, and the measures by the Resistance cadres who captured the settlers, reflect high awareness, something that has led the enemy to a total intelligence failure. To this moment, the enemy does not know the answer to questions like: How do we deter the Resistance again?

- With regards to the Palestinian Authority and other factions in Palestine, the ongoing confrontations have shown that it does not make sense anymore to take part in any negotiations with the enemy. Estrangement with the enemy cannot harm the Palestinians anymore. Participation in negotiations no longer serves the advocates of a peaceful settlement. If the leadership of President Mahmoud Abbas still rejects armed resistance, this is certainly not the case for the popular base of the Fatah movement and other factions of the PLO. Unless these forces grow the teeth they need, through the forces of resistance, the enemy will not respond even to a phone call.

- Concerning the forces of the resistance axis, there have been some despicable attitudes voiced by some of their supporters, whether those who only see in Palestine and among residents of Gaza, people who differ with them in Syria or elsewhere, or those who link the future of the Resistance to what the axis alone decides.

There are worrying signs that have emerged in more than one place as well. We do not need to talk about Iraqi isolationism that refuses to pay attention to the Palestinian cause. There is no need to talk about the narrative of justification espoused by part of the supporters of the Syrian regime to say that the war on terror is the main issue. What Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in his speech on Wednesday is relevant, as he reaffirmed the link between his and Hezbollah’s actions in Syria and the aggression on Gaza.

Even on the Hezbollah side, the performance of its direct media institutions – let alone those it is indirectly affiliated to – is incomprehensible vis-à-vis the events in Gaza. There is nothing to justify the subpar coverage of Gaza by a channel like Al-Manar, be it Ramadan and its programming, or other events in the world.

- Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood camp, any attempt to exploit the victories of the Resistance to further its agenda in any other country will not work. The blood of the Resistance fighters cannot be used by those who have the closest relations with the enemy and the United States, and who are allies with colonialist Europe.

Those Muslim Brotherhood figures, including Hamas leaders, who try to claim that what is happening in Gaza is part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s pushback against their opponents in Egypt, Syria, the Gulf, the Arab Maghreb, and Yemen are deluded and foolish. Those who try to use what is happening in Gaza to blackmail the countries of the resistance axis, especially Iran, are delusional. Indeed, the relationship between this axis and the Resistance in Palestine no longer requires permission from anyone. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood camp must find other tricks to make its comeback. As for the countries that sponsor them like Turkey and Qatar, let them wash their dirt with something other than the blood of Gazans. Pompous and loud rhetoric is useless and worthless.

- As for Egypt, especially under Sisi, the attempt to link its position on the aggression against Gaza to the implications of defeating the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is politically shortsighted, if not foolish. Gaza will always remain part of Egypt’s strategically vital sphere of influence.

While the fools in the Gulf may be expected to think about taking over Egypt’s role in Gaza, it would be madness personified if anyone in Egypt comes to believe that Gaza is now part of the Arabian Peninsula. The political, security, diplomatic, and even humanitarian conduct of the Sisi administration reflects shortsightedness regarding Egypt’s role above all. This issue has to do with Egypt’s lost role. If Sisi and his team believe that “self-dissociation” on Gaza, or sitting idly by the bloodletting there, can help the cause of stability in Egypt or bring in more aid, then they would be returning to the three decades under the previous regime, which was allowed, in return for its inaction, to repress and rob its people, but nothing more.

Today, we must restore not only the perception of Palestine as a central cause, but also the practice that reflects this conviction. In Lebanon, the least we can do in this regard is release Sheikh Hussein Atwi and honor him, instead of dealing with him as a criminal who wanted to put Lebanon in a bad position!

Ibrahim al-Amin is the Editor-in-Chief of Al-Akhbar.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


Ibrahim your love affair with the Sisi regime in egypt is thinly veiled. You're full of scorn for the brotherhood but full of excuses of "shortsightedness" for the military junta. It shows how insincere and propagandist you are. What else to expect from an Assad/Nasrallah shill though? Let us know when your "resistance axis" decides to spend 1% of the billions it pours into the Syrian campaign to slaughter civilians.

Until then, kindly zip it sir :)

Why don't you read the article closely instead of projecting your preconceived and subjective interpretation on to it? What irritates you in this article is the fact that your bothers ( the MB) are condemned for their religious arrogance and desire to transform Arab and Muslim societies to fit their vision of the world, a world where the mind is arrested in favour of adopting principles and ideas that are no longer acceptable in the 21st century. What Ibrahim Al Amin is calling for is critical and analytical analysis, an analysis that you do not seem to appreciate because you do not understand. Open your mind and realize that The ideology of your brothers is a fossilized ideology. This , however, does in no way imply that the condemnations of the MB is a praise of Sisi who has not shown yet that he will perform any better than did Mubarak.

I read it 100%, and what you may call "irritating" is just me calling out the hypocrisy and fanboyism of a Baathi shill who has a known record of abusing the Palestinian cause to fit his own dogmatism. Your arguments also seem to be a carbon copy of his. The idea that the MB is "religiously arrogant" even though they actually never enforced anything close to Amin's islamist idols in Iran have done is laughable to say the least. Moreover it's ironic how the MB never coerced the Azhar into labeling protesters as Khawarij, or saying that their leader is akin to the Prophet Yusuf, or banning all Imams who don't have a "state license", or saying that it's haram to marry a person because of his/her certain political affiliation (because it allegedly takes them out of the fold Islam). Nope, not 1 single incident of that ever happening under MB rule, but do you know who it has happened under? Sisi and his supposedly "secular" military junta. An inconvenient fact for the likes of you and Mr. Amin.

Now, the only reason Amin is forced to avoid praising Sisi is because it will make him look an even more blatant hypocrite in the light of Sisi's collaboration with the zionist entity. But I am not blind to the undertones of his "soft" criticisms on Sisi that are followed by a bombardment of absurdities and demagoguery against the MB. THAT is critical analysis my friend.

Hamas's and Islamic Jihad's war has been a complete failure. The rockets have killed no one, the tunnel raids resulted in dead Hamas terrorists and their fighters hide in basements. In 10 days, one Israeli was killed. Who can imagine such incompetence? These are cowards and losers. They hide in basements and fire missiles that do no harm. There have been no achievements in this war EXCEPT the Iron Dome. The Hezbollah tactics have been a miserable failure.

That's why Hezbollah is afraid to fight Israel. That's why it fights poorly equipped Syrians. You don't touch us. Not once since 2006. We bomb you. We bomb Syria. You do nothing. Just like this article.

Syria, Iran and Hezbollah are willing to fight to the last Palestinian.

Just so long as they themselves don't fight the Israelis.

This Sami boy has the same comment, using the same words, even the same sentences, with the same incoherence and delusion. The man is so ignorant that he believes that he merely raves and wasllows in his ignorance. Actually it is encoraging to see how decadent can a zionist be.

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