Cairo Hosts First Palestinian Tamarrod Conference

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A Hamas policeman stands guard along the border with Egypt and the Palestinian territory on 8 September 2013 in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah. (Photo: Said Khatib)

By: Orouba Othman

Published Tuesday, September 10, 2013

There is no doubt that the Gaza version of Tamarrod is keeping Hamas on its toes. There is also no doubt of its strong links with the Egyptian Tamarrod – and the Egyptian army behind it – and Fatah.

Gaza's Tamarrod rebels are beating the drums of war with Hamas. However, many secrets are beginning to surface about the Palestinian version of Tamarrod, including its aims and background.

Just like the Egyptian military dealt with the Muslim Brotherhood bloodily, Gaza's Tamarrod is vowing to repeat the scenario in Gaza. There are several indicators that Tamarrod Gaza does not make its own decisions. Most likely, they are dictated by military leaders in Egypt and the authority in Ramallah, even verbatim. Yet the group denies this and insists on its "independent identity."

There is a discernible contradiction in the claims of the rebels and their instant recipes for rising against "Hamas fascism." Speaking to Al-Akhbar, Palestinian Tamarrod leader Abdul-Rahman Abu Jamea says, "If Hamas does not relinquish power when the people demand it, we will seek the help of Egypt. We will be requesting an audience with its military leadership soon."

Abu Jamea's statements are an indication of a hope that the Egyptian army, which "liberated millions of Egyptians from Muslim Brotherhood tyranny," could liberate Gaza from Hamas.

"Egypt ran Gaza in the past," Abu Jamea declares. "I think it has enough capacity to return Gaza to the bosom of the people, after Hamas had stolen it from them."

Abu Jamea is expected to leave Ramallah for Egypt next week to prepare for their conference, which will be hosted in Cairo in October. The meeting has the blessings of Egyptian leaders, who are following every step they make in the Gaza Strip.

The conference, called “Together for Palestine's Unity,” will tackle all sorts of themes of the next phase and how to help Tamarrod succeed in Gaza, so that the Egyptian army can enjoy some calm, by getting rid of Hamas in Gaza.

It seems Tamarrod supporters in Gaza will not rest until they declare a rebellion in the Gaza Strip, as threatened by Palestinian National Authority (PNA) President Mahmoud Abbas a short while ago. This is where Tamarrod Gaza intersects with the PNA, which provides them with political arguments that do not conform with those of Hamas.

"We will not fail," Abu Jamea proclaims. "If people in Gaza will not go out into the streets in fear of pressures by internal security and Hamas' repressive measures against them, we will hold a popular referendum asking, 'Do the people want Hamas or not?' If the answer is no, we will declare Gaza a rebel district under a government, which expired years ago."

If the Strip is declared a rebellious district, Tamarrod will seek the help of the Egyptian army, "which wishes all good for Gaza," as it claims. It will be their primary savior from "Hamas tyranny."

However, Abu Jamea declines to tell Al-Akhbar about the specific type of intervention. He maintains that the Higher Central Committee of his movement will decide on the issue in due time.

He explains that Hamas is passing through a critical phase these days. It is collapsing slowly after losing its Syrian and Iranian support. Tamarrod will reap the fruits of this situation, while Hamas will face the same fate as its allies in Egypt.

But why isn't there a rebellion in the capital of the Oslo authority? "I do not see the same injustice in the West Bank as I saw in Gaza, to incite people to rebel against Abbas," he replies.

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This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.


Ever since the suppression of the second Intifada, both the Egyptian establishment and Fatah have become increasingly exposed as agents of the Occupation.

Whilst the coup in Cairo has again brought this into stark relief, I doubt whether many Palestinians are fooled by the creation of Tamarrod in Ramallah, least of all Gazans, whose aspirations have been systematically oppressed by their own so-called Liberation Organisation since the last and only free and fair elections in 2006.

The Islamic Resistance Movement, like the resistance in the wider Middle East, have been divided and wrong-footed by events since 2011, but they the organisation still retains the support of the plurality in Palestine. And those who oppose the Zionist state know that Hamas is still the best hope for true liberation for all Palestinians, at home and in exile.

Wow! Israeli agents colluding with the Egyptian regime against Gaza. Sickening

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