Femen activists go topless inside Swedish mosque

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Swedish police officers arrest an activist of feminist group Femen after staging a topless protest inside a Mosque in Stockholm, Sweden on 29 June 2013. (Photo: AFP - Jonas Ekstromer)

Published Saturday, June 29, 2013

Three feminist activists from the radical protest group Femen staged a topless protest inside a Stockholm mosque on Saturday before they were led away by police.

The women burst into the mosque and tore off their black robes to bare their breasts, which were emblazoned with slogans such as "No sharia in Egypt and the world" and "My body is mine, not somebody's honour."

The women shouted "Free Women," "No Sharia" and "No Oppression."

The mosque was largely empty at the time apart from a couple of employees and some members of the press who had been told of the planned protest in advance.

Mosque employees called police who removed the women from the scene. The women did not explain why they wanted to protest inside an empty mosque.

"They're suspected of disorderly conduct and abuse," police commander Jonas Svalin told reporters, saying that the mosque employees had accused the women of shoving them.

The women were reportedly from Egypt, Tunisia and Sweden, although police were not immediately able to confirm their identities or nationalities.

Founded in Ukraine in 2008, Femen is a self-declared "radical feminist" group known for its topless protests against sexual exploitation of women, sexism and religious institutions.



"The women did not explain why they wanted to protest inside an empty mosque." Ha ha ha. If the mosque was occupied, FEMEN protestors would have faced a 80-90 percent chance of grave bodily harm or death. Tell me I am wrong. Next time, someone with some balls should throw a sheet over them. But if you do it -- I dare you; don't hurt them. Restraining someone could open you to kidnapping or unlawful restraint charges. I am not a lawyer.

These women would NOT have COURAGE To do this .The ruling elites would Have give their SUBTLE NOD and encouraged them there! This way THEY ARE DEMONISING

These women are working for the globalist scum running rough-shod on the planet.

Three steps to "Optor-like" regime change:

1. Make politics sexy. Normal people hate politics, so make politics cool and hip. Revolution as a fashion vibe.
2. Make repression work for you. Since the targeted government uses repression to create fear, the "movement" needs to increase the number of people targeted by the repression, because that will make repression (targeted country leadership) weaker.
3. Make Craziness the norm. 10,000 people in the streets is news, 10 people in the streets is not news, but 10 people in the streets doing something crazy is news. So, if you don't have a lot of people do something crazy to attract attention.

Once you master this recipe you can use it over and over again, on any occasion.


what religion do they follow anyway? i doubt they even know of the existense of the creator and master of all creations

Absolutely disgusting. These women have no decency, morals or values.
What have their parents taught them? And no I'm not sexist. Modesty is for both men and women. This sort of behaviour only causes more problems and embarrassment. Urgh, I would want to hide my face if I was seen near such people bent on degrading themselves.

It's always been my belief that social restrictions on clothing degrade both women and men, and are part of a wider inhibition of sexuality that causes far more problems than it solves. In short, Women should have as much right to go topless as men. However, they also have a right to cover their bodies, without apology or explanation.

People should also be aware that there are also some serious concerns about FEMEN as an organisation and its connections to business (do some research into femen, "KP media", amd financing).

All this aside, though, do these people think that Muslims in Europe have never seen women's breasts before? They should try raising their eyes from churches and mosques to the advertising billboards. Europe is awash with sexualised images used to make profits -

    largely for men

. If some people, of whatever religious persuasion, wish to distance themselves from such sordid exploitation, then they should not be bullied by those who disagree with them.

Couldn't agree more, Danny. And couldn't have said it better either.

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