US Mercenary “Took Part” in Gaddafi Killing; Sent to Assist Syrian opposition

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An anti-Gaddafi fighter mans a checkpoint, north of the besieged city of Bani Walid 15 September 2011. (Photo:REUTERS - Zohra Bensemra)

By: Yazan al-Saadi

Published Monday, March 19, 2012

US government officials requested that an American private security firm contact Syrian opposition figures in Turkey to see “how they can help in regime change,” the CEO of one of these firms told Stratfor in a company email obtained by WikiLeaks and Al-Akhbar.

James F. Smith, former director of Blackwater, is currently the Chief Executive of SCG International, a private security firm with experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. In what appears to be his first email to Stratfor, Smith stated that his “background is CIA” and his company is comprised of “former DOD [Department of Defense], CIA and former law enforcement personnel.”

“We provide services for those same groups in the form of training, security and information collection,” he explained to Stratfor. (doc-id 5441475)

In a 13 December 2011 email to Stratfor’s VP for counter-terrorism Fred Burton, which Burton shared with Stratfor’s briefers, Smith claimed that “[he] and Walid Phares were getting air cover from Congresswoman [Sue] Myrick to engage Syrian opposition in Turkey (non-MB and non-Qatari) on a fact finding mission for Congress.”

Walid Phares, named by the source as part of the “fact finding team,” is a Lebanese-American citizen and currently co-chairs Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Middle East advisory group.

In a profile of Walid Phares published in Salon, As’ad AbuKhalil details Phares’ history with right-wing militias during the Lebanese civil war.

Sue Myrick, who allegedly was providing “air cover” for the “fact finding team”, is a Republican Congresswoman from North Carolina who has a track record of extremist pro-zionist and anti-Islamic views.

These include leading the charge against Dubai Ports World’s attempt to buy major American ports in 2006 – labeling the Islamic Society of North America as a group of “radical jihadists” – and demanding that former President Jimmy Carter’s citizenship be revoked for daring to meet with Hamas leaders in 2008.

Currently, Myrick is a member of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, a congressional committee charged with overseeing the American intelligence community, and is also involved with the Department of Defense and the US military.

In his email, the “true mission” for the “fact finding” team, Smith told Burton, was how “they can help in regime change.”

Furthermore, the email added that Smith intended to offer “his services to help protect the opposition members, like he had underway in Libya.” He also said that Booz Allen Hamilton, an American consulting firm regularly contracted by the US government for civil and defense projects, “is also working [with] the Agency on a similar request.” (doc-id 5331882)

Smith had originally contacted Stratfor through an email to its founder George Friedman on 15 February 2011 in order to thank the private intelligence firm for its “excellent service of intelligence reporting and analysis.”

“Outstanding just doesn’t cut it – professionally competent, salient, germane, concise are all descriptors that describe your organization’s work product,” he added quite lovingly. (doc-id 257534)

This email was forwarded by Friedman to Burton, who gradually built a friendly relationship with Smith.

By September, Smith had become a major source for Stratfor. Codenamed LY700, he provided intelligence to Burton on developments in Libya – where Smith and his company were contracted to protect Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) members and train Libyan rebel fighters after the implementation of the no-fly zone in March 2011. (doc-id 121087)

Smith’s intelligence impressed Burton, who in praising him to his peers reeled off another one of his signature racist slurs, “Good skinny. This is what is defined as a credible source. Not some windbag Paki academic belching and passing gas.” (doc-id 5280688)

One of Smith’s contacts was Mehdi al-Harati, an Irish-Libyan who was the commander of the Tripoli Revolutionary Brigade and deputy commander of the Tripoli Military Council prior to his resignation on 11 October 2011. (doc-id 966063)

During his involvement with Stratfor, Smith provided intelligence on missing surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) (doc-id 5321612) and allegedly “took part” in the killing of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. (doc-id 3980511)

On the same day Burton was informed of Smith’s new assignment to Syria, he requested an overview of the Syrian opposition from the Startfor briefers, Zucha and Aflano.

Zucha in turn contacted Ashley Harrison, a tactical analyst, for more in-depth info about the Syrian opposition. Harrison responded with an attached 14-page document detailing key groups and their leaders. (doc-id 5355211)

The trail of emails ends December 13, days before the Stratfor mail servers were reportedly hacked, with Burton saying that his source “is meeting w/specific people described as key leaders.” (doc-id 5293788)


India makes complaints about the PLA teinarg down a wall on the border of India, and China. Obama sends troops to Austrailia. China warns Austrailia they have to pick bewtween the U.S., and China. The U.S. conducts joint military, and naval drills with the Philipinnes, after threats with China. China conducts joing naval drills with Russia. Now the situation in Syria, Russia, China, and Iran, along with Syria propose a large scale military exercise.

HA!!! How exactly do you IDIOTS think Burton is a racist for using the word "PAKI"??????/

He just called the guy a Paki!!! He said "Paki windbag belching and gas etc" blah blah....i don't see one ethnic or racial stereotype. Its like calling someone from Afghanistan an "Afghan"!!!

wow...nice guys. I used to respect your writing here, but now i see its JUST AS BIASED AS FREAKIN FOX NEWS! You mix your FACTS with your OPINION (and highly subjective and disproportionate one at that!)...

THIS is absolutely NOT credible NEWS when YOUR OPINION is interjected about the subjects of the story. I don't even know these people, but now you instantly have made me sympathetic to them because you are, apparently, falsely accusing them of being racist and making slurs!
You also freely claim and throw around some "fact" (with no confirmation of this) that this Jamie Smith character was ACTUALLY present AND INVOLVED (? lol) during the Libyan dictator's murder! my god, what happened to credible news sites.

You people are easily as disgusting with your outrageous takes on "news" and "information/facts collection" as any other bigoted and biased news agency like Fox guys should be ashamed. You were the talk of this week's meeting here in UCSD because of how off-color and tasteless this article is....and this is a meeting of YOUR SUPPORTERS AND READERS!! Lol...pathetic. Get your crap together, guys

John Smith - Stratfor's beloved source - is a con-man who graduated from a Pat Robertson religious "university" to become a tax lawyer scum.

Smith set up his private security firm after defrauding 12 million dollars from another Christian. That is what Americans call 'entrepreneurship'. A lawsuit is pending.

Stratfor is another example of 'entrepreneurship' but it is run by a Jewish con-artist named Friedman.

Many Stratfor emails are two con-men tugging each others genitals and selling the issue as 'insider intelligence'. If the US media was more than soft-porn & reporters who have been kicked in the head by mules than no one would be foolish and pay to ingest it.

Luckily for 'entrepreneurs' enough Americans watch lots of TV and go to Fundamentalist churches so they become easily tricked adult-sized children.

Both Smith and Friedman (and Burton ect...) share other traits: They pretend they are 'tough guys' and play Mafia to fill the void of being a human failure. Very common but pathetic. And they both love defrauding the US government because the 'free market' can only be conned so many time. US military welfare is the golden goose.

Actually this is only scratching the surface of the control of "American" foreign policy by sayonim traitors to the US. Americans are going to have to clean the sayonim out of their government, justice system, media, politics, universities, ...... if they want to retain a democracy.

JINSA: Strengthening Israel by promoting Syrian ‘Chalabi’

On February 17, subscribers to the mailing list of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) received a message entitled “Want to Know What’s Going On in Syria?” inviting them to a special conference call briefing from Farid Ghadry, co-founder of The Reform Party of Syria. The invitation from the hawkish Israel lobby think tank — whose half-accurate motto is “Securing America, Strengthening Israel” — to the February 22 briefing reads:....

Hey it is not cool to allow hundreds of thousand weapons to be delivered by our ATF in the gun trade to Mexican Cartel running with Hezbollah the money launders for the Drug Trade~ come on who is really running the show which dynastic families are securing their holdings in alliance with the Secret societies linked with wahabbi Masons Tied into the Khazar Red shield banking system~ Follow the trail of Money~

John Hajer is sure a Zionist, and an imperialist. So it is NOT worth the time try to point to Zionist/imperialist crimes and criminals, arguing with him

The better method is to simply tell how much crimes USA/Zionists commit before, during and after all "regime changes" all over the world, usually using the most notorious terrorists and merchants, and with FULL support of so-called USA/Israel and other "democracy".

What's the beef? How about the U.S., along with every other Zionist controlled western government, steer clear of other country's business? What gives these arrogant loons the right to intervene at will? Just how did Myrick, a religious fanatic who is totally oblivious to the 1st Amendment's mandate that America cannot have one nationally sanctioned religion (Zionism), manage to obtain a permanent seat on the House Select Committee on Intelligence?

I am not sure what is this article coining itself as breaking news? The policy of the US Administration is to see Bashar Assad step down, thus a regime change in Syria. The US Congress is eager to see Assad's regime departing. So does Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and the Arab League in general. So if a prominent member of Congress, particularly involved in intelligence gathering, tasks a team of citizens for a fact finding mission to identify the Syrian opposition, as one of her sources to build an estimate, where is the beef?

It seems to me that the US Congress and the Obama Administration are very late in investigating what's happening in Syria. If they are to be criticized it is because they haven't identified that opposition yet not because they have been trying to do so via private citizens. Thank God there are private citizens who are willing to help uncovering what is happening in Syria. They should be rewarded. Why are Stratfor's emails with a consultant working on Syria a "story" in al Akhbar? What's the value of this story? There are couple dozens intelligence companies in the US working on Syria, even deeper than Stratfor and Mr Smith. Try to do a better reporting. Yes it looks like a wikileak, but it is childish one. Get some real beef.

But this IS NOT news! LOL! I mean, give me a break...I was a BIG fan and AVID READER ON THIS SITE until now...But now i am seeing something new that is really sick and hypocritical beyond even Fox News' lame claim of "unbiased reporting"... ewww, and i am not gonna be back anytime soon....look at all these morally grotesque hypocracies and obviously biased approach...

---->The author of this article (whom i'm sure that now I, a big fan of his, is writing a scathing and critical comment, he will delete my post asap lol) is actually sinking to new lows by just jeering the subjects of his article and then denouncing them with little baseless nuggets of BS like "Burton is a racist" because he used the paraphrased "Paki"??? Or that Stratfor is somehow a criminalized element now because they provided a neutral intelligence gathering service in a foreign land??? (which, last i checked, and i am no advocate for private military me...but this is far from your usual Blackwater-murder-level crime...i mean, at best its a misdemeanor lmao).

Oh, and now apparently its ok to just generalize on a usually reputable site like this?? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? Who does this after writing some quality work? Its like watching your favorite actor go on some anti-semite rant or some friend of yours go from patriotic to being a total a$$ over ever foreign policy misstep the country takes.
Sorry, but until today I would come visit this site off and on to see the other side of the stories i read here in the ol' West, and its now becoming disgusting to watch a formerly quasi-reliable site go down ten levels BELOW that of the scum at Fox News. Wow....just totally ignorant.

Still cannot get over the fact this author DARES to call this "news" (or even unbiased!) when he interjects the "racism" claims in there...its like calling a resident of Afghanistan an "AFGHAN!" for gods is that racist?? Grasping desperately at straws are we?? wow....just wow

The beef is that the author of that memo, email, whatever, says Gadaffi was killed in the sewer pipe and does so pretending he was just an observer, a bystander.

But it is obvious he was a participant in a murder, at the very least by covering up the truth that Gadaffi was murdered, proof being videos and pictures of him still alive being held by the rebels.

That makes Zuchor and his employer Stratfor parties to a murder and a war crime.

Because this U.S. government continues to work with Stratfor, despite the very obvious evidence, that lays another level of murder and war crimes on them.

A revolutionary U.S. socialist government will indict all of these imperialist scum, try them, and when they are convicted hang them, or better yet do to Bush and Obama, along with Blair, what the British did to Charles I.


Those wonderful 'private citizens' you are talking about are Walid Phares (a possible war criminal) and Congresswoman Myrick, a rabid pro-Zionist anti-Muslim, figure.

That mere 'consultant' you are talking about is a CEO of a private military firm (and former director of the notorious Blackwater) with experiences in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.

That's the beef man.

Good try, but going no where with the story. What I read about who funds those who are spreading it will backfire: According to Lebanese sources, it is Iran's allies in Lebanon. A major report is coming to the surface. The trash about Dr Phares was spread by Hezbollah propagandist, according to reports posted in the US. The attacks against Myrick are ordered by the Pasdaran. The story doesn't add up. Sorry.

oh yes, clearly Myrick is some innocent wonderful woman:!/ggreenwald/status/4897881958

Wait, so you're implying its all a Hz-Iran conspiracy against Phares and Myrick, eh? wow.

Those wonderful 'private citizens' you are talking about are Walid Phares (a possible war criminal) and Congresswoman Myrick, a rabid pro-Zionist anti-Muslim, figure.

That mere 'consultant' you are talking about is a CEO of a private military firm (and former director of the notorious Blackwater) with experiences in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.

That's the beef man.

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